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BCC Trolling’s Profile

Niche: Entertainment
Country: United Kingdom

Who is BCC Trolling?

BCC Gaming (formerly BCC Trolling) by Charlie Ley is an English YouTube community channel often featuring video clips from Fortnite. BCC frequently uploads multiple types of Fortnite content, including quick scopes, no scopes, glitches, types of buildings, and more. To date, BCC is YouTube's most subscribed Fortnite clip community channel. 

When starting his YouTube career in May 2011, Charlie Ley initially uploaded content revolving around Call of Duty, but not as a community channel. Back then, he would only upload quick ten to thirty-second Call of Duty gameplay clips, just enough to entertain viewers for a brief period. Then, he expanded his content by occasionally uploading FIFA and Minecraft video clips. 

Charlie was able to create hundreds of various content containing short clips and successfully gained decent exposure out of it. It is unsure what pushed Charlie to do so, but he started uploading trolling videos featuring angry children. From there, he posted Voice Trolling from his entire community, containing fictional characters like Spongebob and Mickey Mouse. 

The influencer shifted to GTA V content since its release and continued to merge the game with his trolling videos. Many of his GTA and Minecraft Trolling videos gave him a lot of exposure. When Fortnite was released, Charlie started sharing Fortnite community clips and gameplay. The Fortnite content helped the community earn millions of daily views.

Today, BCC Gaming now accepts Fortnite clips from other streamers or gamers, posts them on their social media platforms, and credits the original owner. 

BCC Trolling's (now Gaming) community channel earned a million subscribers in February 2015 and hit ten million in 2019. However, he may have lost a few followers from 2019 onwards, as he now has a YouTube subscriber count of 9.73M. Furthermore, BCC accumulated 2.2M followers on Instagram, 885K on TikTok, 42K on Twitter, and 25K on Facebook. 



BCC Trolling’s Awards and Recognitions

  • Amra and Elma LLC: 150 Top YouTube Gamers in 2023

BCC Trolling’s Prominent Campaigns

NFL Tuesday Night Gaming

NFL Tuesday Night Gaming
Source: BCC Gaming Official Facebook Account

BCC featured the NFL Tuesday Night Gaming, where NFL superstars battled head-to-head with professional gamers. The channel broadcasted a YouTube live coverage of the game. 

Aside from this, BCC Trolling or Gaming does not have much of a sponsored post, campaign, or collaboration with brands and influencers. A lot of their social media posts are organic content. 

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