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Callum Snape enjoys cheese, coffee, travelling, and taking photos with a passion. From Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, he is a travel, adventure, health, and wellness photographer. He collaborates with businesses to create strategic visual content, increase brand recognition, and improve the consumer experience. Callum’s creative output is a reflection of his interests and is rich with references to adventure, fitness, wellness, and people who derive meaning from similar things. He supports equality and diversity for all racial groups, genders, and sexual orientations.

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Callum partnered with GORE-TEX SURROUND footwear in their #thebreatheproject and explored Vancouver Island. In this project, they asked some of their favorite adventurers this one question: Where do you go to breathe? Thus, Callum escaped the city and headed toward the forests of Vancouver Island. Here, he reflected on what drew him into photography to begin with. GORE-TEX is proud to provide its customers with the first all-around breathable and ultra-durable waterproof hiking shoes.

Western Rise Apparel

Western Rise is another brand that Callum chose to partner with. To test if their product is indeed the ‘apparel for the modern traveller,’ Callum and his friends were inspired and motivated by the breathtaking landscape that surrounded them in Telluride, CO. They took the day off to head out to the mountains. It’s supposed to be “product testing,” but really, it’s just a day in the life of their favorite mountain town.


Callum also explored the Banff area to test out the new Samsung Note 8 camera’s capabilities. The mountains are what first sparked his passion for photography. As a professional photographer, he needs to be able to control how many images he captures. With the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, he’s able to do just that. It lets him take full control of the photo he’s taking, and the Note 8 allows him to do that by manually adjusting the shutter speed ISO and white balance. The infinity display, on the other hand, lets him see exactly what he is capturing with incredible contrast and vibrant colors. With the Note 8, he can take photographs long before the sun has come up and long after it has set.


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