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Jonathan Morrison’s Profile

Niche: Technology
Country: United States

Who is Jonathan Morrison?

Jonathan Morrison is a leading American YouTube tech influencer who has recently dipped his toes into professional music production. He has a knowledge bank on audio technology and other gadgets. His primary channel, TLD, focuses on gadget reviews, unboxing, tips, and sneak peeks. While his second channel, Jonathan & Friends, is dedicated to music.

He launched his YouTube channel in March 2010 and initially named it TLDToday, which stands for "Techfast, Lunch, and Dinner."His first YouTube content was "Brand Spankin New 2010 MacBook Pro Intel Core i5 i7 CPU Update - 13/15/17" Prices and Specs =). Though Jonathan now knows better than to title his videos that long!

Jonathan is a member of Team Crispy, a group of tech influencers on YouTube, including Austin Evans, Marques Brownlee, and Lewis Hilsenteger. Fans and viewers can keep posted on this team at the

Aside from being an awesome tech and music YouTuber, Jonathan is a voice artist. He voiced two promotional videos for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. He has a pleasant and distinct voice which he describes as 'crispy.'

Through the right mixture of tech and aesthetics in high-quality videos, Jonathan showcases the trendiest products and gadgets.

While he never planned on becoming an influencer, let alone a successful one, Jonathan's expertise allowed him to accumulate over 2.5M subscribers on YouTube, 308K followers on Instagram, and 45K on Facebook.

Jonathan Morrison’s Awards and Recognitions

  • 2017 Forbes: Top Influencers - Technology/Business

Jonathan Morrison’s Prominent Campaigns

Apple Collaboration

Apple Collaboration

Source: iThinkDifferentJonathan is widely known for his Apple product reviews and unboxing, so the brand tapped him for a partnership. In 2022, Jonathan and Apple partnered to gift two emerging creators their dream Mac Studio setup. Aside from the Mac Studio, included in the setup are AirPods, an iPad Pro, iPhone, and Studio Display.

Xiaomi Mi10 Launch Ambassador

Xiaomi Mi10 Launch Ambassador
Source: Joopio

Xiaomi tapped Jonathan as the Mi10 launch ambassador, as he has global appeal and is a leading voice in the tech industry. The launch took place on Twitter and hosted a live Tweet Q&A session with the influencer.

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