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Who is Coisa de Nerd

Coisa de Nerd (translated as Nerd Stuff) is a Brazilian content production company and YouTube channel launched and managed by the married influencer couple Leon Oliveira Martins and Nilce Moretto. Aside from Coisa de Nerd, Leon and Nilce are also the people behind the Cadê a Chave?, Republica Coisa de Nerd, Quero Ouvir Podcast, CORTES – Leon e Nilce [Oficial], and Financeiro YouTube channels.

CdN is one of the first-ever Brazilian YouTube channels to hit 1B views and surpass 10M subscribers, making it a successful production company and channel. On top of that, Nilce and Leon had been one of the five most influential personalities among young people in Brazil in 2015-2016.

Nilce and Leon’s CdN focuses on gaming with a crossover to technology. It features unboxing videos and reviews on new gaming devices, gameplays, and more.

Coisa de Nerd is an offspring of Leon’s master’s degree. He explained in an interview with ProgramaDe1CaraSo that he only opted to create the channel after buying equipment for his master’s thesis on the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

His first video featured a Castlevania PSP game, followed by three videos reviewing various PSP models. Following his PSP content, Leon discovered Minecraft and decided to make content off the game. While he uploaded other gameplay, Minecraft was his primary content.

Being one of Brazil’s most popular channels, Coisa de Nerd accumulated 11.1M subscribers on YouTube, 2.2M followers on Instagram, 2.1M on Twitter, and 748K on Facebook.

Awards and Recognitions

  • 2019 MTV Millennial Awards Brazil: Gamer of The Year, nomination

Coisa de Nerd Prominent Campaigns

Samsung Brazil Collaboration

Source: Leon Official Instagram

Samsung Brazil partnered with Leon to promote the Galaxy S23 5G and showcase why it’s the best phone for gaming. Leon and Nilce created Instagram content for the promotion and briefly gave an overview of the phone’s specs for gaming. 

Aside from the Galaxy S23, the influencers also made content for Samsung’s Galaxy Book, Galaxy Tab S8, Buds 2 Pro, and many more Samsung products. 

Modalmais Collaboration

Source: Leon Official Instagram

Financial service company Modalmais teamed up with Coisa de Nerd Leon to promote the Modalmais Digital Bank application. In the IG post, he can be seen holding a Modalmais cup. 

PlayStation Brazil Collaboration

Source: Leon Official Instagram

Leon and Nilce promoted the PlayStation 5 by creating a comprehensive and extensive review of the gaming console’s best specs on their YouTube channel. The review received positive feedback from the viewers, expressing their desire to purchase the PS5. 

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