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Who is RocketJump?

Freddie Wong, aka RocketJump, was born on September 13, 1985. He is an American filmmaker, special effects artist, musician, and competitive gamer. Their video production company of the same name was a collaboration among his fellow filmmaker Brandon Laatsch, as well as Matt Arnold, Dez Dolly, and other YouTubers. Over the years, RocketJump has come up with a catalog of hundreds of original comedy, action, and family-oriented videos, gaining over 1 billion views across their 9M subscribers on YouTube alone. They claim to be a weird hybrid studio/production company that, at their core, strives to bring viewers fun and genuine entertainment.

The YouTube channel, with over 9M subscribers, became famous for its video-game-inspired short films featuring names such as late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and comedy partners Key & Peele. Soon, the production moved into original virtual reality content with a short film entitled "The Big One." It features a meteor shower that eventually turns into an "apocalyptic nightmare." Some of RocketJump's prominent campaigns are with Hulu and Youku Tudou, as well as their own RocketJump merch store.

RocketJump’s Prominent Campaigns


RocketJump for Hulu

Back in 2015, RocketJump partnered with Hulu and premiered RocketJump: The Show. It chronicles the production process behind eight of RocketJump studio's productions (one per episode). Fans witnessed collaborations with Ashly Burch, as well as the profiling of this independent studio, not to mention the exhibition of its biggest, loudest, and most exciting videos to date. In the trailer, YouTube star Freddie Wong definitely gave fans something to look forward to.

Youku Tudou

RocketJump for Youku Tudou

RocketJump also teamed up with Youku Tudou Inc., also known as the "YouTube of China," to bring RocketJump's vastly popular videos to the continuously growing Chinese Market, thus becoming the official platform for RocketJump's content in China.

RocketJump Merch

RocketJump Merch

RocketJump fans can also find their favorite merch online. Just like this LIMITED EDITION VGHS t-shirt that features Brian, Ted, Jenny, and Ki portrayed in super cool, awesome, retro game style! VGHS is an American action comedy web series created by RocketJump Studios. The show was written by Matthew Arnold, Will Campos, and Brian Firenzi, and was directed by Freddie Wong, Brandon Laatsch, and Matthew Arnold.


RocketJump’s Other Information


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