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Madonna Painting Collection House Lost French Art

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"A beautiful body perishes, but a work of art dies not," said Leonardo da Vinci. Madonna, the popular Queen of Pop, might have understood this given her massive amount of painting collections. Madonna painting collections by popular classic and contemporary artists are the dream of many collectors.

Does Madonna have the French Painting in her Madonna Painting Collections?

The mayor of Amiens, a city in Northern France, asked the singer to lend them the 19th-Century "Diana and Endymion" painting by Jerome-Martin Langlois. The painting was lost during World War I and is believed to have been bought by the singer. According to Le Figaro, the actual painting or an identical one was up for auction in NYC in 1989 where Madonna paid $1.3 to gain possession of it.

Madonna hasn't replied to the mayor's request. The painting is a legal part of the Madonna painting collections, they're simply just asking her to lend it to them because of their candidacy to be the European Capital of Culture in 2028.

What Paintings Does Madonna Own?

And how much is Madonna's art collection worth? The blue-chip Madonna painting collections has a reported worth of $100 million. Who made Madonna paintings? Madonna's paintings are by different respected artists.

One of Madonna's favorites is the famous Hispanic painter—Frida Kahlo. In fact, My Birth, the precious art piece by Frida Kahlo, was featured in 2005 at the Tate Gallery in London. However, the pop star declined to loan the same painting to the Detroit Institute of Arts. Her most expensive auctioned art piece, Kahlo's Diego Y Yo, had a starting price of $30 million and was sold for $39.4 million.

Here are some of the other pieces in the Madonna painting collections:

1. Tamara de Lempicka - Nana de Herrera

In a 1990 interview with Vanity Fair, the singer boasted of her extensive Tamara de Lempicka art collection. Lempicka is a Polish Art Deco painter and has been a favorite of numerous celebrities since the 1930s. Lempicka is also thought of as the first woman artist to be a glamor star.

2. Fernand Léger - Les Deux Bicyclettes

This artwork marks Madonna's first purchase when she began seriously collecting paintings in 1987. She was able to score this painting for only $1 million. In 2013, she sold another one of her Fernand Léger, Trois Femmes à la Table Rouge, for $7.2 million at Sotheby's. The proceeds were donated to her Ray of Light foundation.

3. Diego Rivera

The Diego Rivera painting that the singer was able to purchase is a painting of a female nude.

4. Pablo Picasso - Buste de Femme à la Frange

In 2000, Madonna paid almost $5 million for Picasso's Buste de Femme à la Frange. This is one of the best classic paintings in her collection.

5. Marilyn Minter - Green Pink Caviar

While her collection gravitates toward the classics of Picasso and Kahlo, her collection also has contemporary influence. One of her favorite contemporary artists is Marilyn Minter. The pop star even used one of Minter's videos, Green Pink Caviar, in her 2008 "Sweet and Sticky" tour. Minter told Los Angeles Times that Madonna has owned her work for years and the singer has always been her fan.

Is art a good investment?

Aside from being beautiful wall decors, paintings are a good, long-term investment. Its market follows its own rules, and art value doesn't rise or plummet with the stock market. Plus, paintings are a great asset to pass on to your descendants. Hence, many celebrities and wealthy individuals invest in art.

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