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Dudu Moura’s Profile

Real Name: Eduardo Moura
Niche: Entertainment
Date of Birth: Jul 13, 1997 (Age, 26 years old)
Country: Brazil

Who is Dudu Moura?

Eduardo Moura, popularly known online as Dudu Moura, is a Brazilian entertainment and gaming YouTube influencer who uploads multiple entertaining content with his partner Carol on their DUDU e CAROL YouTube channel. Dudu's YouTube content primarily includes gameplay, live streams, comedic skits, food, challenge videos, and more. Aside from his usual content, Dudu is also famous for creating videos dedicated to cars and vehicles.

Dudu has been passionate about video games at a very young age and began playing when he was just six. Fascinated by video games, the influencer spent most of his childhood playing games. Later on, Dudu decided to become a YouTube content creator.

So, he launched his channel and uploaded his first YouTube video in March 2013. Dudu's first-ever video was a Minecraft gameplay. Then, in November 2019, he uploaded the funny video "Doing Prohibited Things" and blew up to have received over 69 million views. Aside from YouTube, Dudu is active on his other social media accounts.

Aside from content creation, Dudu is also a known philanthropist. He involved himself in various charity events and donated to different cases. He is a vocal advocate for mental health awareness and has often spoken about his battle with depression and anxiety.

According to Net Worth Spot, Dudu has an estimated net worth of $14.96 million. However, this figure isn't accurate, and the influencer's net worth hasn't been revealed to the public. The website predicts the figure based on Dudu's YouTube advertising revenue.

His channel rose to prominence, becoming one of Brazil's top YouTube channels in the gaming industry. Dudu Moura has amassed 22.2M subscribers on YouTube, 1.5M followers on TikTok, 211K on Instagram, and 38K on Facebook.

Dudu Moura’s Awards and Recognitions

  • YouTube Creator Diamond Award

Dudu Moura’s Prominent Campaigns

Secretaria Municipal de Cultura, Turismo, Esporte e Lazer de Vera Cruz/RS Collaboration

Secretaria Municipal de Cultura, Turismo, Esporte e Lazer de Vera Cruz/RS Collaboration
Source: Dudu Moura Facebook

The Municipal Secretariat of Culture, Tourism, Sports, and Leisure of Vera Cruz/RS hosted an online event discussing entrepreneurship on social media that featured the Brazilian journalist Ricardo Duren. Dudu Moura was also invited to the event as Duren launched his GTA Vida Real, where Dudu was the main character.

Aside from this, there are no other brand collaborations or sponsored posts on Dudu Moura's social media channels.

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