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Michael Kukielka, widely known as DetroitBorg, is a tech influencer who frequents content on comprehensive and detailed reviews of the latest gadgets, accessories, and software, mostly from popular brands like Samsung and Apple.

Michael’s career as a YouTuber in the tech niche began when he launched his channel in 2008, with his first video being an auto show that featured a Cadillac Convertible, followed by a video dedicated to the iPod Classic 6th Gen. As time went by, the influencer found his true niche and started uploading tech-related videos.

His name grew, and he gradually reached significant milestones throughout his career. With his growing fame also came the rise of loyal and engaged followers across multiple social media channels as well as collaborations with brands and co-influencers.

While he has established his authority in the tech industry, Michael hasn’t been active on YouTube for a year or two. Nonetheless, he still has 1.3M subscribers on YouTube, 167.5K followers on Twitter, 114K on Instagram, and 43K on Facebook.

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DetroitBorg Prominent Campaigns

Nest x Yale Sponsorship

Source: Official YT Channel

In partnership with Nest, Michael did an unboxing and in-depth review of the Nest Hello Video Doorbell and Yale Smartlock. His reviews are so good that one of his viewers commented, “Slowly but surely, you’re selling me on everything Nest makes.” Aside from the doorbell, Michael has reviews of other Nest products. It only goes to show Nest did the right thing by sponsoring the influencer! 

Dolby Sponsorship

Source: Official YT Channel

Michael’s influencer marketing stints mostly revolve around brand sponsorships, and among his many is Dolby’s LG Dolby Atmos Soundbar. The brand sent the influencer its Atmos Soundbar to unbox and review. 

VIZIO Sponsorship

Source: Official YT Channel

Based on his uploaded YouTube content, the influencer’s latest sponsorship was in 2020 with the American TV and music bar brand VIZIO. Michael unboxed and gave a product review of the VIZIO P-Series Quantum X with Airplay 2. And for years, his viewers have had nothing but positive feedback on how the influencer gives his reviews, proving that brands won’t go wrong collaborating with him. 

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