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Niche: Technology
Country: United States

Who is Paul’s Hardware?

Paul Heimlich, popularly known for his social media handle Paul's Hardware, is a famous science and tech influencer who has attracted millions of subscribers and viewers.

Heimlich started his career as a YouTube influencer in 2012 by launching his Paul's Hardware channel. His first video, "Welcome to Paul's Hardware," has 32K views. Having launched his channel a decade ago, Heimlich is considered one of YouTube's original tech influencers.

Aside from actively posting YouTube content, the tech influencer takes time to engage with his fans on Twitter and do live shows. On certain occasions, Heimlich posts his gameplay videos.

What people love the most about Heimlich is how he keeps cool when a particular gadget or product launches by avoiding the hype and producing genuine reviews. And while many influencers measure their success on their number of likes and followers, Heimlich measures his according to the usefulness of his content.

Unlike most content creators and influencers, Paul Heimlich had been very frank about not accepting money to review a product and said he'd disclose when a video is completely sponsored. His full transparency with his viewers is what sets him apart.

Heimlich has four income streams -- YouTube ads revenue, sponsored ad spots, Amazon affiliate program, and his online store. He tries to stick to brief skippable ads as much as possible because he admits to skipping the ads himself. 

The tech guru has accumulated 1.45M subscribers on YouTube, 241.4K followers on Twitter, 71.7K on Instagram, 36K on Facebook, and 1.6K on TikTok. 

Paul’s Hardware’s Prominent Campaigns

Awesome Hardware Extra Life Charity Stream

Awesome Hardware Extra Life Charity Stream
Source: Paul YT

Paul Heimlich collaborates with Kyle of Awesomesaucenetwork to conduct a bi-yearly 8-hour gaming live stream to raise funds for their Extra Life Charity that primarily benefits the children's hospital in Los Angeles. Although the charity runs for the entire year, anyone who wants to donate can do so. 

CES 2023

CES 2023
Source: Paul YT

Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, is the largest tech conference and trade show yearly. Through his sponsors--Cooler Master, Gigabyte, ASUS, and Kioxia-- Heimlich flew to Las Vegas to attend the trade show and provided coverage for his viewers. 

Paul’s Hardware’s Other Information


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