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iTownGamePlay’s Profile

Real Name: Alvaro Herreros Martinez
Niche: Entertainment
Date of Birth: Aug 6, 1985 (Age, 38 years old)
Country: Spain

Who is iTownGamePlay?

Alvaro Herreros Martinez, better known by his online moniker iTownGamePlay, is a Spanish Twitch streamer, YouTube influencer, gamer, and animator who specializes in horror games like Creepy Pastas and Five Nights at Freddy's.

Only very little is known of Alvaro, but here is what we know. He launched his primary YouTube channel, iTownGamePlay, in February 2012 with his first video titled, "Gracias a Todos y Bienvenidos." He also used to manage another channel, momgameplay, that's been put down already.

Aside from his role as a gaming YouTuber, Alvaro is also a loving boyfriend and the owner of three Sphinx cats. The influencer often features his girlfriend on social media and plays video games with her. Furthermore,

Alvaro is a music producer and Spotify artist. Fans interested in listening to his songs may check Spotify and search his iTownGamePlay username.

Since launching his channel and trying out gameplays, Alvaro has become a popular Spanish YouTuber, accumulating over 5 billion views since February 15, 2012, and a whopping net worth estimate of $1 million to $5 million. Most of his wealth he acquired through his career as a YouTube influencer in the gaming industry.

Alvaro Martinez's popularity allowed him to amass 14.9 million YouTube subscribers, 2.8 million followers on Facebook, 2.3 million on Twitter, 1.4 million on TikTok, and 818K on Instagram.

iTownGamePlay’s Awards and Recognitions

  • YouTube Diamond Creator Award

iTownGamePlay’s Prominent Campaigns

Marvel Snap Collaboration

Marvel Snap Collaboration
Source: Official IG Account

Marvel Snap is a card battle video game by the ever-famous producers of the best superheroes, Marvel. The brand collaborated with the influencer to reach the Spanish community of the gaming industry. The brand sent the influencer a mystery box for the Marvel Snap launching. Alvaro's Marvel Snap gameplay is up on his YouTube channel. 

Quersus Collaboration

Quersus Collaboration
Source: Official IG Account

The gaming chair brand QUERSUS partnered with Alvaro for a gaming chair giveaway during the 2022 Black Friday sale. The giveaway was only valid in Europe. 

The Outer Worlds Collaboration

The Outer Worlds Collaboration
Source: Official IG Account

Another video game, The Outer Worlds, collaborated with Alvaro to advertise the game's new DLC, "Murder in Eridan." He hosted a giveaway of five Stream Keys and all the game's DLCs. 

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