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Michelle Lewin’s Profile

Niche: Fitness
Country: Venezuela

Who is Michelle Lewin?

Venezuelan fitness influencer, IFBB competitor, model, author, and entrepreneur Michelle Lewin is one of the top figures in the fitness industry today. She owns the workout app FitPlan and the clothing brand One0One

Michelle had her first job at a local clinic before becoming a catwalk model, and while she enjoyed both, she knew she was destined to achieve more. When she stepped into the gym and saw her progress, Michelle realized her optimum potential. She transitioned from being a catwalk model to a fitness model. 

Michelle Lewin, truly, is a star to behold -- from featuring in music videos and fronting magazine covers to winning IFBB competitions and managing her social media channels. While the fitness influencer has a lot on her plate, she gives time to her fans, frequently providing them with fitness and life advice. 

Michelle Lewin didn't only dedicate her efforts to sculpting her body; she also made sure to shape her career. As a result, she has graced the cover of multiple magazines, scored major brand collaborations, and amassed millions of social media followers. 

This fitness influencer has 15.7M followers on Instagram, 8.5M on Facebook, 440.4K on Twitter, 403K on YouTube, and 249.9K on TikTok.

Michelle Lewin’s Awards and Recognitions

Michelle Lewin’s Prominent Campaigns

Venezuela's OK! Magazine

Venezuela's OK! Magazine
Source: Michelle Instagram

Michelle Lewin, with other prominent figures from Venezuela, graced the cover of Venezuela's OK! Magazine. The magazine featured Venezuela's top hits of 2018, and given the icon she is, Michelle deserves her spot on the cover.

Muscle and Fitness Hers UK

Muscle and Fitness Hers UK
Source: Michelle Instagram

Muscle and Fitness Hers UK is a health and fitness magazine that features different women's fitness icons. In its December 2018 issue, Michelle was plastered on the magazine's front page. The fitness superstar shared her secret to achieving and sustaining her beautiful physique.

Michelle Lewin’s Other Information


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