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Luzugames’ Profile

Full/Real Name: Borja Luzuriaga Vázquez
Niche: Entertainment
Date of Birth: Aug 3, 1985 (Age, 38 years old)
Country: Spain

Who is Luzugames?

Born as Borja Vasquez, YouTuber Luzugames is a Spanish-born gaming superstar who is based in Los Angeles. He is one of the platform's most viewed Spanish-speaking content creators and has a massive audience throughout Spain and Latin America. Over the years, he has evolved from a YouTube audience with over 11 million subscribers to his Twitch streams that attract over three thousand viewers on average.

He was born on August 3, 1985 in Bilbao, Northern Spain. At the age of 18, he travelled to Pamplona to study audiovisual communication at the University of Navarra. When he graduated, he moved to Madrid, Spain, to pursue work as a film distributor. But he felt weighed down in his line of work and decided to move to LA where he is currently residing. This is where he blossomed as a content creator.

His audience on both his streams and YouTube channels is mainly Spanish-speaking since this is his native language. Some of luzugames partnerships include Pokemon, Nintendo, and Tritton. He has 6 million followers on Instagram, 7.1 million followers on Twitter, and 810K followers on Facebook.

Luzugames’ Prominent Campaigns


Luzugames for Pokemon

In one of his YouTube videos, luzugames featured the device of his gaming fans' dreams- the Pokemon GO Plus! This is the device that could connect to your iPhone or Android smartphone. It can provide you with an easy way to catch Pokemon and collect items with a click of a button. Users can also collect Poke Balls, Eggs, and various items at the PokeStops without the need to check their smartphone.


Luzugames for Nintendo

The YouTuber also did an unboxing of the Super NES Classic Edition to the delight of his Nintendo fans. This is a dedicated home video game console that was released by Nintendo to emulate the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Its console, which is a successor to the NES Classic Edition, comes with 21 Super NES titles that are pre-installed, and includes the first official release of Star Fox 2!


Luzugames for Tritton

And then luzugames featured Tritton's Kunai headset. This product outputs game and chat audio via a pair of precision-tuned and amplified 40mm speakers. The result is an immersive surround sound gaming experience that will surely enhance every gamer's aural situational awareness. Now you can hear where your enemy is coming from or where your team is located so that you can strike with absolute precision!

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