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Full/Real Name: Pedro Afonso Rezende Posso
Niche: Entertainment
Date of Birth: Aug 24, 1996 (Age, 27 years old)
Country: Brazil

Who is rezendeevil?

Pedro Alfonso Rezende Posso, commonly known by his online alias rezendeevil, is a famous Brazilian YouTube gaming influencer. He is best known for his Minecraft and vlog content.

Before becoming a full-time content creator and influencer, Pedro moved to Italy to become a football player. He then got hired by the Italian futsal team Real Rietti and played as the goalkeeper. However, the experience wasn't pleasant for him as his team players made him go through humiliation. So, Pedro decided to leave the team and return to Brazil.

Upon his return, Pedro invested the money he earned from playing futsal in a better computer. Once he had the computer, he worked on becoming a professional YouTuber and uploaded three Minecraft-related content a day. Pedro's channel grew quickly, making him one of the most prominent YouTubers in Brazil.

His channel's oldest available YouTube video is "Mo Creatures #1 "Ilha Boa Creeper Brabo." As mentioned, he initially uploaded Minecraft gameplays, so his first video features a Minecraft gameplay of himself looking for creatures in the mod.

In 2015, he propelled as a writer and released his first book "Two Worlds, One Hero." A year later, he published "Back to The Game" and "Final Play."
Pedro created another channel, Rezendeevil Minecraft, dedicated to Minecraft games and other gameplays. He then stopped uploading gameplay content on his primary channel and shifted to vlogs, challenges, tags, and catchphrases with family and friends. However, his Minecraft channel seems to have been removed as of this writing.

Wanting to produce more, the influencer introduced the children's entertainment channel Canal do Gabo featuring performances, games, and activities. While he invented the channel, he can also be seen participating in several videos.

Pedro's impressive success earned him 32.1M subscribers on YouTube, 11.4M followers on Instagram, 7.4M on TikTok, 2.9M on Twitter, and 1M on Facebook.

rezendeevil’s Awards and Recognitions

  • 2017 Forbes: 91 Most Influential Young People in The World

rezendeevil’s Prominent Campaigns

rezendeevil Minecraft Skin

rezendeevil Minecraft Skin
Source: Planet Minecraft

Being a Minecraft content creator, it only makes sense that Pedro would create a Minecraft skin. His fans were thrilled to try on his skin.

Red Canids Partnership

Red Canids Partnership
Source: Esports Insider

Red Canids Kalunga, a Brazilian esports organization, made Pedro one of its owners. He focuses on the organizations' vertical content.

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