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Louis Cole’s Profile

Niche: Beauty
Country: Afghanistan

Who is Louis Cole?

Louis Cole is a British YouTube influencer and filmmaker. He started his content creation career with the channel FoodforLouis, then rebranded as FunforLouis. This Costa Rica-based YouTube personality is famous for his daily vlogs featuring life and travel adventures around the world. 

Louis originally became famous for featuring eating stunts on his former channel but took down those videos as he now focuses on his lifestyle and travel vlogs. 

The influencer came under fire for eating his pet goldfish. The stunt sparked the RSCPA to launch an investigation as the goldfish is a vertebrate protected by the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Additionally, he received major internet backlash because of his travel videos to North Korea, accusing him of being naive to what truly transpires in that country.

Nonetheless, Louis Cole amassed 1.98 million YouTube subscribers, 1 million followers on Instagram, over 751 thousand on Twitter, 64,587 on Facebook, and 8,048 on TikTok. Among his social media platforms, his TikTok account has the least followers. 

Louis Cole’s Awards and Recognitions

  • BONCAS Awards: Travel Video of The Year (2016)
  • BONCAS Awards: Best Use of Tech in A Video (2016)
  • Buffer Festival: Festival Honour Award (2018) 

Louis Cole’s Prominent Campaigns

The Boom Bus Project

louis cole bus
Source: Louis Cole Twitter

Cole bought a double-decker bus and converted it into a mobile center to aid homeless youth through video games and music facilities. Furthermore, MET police collaborated with the project to extend to areas with low youth provision. The Boom Bus Project is currently funded by local council wards.  

Discover Digital Networks' Seeker

travel influencer

Source: PilotDDN tapped the influencer to be part of their Seeker network dedicated to showcasing adventure, travel, and the pursuit of wonder. The network debuted Cole's original series, where he immersed himself in 22 cities and raised awareness about the issues surrounding each city. A documentary of this, entitled Beyond Borders, can be viewed on Discovery+.

The Solvey Project

dave erasmus and louis cole
Source: TenEighty Magazine

Cole collaborated with Dave Erasmus on The Solvey Project. The campaign focuses on funding projects or project ideas and providing entrepreneurs with a global platform and network of people and agencies who can help them bring their ideas to life. 

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