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Enes Batur Sungurtekin, aka Enes Batur, is a famous YouTuber and content creator from Turkey. He became popular because of his vlogs, gaming videos, and funny antics. Enes has an estimated worth of around $10 million. Back in the day, he started doing PC and console game review videos, but recently, he’s more focused on doing vlog videos. He also does some acting on the side. His first film was entitled “Enes Batur, Is It a Dream or Reality?” and was released back in 2018.

Currently, he has the most views and subscribers as a YouTuber in Turkey. In 2016, he even surpassed Burak He Oyunda, another famous gamer renowned for his GTA V commentary and gameplay videos. Apart from his YouTube channel with over 16 million subscribers, he also has a massive following on other social media channels. He has 174K Facebook followers, 1 million Twitter followers, and 5 million Instagram followers. Some of his prominent campaigns are with Apple Inc. and ASUS. He also makes money from his own merch, which his fans can purchase online.

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Enes Batur Prominent Campaigns

Apple Inc.

In one of his YouTube unboxing videos, Enes featured the iPhone 12 Pro, the smaller of the two pro-level phones in the 2020 iPhone lineup of Apple. It features a glass and stainless steel design and flat edges, a three-camera system, and a LiDAR that sets the model apart from the standard edition. Because of its Ultra Wide, Wide, and Telephoto lenses, you’re sure to take crystal clear images right at your fingertips.


ASUS also became the main sponsor of Enes Batur’s first movie entitled “Enes Batur, Is It a Dream or Reality?”. The movie thrilled his fans and YouTube followers, which is a staggering 16 million. The ROG 6752VS laptop, which was specially designed for gaming pros by ASUS’s Republic of Gamers (ROG) provided equipment support to the movie as its main sponsor and was also highlighted in the film.

Enes Batur Merch

Enes Batur also has his merchandise, which his fans can purchase online. Just like this cool unisex hoodie, which sells at a good discounted price. Get yours now while supply lasts!

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