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Jon Rettinger, formerly known as Techno Buffalo, is a notable YouTube influencer in the tech space. He posts various tech content on his current handle, jon4lakers, mostly discussions on smartphones, laptops, and other devices. He also manages another YouTube channel, insidejonsmind

Technology has always played a part in Jon’s life as a kid. He was curious about how things worked, so he would take various things apart and reassemble them. So, it’s really no surprise that he ended up as a tech guru. 

He launched his YouTube channel in 2007 and released his first video in the same year. The video titled 2.4GHz MacBook Pro featured himself unboxing his Apple MacBook computer. Since then, Jon uploaded YouTube videos consistently and soon became one of the most prominent YouTube personalities. 

Aside from posting social media content, Jon works as a senior technological writer for Wireless Week and a senior technology expert for CNBC and Fox Business. 

Jon built his technology media brand Techno Buffalo but sold it in 2019. He discussed the truth behind why he sold his company in a 15-minute video titled Why I Sold My Company | The TechnoBuffalo Truth. In addition, Apple decided to stop collaborating with him due to an issue with an Intel product. 

Nonetheless, Jon remains a famous influencer with over 1.6M subscribers on his main YouTube channel, 324K followers on Instagram, 189.2K on Twitter, and 44.8K on TikTok. 


Awards and Recognitions

Jon Rettinger Prominent Campaigns

XGIMI Sponsorship

Source: jons4lakers YT

XGIMI, a leading brand of innovative projectors, sponsored the influencer to showcase its best lineup. He narrates in the video why particular XGIMI projectors are his favorites. His viewers are thrilled and grateful for walking them through such great projectors they can use at home. 

Lenovo Legion and Intel Sponsorship

Source: jons4lakers YT

Following the influencer’s fallout with Apple, Intel took over. In partnership with Lenovo Legion and Intel, Jon featured and reviewed what he described as the perfect gaming laptop, the Lenovo Legion 5i. 

HHOLOVE Partnership

Source: jons4lakers YT

Jon featured on his channel the HHOLOVE’s O Sitter AI-powered smart companion for cats. The product is so innovative that it keeps cats company and feeds it when the owner is away. 

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