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Frost Diamond’s Profile

Niche: Entertainment
Country: Indonesia

Who is Frost Diamond?

Kananda Widyantara, better known for his Frost Diamond or BrustFace moniker, is an Indonesian YouTube influencer primarily known for his Minecraft videos. While he focuses his channel on gaming, he also uploads other content like pranks and vlogs.

Kananda was born in Bantul, Yogyakarta on June 1997. He is the eldest among three children who lived a simple family life. Before playing with gadgets, Kananda used to play with marbles and tops. Then, he played his first mobile phone game, Tetris and Bounce, on a basic Nokia cellphone.

He was only 10 years old when the internet service came up. Then, he created his first Facebook account and tried to create a Blogspot website, which was popular at the time.

Kananda quit college to pursue a career as a YouTube influencer. His fondness for watching movies and videos triggered him to make his own. So, he created a YouTube channel in 2014, but only so he could comment on the YouTube videos.

In 2017, the influencer uploaded his first video on his BrustFace channel. He uploaded Minecraft videos that unexpectedly received positive responses from the viewers. Thus, he continued uploading Minecraft content until today.

It took him three months to gain 1K subscribers and another three months to reach 100K. However, he wasn't able to monetize his channel due to technical problems, making him create his current channel -- Frost Diamond.

Kananda became increasingly recognized by people and earned 100K subscribers in the first month of his new channel. In only one and a half months, he earned his first 2 million Rupiah. Because of his persistence and efforts, he appeared on the 2018 YouTube FanFest and earned his Silver and Gold Play Buttons.

Today, Frost Diamond has 31.9M subscribers on YouTube, 4.6M followers on TikTok, 2M on Instagram, 974K on Facebook, and 872 on Twitter.

Frost Diamond’s Awards and Recognitions

  • YouTube Creator Awards: Diamond Play Button
  • 2022 Indonesia Esport Awards: Content Creator - Gaming

Frost Diamond’s Prominent Campaigns

Google Play Free Fire Code Hunt Partnership

Google Play Free Fire Code Hunt Partnership
Source: Official FB Account

In collaboration with Google Play's Free Fire, Frost Diamond encouraged his followers to participate in the Free Fire Winterlands Code Hunt with the hashtag #FindFireLoe. The winner received an ASUS ROG6 gaming smartphone.

So far, this is the only visible sponsored post on his social media accounts.

Frost Diamond’s Other Information


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