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Justin Andrew Watkins, aka Thinknoodles, is an American YouTuber and gamer. Watkins was born on May 30, 1977, in Texas, USA. He became famous for games including Webkinz, ROBLOX, Pokemon, Minecraft, and Club Penguin. As per Net Worth Spot, Just is estimated to be worth around $6.05 million. Some of his prominent campaigns are with Nintendo, Minecraft, and Roblox. Apart from his YouTube channel, he enjoys a large following on social media. He has 33K followers on Facebook, 79.8K followers on TikTok, and 308K followers on Instagram.

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Thinknoodles featured the Minecraft Mine Chest in one of his YouTube unboxing videos. Mine Chest is the official Minecraft monthly subscription box. Here, you will receive a bundle of hand-picked, official Minecraft goodies, delivered right to your doorstep every month. It comes in a unique chest you won’t find anywhere else. What you will find inside the box each month is a closely guarded secret. However, you can expect a premium collectible chest, a unique project, plus a selection of official merchandise.


Next, Thinknoodles did an unboxing of 11 Roblox toys. First, he got the Citizens of Roblox mix-and-match parts, which include the Westover Fire Dept, RoCitizens Mick the Cop, Redwood Prison: Robber, Hospital RP: Doctor, and more. He also got a Car Crusher Panweltz Roblox toy. It contains an arms dealer and a ninja assassin, among others. There’s also the Fantastic Frontier Croc. This legendary character is one of the terrifying humanoid-croc hybrids that prowl through the forests of Spectrabox’s Fantastic Frontier Game. All in all, Thinknoodles opened some pretty cool Roblox toys that he eventually shared with his viewers.


Thinknoodles also featured Nintendo Switch in his unboxing videos. This video game console was released worldwide on March 2017. The console itself is a tablet which you can dock for home console, or use as a portable device, turning it into a hybrid console. Aside from its portability, people love it because it’s more affordable, offers better deals, and is amazing for multiplayer. Nintendo updates its online platform regularly with new games and DLC. Theefore, even if it goes beyond 2023, Nintendo Switch will still remain a relevant console.

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