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Piuzinho’s Profile

Real Name: Unknown
Niche: Entertainment
Date of Birth: Nov 26, 1996 (Age, 27 years old)
Country: Brazil

Who is Piuzinho?

Piuzinho is a famous YouTube gaming influencer from Brazil. He dedicates his YouTube channel to Garena Free Fire, and he hails as one of the best Free Fire players in the whole world.

While he is into Garena Free Fire, Piuzi's channel also has other content, including Let's Play videos, gameplay videos, and montages of video games aside from Free Fire. His journey as a YouTube gamer started with the classic Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which he played a few times before transitioning to Garena Free Fire.

The influencer started his career by launching his channel in 2015. Piuzi has an impressive career growth, with his channel becoming one of the most popular YouTube gaming channels in Brazil. His successful career is deeply rooted in his passion for video games at a young age. Piuzi grew up playing video games until he decided to pursue a career in gaming.

Aside from being a gaming content creator, Piuzi is a musician and has released several songs, such as "Favelado Chique" and "Vida de Rei." He has collaborated with famous Brazilian artists, including MC Livinho and MC Don Juan.

According to Net Worth Spot, Piuzinho has an estimated net worth of $1.39 million, mostly coming from his YouTube ad revenues, merchandise sales, and sponsorships. His channel has an estimated monthly earning of $23,200 or $346,800 annually.

Piuzi seems to put high regard on privacy as not much of him is revealed to the public, not even his real name. Nonetheless, millions of fans continue supporting him and his craft. As a result, Piuzinho accumulated 12.7M subscribers on YouTube, 3.5M followers on Instagram, 645.5K on TikTok, and 4.3K on Twitter.

Piuzinho’s Awards and Recognitions

  • 2023 Amra and Elma 150 Top YouTube Gaming Influencers and Best Gaming Channels

Piuzinho’s Prominent Campaigns

Poesia Free Fire

Poesia Free Fire
Source: Official YouTube Account

Being a Garena Free Fire content creator, it only makes sense for Piuzinho to create music based on the game. One of his long list of music includes the Poesia Free Fire (translated in English as Free Fire Poetry), where he collaborated with different Brazilian influencer singers.

Crush and Tecnosh Collaborations

Crush and Tecnosh Collaborations
Source: Official YouTube Account

Based on his social media profiles, Piuzinho has no prominent brand campaigns or collaborations. Most of his collaborations only involve other influencers, and one of his famous collaborations with 2.8M views is the Free Fire Let's Play with Crusher and Tecnosh.

Piuzinho’s Other Information

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