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Real Name: Seán William McLoughlin
Known As: Irish YouTuber
Niche: Entertainment
Country: Ireland

Who is jacksepticeye?

Known for his online social media handle, jacksepticeye, Sean William McLoughlin is an Irish social media personality, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Aside from being a gameplay content creator, Sean founded Top of The Mornin' Coffee and co-founded the clothing brand Cloak with fellow influencer Markiplier. 

He started his online career in 2012 by creating a YouTube channel under the name jacksepticeye and uploaded voice impressions before shifting to gameplay content. OG gameplay YouTube influencer PewdiePie mentioned Sean's channel in 2013, resulting in a 2,500 to 15,000 increase in subscriber count within four days. 

The influencer's massive success in his chosen online career allowed him to make it a full-time job in 2014. And in July of the same year, he had 57 million views and 800K subscribers. Then, in August, he received his YouTube Gold Play Button for reaching a million subscribers. 

In February of the following year, Sean hit 5 billion views and 3.2 million subscribers. And as proof of his unstoppable fame, he gained another 6 million subscribers. Today, Sean amassed a whopping 30.1 million subscribers on YouTube, 7.9 million followers on Instagram, 7.7 million on Twitter, 5.2 million on TikTok, and 458K on Facebook.

jacksepticeye’s Awards and Recognitions

  • Ireland's Rich List: Top 30 earners under age 30
  • Forbes: Top Gaming Influencers of 2017
  • 2020 Forbes: 30 Under 30
  • 2021 6th Most Popular Gaming Streamer
  • 2022 Forbes: Top Creators, 15th
  • 2022 7th Highest-Earning Gaming YouTuber

jacksepticeye’s Prominent Campaigns


Jacksepticeye for Thankmas
Source: Gameriv

Sean always takes every opportunity to launch a campaign in the service of others. He has been hosting this annual charity event over the past few years.  Not wanting to stop this beautiful tradition of giving amidst the pandemic, the influencer hosted the event via his Thankmas live stream on December 13, 2020.


Jacksepticeye for #TeamTrees
Source: Official Twitter Account

While the #TeamTrees campaign was the brainchild of influencers MrBeast and Mark Rober, Sean took part by conducting a live stream that raised $154K from 9000 donors in just a few hours.

jacksepticeye’s Other Information

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