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NFT Price: History, Predictions, and Strategies for 2023


It took us a minute before we could wrap our heads around the idea of NFTs, and even today, some aspects and nuances of the platform are hard to comprehend for a beginner. But once people got it, it exploded and spread like wildfire. Suddenly, the whole world was into NFTs. Fast forward to 2023, and so much has changed since then. The NFT price has gone up, down, and plummeted into an all-time low no one has ever imagined. So the next question is, what now?

Key Takeaways:

  • Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have gained significant popularity as digital assets representing ownership or proof of authenticity for unique digital items, artworks, collectibles, and virtual assets.
  • The article analyzes the price history of NFTs and provides predictions and strategies for navigating the NFT market in 2023, considering factors such as market trends, demand dynamics, technological advancements, and regulatory developments.
  • NFT price movements are influenced by various factors, including scarcity, provenance, utility, celebrity endorsements, cultural significance, and investor sentiment, creating opportunities for speculation, investment, and trading.
  • Strategies for success in the NFT market include conducting thorough research, diversifying investments, focusing on quality projects with long-term potential, staying informed about market developments, and managing risk effectively.
  • While NFTs offer exciting opportunities for creators, collectors, and investors, it is essential to approach the market with caution, diligence, and a long-term perspective to navigate its volatility and uncertainties successfully.
NFT Market Graph
NFT market graph showing its volatility
A few years after NFT boomed into popularity, people are curious whether or not this is a bubble. Some people insist that it is, it's a fad, a phase, and once the hype dies down, everything will go down the drain. Others, however, vehemently disagree, as shown by the recent trends and predictions showing how it is being integrated more in more into e-commerce, gaming, ticketing, and other platforms by brands and businesses. In this post, we'll take a walk down memory lane, see how the NFT price has been, and see the latest trends, predictions, and developments well on their way this 2023. And figure out if all the hoping and anticipation is worth the wait.

When Bored Ape Loans Almost Crashed the NFT Market

The Bored Ape Yacht Club
No one is indispensable, not even the Bored Ape Yacht Club
The NFT market went down terribly, and even Bored Ape Yacht Club, which many people consider the bluest of blue chips and had one of the most expensive NFT price, is going through a lot of hate. So the safety of the Ape NFT price is never certain. This has much to do with BendDAO, an NFT lending platform where you can put your NFTs as collateral and then take out a loan against it. It's not the only platform doing this, but so much action is happening here. So, users can put up their NFT and take up a loan of up to 40%. For instance, if you put an NFT collateral on BendDAO worth 100 Ethereum, you can take out a loan against it for up to 40 Ethereum. In the future, as long as you pay back your loan with interest, you can get your NFT collateral back. However, there's a catch. Remember that this is a very volatile asset, and you can never guarantee an accurate NFT price prediction. And when your loan collateral is volatile, it can lead to many problems. NFT price USD is unpredictable, and in traditional finance, collateralized loans aren't a big deal since you can put up your house or car as collateral. It is very unlikely that their value will drop up to 70% overnight. Thus, when you repay your loan, you can get back your house or car. It's different with NFTs since it's super volatile. So if you put your NFT as collateral and then take out a loan, if the value of the NFT crashes by 30%-50% overnight (which is possible), then your NFT will be liquidated and sold off to the market. This is a necessary protocol so the lender can protect itself. But if you put up your NFT, take out a loan against it, and that NFT crashes, it has to be auctioned off to the market. And the worst thing you can do right now is to look at the NFT price chart in dismay.

Health Factor Scores

BendDAO has health factor scores, and if it falls below 1, the NFT has to be put up for auction and sold to the highest bidder at a meager price. Unfortunately, many blue-chip NFTs are in danger zones, approaching a sub-one health factor score. It can be very messy when forced liquidations occur, leading to a liquidation death spiral. So if your collateral loses value and is sold off to the market cheaply, it will lower the floor for the entire collection and push for further decreases in the collateral. This means that more NFTs may be sold off. People holding these NFTs are not taking loans or putting them up for collateral. They're simply watching the market, and upon seeing the floor price decreasing, they list their NFTs at a super low price. This produces a cascade effect which makes the floor price drop. And this does not only pertain to the Bored Ape Yacht Club but other projects are also affected.

NFT Ticketing Platforms

The BPM Wallet Project
Will the BPM Wallet Project succeed? Only time will tell
Let's take the BPM Wallet Project as an example. This spells the future of event ticketing as this platform's design streamlines ticketing, increases security, and fixes problems that plague the industry across the globe. It's about using NFTs for something beneficial, namely ticketing for various events such as music or sports. Ticket plagiarizing has always been a problem. These people make fake tickets and sell them to die-hard fans who can't get into these venues because they had no idea the tickets they bought were counterfeit. Now we can say goodbye to these problems by creating a product that is entirely non-copyable. Buyers can rest assured that their tickets are valid and will secure their place in the event. BPM plans to work with big ticket suppliers such as Ticketmaster to act as a wallet on your phone. Your BPM wallet is where you can store various tickets and check your available balance in the BPM token.

