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Niche: Technology
Country: United States

Who is Derek Banas?

Derek Banas is a popular tech influencer who covers programming, web design, game and mobile development, reviews, and tutorials.

Derek's passion for technology started when he received a TRS-80 computer his neighbor threw out. To prove his knowledge of technology, Derek joined a coding competition and designed a virtual reality system that consisted of haptic feedback gloves from Nintendo and a head-mounted display. He then reaped the sweet fruit of his labor by winning the competition.

As a result of his feat, the renowned big tech company Apple Inc. noticed the influencer and offered him a position at the company. Derek gladly accepted and was assigned to work on VR and Quicktime-related technologies. While his time at Apple was incomparable, he shifted to the financial industry until the crisis in 2007.

Following the crisis, Derek built his company. The company consisted of three major hitlist, with all three geared towards serving many people. At the local level, his company provided low-cost courses that taught technological skills people could maximize to get a job.

His company also helped small enterprise owners set up online stores. The best part was he didn't charge a set-up fee and earned money only when the online stores made money.

The last focus of his company was to provide free education for anyone around the world. Hence, he launched his YouTube channel and created over a thousand pieces of content. His ability to explain complex topics in a simple and understandable manner helped him gain millions of subscribers.

Derek's passion for programming and sharing his expertise has translated into a booming career as a YouTube influencer with 1.25M subscribers on YouTube, 15.6K followers on Twitter, and 6.8K on Facebook.

Derek Banas’ Awards and Recognitions

Derek Banas’ Prominent Campaigns

TechRadar Collaboration

TechRadar Collaboration
Source: twofour54

Well-known tech website TechRadar worked side-by-side with the influencer to produce informative and educational programming tutorial videos. The partnership allowed the influencer to leverage the website to reach a wider audience and establish his reputation in the programming community.

FreeCodeCamp Collaboration

FreeCodeCamp Collaboration
Source: Wikimedia Commons

FreeCodeCamp is a renowned programming learning platform that partnered with Derek in making programming courses for the improvement of aspiring developers. Because of the collaboration, the influencer provided valuable content and input to a much wider audience.

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