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Niche: Beauty
Country: United States

Who is Tati Westbrook?

Famous for her online monikers GlamLifeGuru and Tati Westbrook, Tatiana Aleksandra Westbrook is an American beauty influencer, entrepreneur, and professional makeup artist, with content revolving around makeup, reviews, tutorials, and tips. 

Westbrook formerly worked as an image consultant and shifted to a makeup artist. She began her YouTube career in 2010 by creating her GlamLifeGuru channel, which she renamed Tati. 

When she started her career as a beauty content creator, Westbrook had little operating knowledge of cameras and editing. So, post-production took most of her time. She recalled that editing used to take up to 12 hours. While polishing and video editing still consume much of her time, Westbrook has things figured out. 

In 2019, the influencer launched her makeup line Tati Beauty and produced a textured neutral shadow palette for her first product. Her company was short-lived, as she announced in 2021 that she was closing Tati Beauty due to the pandemic and several legal issues. And in 2018, she founded a company that sells vitamin supplements -- Halo Beauty. 

Newsweek considers her the "progenitor of YouTube's beauty landscape" and "YouTube community's mother." Unfortunately, however motherly Westbrook appears, she's been involved in multiple issues and conflicts with co-influencers and the co-founder of Halo Beauty. 

Nevertheless, Westbrook remains popular in the beauty industry with over 8.3M subscribers on YouTube, 2.3M followers on Instagram, 1.1M on Twitter, 379K on Facebook, 38.8K on TikTok, and 18.7K on Pinterest. 

Tati Westbrook’s Awards and Recognitions

  • 2018 Nylon: Beauty Innovator Award - winner

Tati Westbrook’s Prominent Campaigns

Birchbox: Love of Color Collection

Birchbox: Love of Color Collection
Source: Woahstyle Blog

Birchbox collaborated with Westbrook in curating its debut collection -- Love of Color. It featured vibrant colors of three matte lipsticks, five eyeshadow sticks, and a sharpener. The beauty guru picked out every shade and name. 

True Botanicals Sponsorship

True Botanicals Sponsorship
Source: YouTube

Sustainable and natural skincare brand True Botanicals teamed up with Tati Westbrook in the launching of its Chebula Radiance Serum. Westbrook showcases the product on her Instagram account and briefly discusses the serum's main ingredients and benefits. 

Medicube x Tati Westbrook

Medicube x Tati Westbrook
Source: YouTube

Medicube, one of Korea's biggest aesthetic treatment brands, launched its home skincare devices with Westbrook. In a YouTube video dedicated to the brand's products, Westbrook showed how bathroom beauty is more safe and cost-effective than Botox treatments. 

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