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Michael Le’s Profile

Niche: Entertainment
Country: United States

Who is Michael Le?

Michael is a world-famous Asian-American dancer and choreographer with a massive fan base on various social media platforms. He became world famous on YouTube and TikTok, where his dance videos frequently go viral. He loves making dance videos to popular songs by different artists and choreographing other dancers. But Michael also has his own wares that he sells via Shluv clothing.

Apart from dancing, he is passionate about sharing his techniques of different dance moves and giving advice to his followers so they can quickly learn simple dance steps. He has also come up with various tutorial videos for some of his famous dance moves, which can be seen on his YouTube channel. Michael has 51.8 million followers on TikTok, 3.23 million YouTube subscribers, and 2.1 million Instagram followers. Some of his most prominent collaborations are with Oreo, Prada, and HUGO.

Michael Le’s Prominent Campaigns


Michael Le for Oreo

For Oreo's 110th birthday, Michael and his sister tried the OREOBdayStack challenge. This is where he and his sister tried to stack up their own Oreo cookies as high as possible. The last one standing is the winner, and whoever a stack of Oreos collapses first will get an entire glass of milk poured onto them. Who won the challenge? Watch Michael's TikTok video to find out!


Michael Le for Prada

Michael also collaborated with Prada when he joined the Prada Bucket Challenge on TikTok. This challenge encourages users to come up with the best look by matching a Prada bucket hat with their best killer outfit. Michael put his own spin on it with an all-black outfit (top, jeans, and shoes) and an oversized pink leather jacket which made the color pop. He then topped it with his black Prada bucket hat to complete the look.


Michael Le for HUGO

In his partnership with HUGO BOSS, Michael came up with his own dancing and highly stylized TikTok video for the brand. HUGO is a youthful brand aimed at Gen Z style mavericks that uses its platform for self-expression. After the launch of its Fall/Winter campaign in 2022, it made a strong call to action for consumers to #HUGOYourWay. This catchy mantra is rallying for self-expression, empowering consumers to create their own style and look that is uniquely theirs.

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