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Who is Enes Batur

Enes Batur Sungurtekin is a Turkish YouTube content creator and actor. He gained prominence through his YouTube vlogs, owning Turkey’s most-subscribed personal YouTube channel in 2021.

Before becoming a full-time influencer, Batur studied Computer Science at the Antalya Bilim University, but later on shifted to the Cinema and Television Department at Nisantasi University when his career as a content creator evolved.

He starred in his first movie Enes Batur Hayal mi Gerçek mi? alongside Ceyda Duvenci and Bekir Akso. The film was released in January 2018 and sold over 17 million Turkish lira. The sequel Enes Batur Gerçek Kahraman quickly followed in May 2019. Aside from starring in the sequel, Batur also participated in Survivor Turkey as a guest contestant and competed in one episode only.

Enes Batur’s fame did not come without any issues and conflicts. In August 2019, YouTube influencer JT published YouTube content exposing Batur’s copyright offenses against prominent YouTubers, including PewdiePie and MrBeast. JT accused Batur of copying PewdiePie’s Minecraft Series by posting a similar thumbnail to that of PewdiePie’s and copying everything the latter did.

Following JT’s accusations, Batur filed a copyright strike against JT, saying the latter used his audio with no permission from him. The strike was overturned, and JT filed for the termination of Batur’s YouTube channel for violating the platform’s claim system. The allegations against Enes Batur continued even after getting featured in YouTube Rewind 2019: For The Record.

Nonetheless, the influencer has amassed a loyal subscriber count of 16M on YouTube, 4.9M followers on Instagram, 3.8M on TikTok, 988K on Twitter, and 174K on Facebook.

Awards and Recognitions

  • 2019 YouTube Rewind: For The Record
  • 2018 Golden Palm Awards: Social Media Phenomenon of The Year
  • 2017 Golden Butterfly Awards: Best YouTuber/Instagrammer, (award revoked by the organization)

Enes Batur Prominent Campaigns

KazandiRio Brand Collaboration

Source: Official IG Account

KazandiRio is a popular Pepsi-owned app that allows users to participate in giveaways and contests to win different prizes, but only those with phone numbers registered in Turkey can create an account. The app collaborated with Batur to advertise its WinRio campaign.

Unfortunately, some of his followers aren’t pleased with this, “accusing” him of running out of money because he’s started to advertise for brands.

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