Other Perks and Privileges

By purchasing different tokens, you will earn points back in the form of BPM tokens which you can use to buy future tickets. Another cool thing about this is having the ability to sync up the events page on BPM to your Spotify playlist. This way, when your favorite artist is playing within your area, you will get an alert, and you can then go on and buy tickets for that particular show. In the past, people liked keeping paper tickets as mementos of an event, concerts, etc. But now, these digital tickets will have memory-infused NFTs, little memory videos that will be a part of that NFT you can hold forever. All you need is a single wallet for your tickets, and you may also collect digital memories in the form of NFTs. Under the Revellers section, there's a collection of 10K unique NFTs hand sketched by the legendary artist Fiasco which can unlock unparalleled utility inside the BPM wallet's ecosystem. By holding that NFT, you can get special accounts, earn BPM rewards, join exclusive events and tickets for NFT holders, win raffles, secret prizes, and trips, or get free drinks and merchandise offers. Later, you can attend holders' events, stake your NFT, and more. So basically, your BPM wallet is your gateway to various events around the world through the use of NFT technology. Creating these non-fungible tickets stops all the problems in the past with fake ticket sellers and other fraudulent activities during such events.

NFT-Based Gaming

Amazon Web3.0
It's a whole new ballgame when Amazon enters the space.
Amazon is reportedly making its first move into the crypto industry, and it is being tagged in non-fungible tokens and not cryptocurrency. This is per Blockworks report revealing the e-commerce giant's exploring launching its digital assets enterprise using its primary platform, not through Amazon Web Services (AWS). The said plans to launch their NFT initiative are expected this spring. This report from the crypto industry publication cites different sources familiar with Amazon's plans. Amazon has kept the crypto industry at arm's length while investing and landing success in next-generation digital commerce activations such as live selling. Its entry into the Web3 landscape could provide vitality and credibility to an industry that currently finds itself at an inflection point. Thus, Amazon's coming into the world of Web3 gaming is expected to revolutionize the industry while taking New Heights. This game is called a new line online gamer built on decentralized blockchain technology. A technology that gives users fast and transparent transactions while giving players actual ownership of in-game assets. Amazon entering this space is a significant turning point for the industry as it brings its colossal resources and expertise to the table. Not to mention Amazon's massive reach and customer base, its entry into the Web3 game, is expected to increase its visibility and popularity enormously.

Sovereign NFT Project

Sovereign NFT
Sovereign NFT: How different can this be?
Sovereign is another unique NFT project you should check out, from art to utilities; it brings real value that won't disappoint. So this is a chess-inspired NFT collection that brings real utility. They also have their token SSQRE. They have two types of NFTs, pawns, and sovereigns, which are all the other pieces—the kings, queens, rooks, knights, and bishops. Each NFT is individually rendered to ensure that lighting, shadows, and impeccable details are retained. You can stake the pawn NFT, which they call pawning, and earn 10 tokens daily. Once you have the pawn NFT, you can choose to upgrade it for one thousand SSQRE tokens and get a sovereign NFT. They look amazing, beautifully rendered, breathtaking art. So when you upgrade your pawn NFT you can get one of these pieces: a king, queen, bishop, knight, or rook. You may earn if you stake them between 25-35 SSQRE tokens per day.


Long-term holders of the Sovereign can expect to get incredible value, especially from their utilities. First, Sovereign has its own NFT game known as the Rumble Game. Here, 5% of the Rumble revenue is paid out to the Rumble holders every month. Are you too busy chasing revenue that you have no time to worry about your social media presence? There's a social media management software that could help you boost engagement, schedule posts, and curate content. Read more from our SmarterQueue review.


Apart from what we discussed, you can earn 10 of their tokens or between 25-35 tokens. If you win your NFTs, you can upgrade your pawns with a thousand tokens to get other sovereigns. However, Sovereign also has markets where users can utilize their SSQRE tokens to purchase Blue Chip NFTs, whitelist spots, access to NFT tools, event passes, and more.


You can also have exclusive merch and 3D-printed IRL chess boards for long-term holders, which is great because it truly fits into the genre Sovereign is going after.

Chess Utilities

There are also chess utilities where you can win apps, club memberships, and more. Perhaps even a match of one of the chess icons.


Sovereign is also proud of its vast and vibrant community as a utility. Watch out for events to which Sovereign NFT will have an access pass, and holders may collect the entire board of 32 pieces in a single skin. Speaking of community, do you want to be more visible and expand your reach? Get a social media management platform built to help your business manage multiple social channels. Read more from our NapoleonCat review.

Project 'RED'

Sovereign also has its next project, code name, 'RED.' This can only be minted using SSQRE.


Their "Roadmap" gives you an idea of what's to come. Like when a mint and reveal is coming, or pawning or staking is coming soon, an upgrade to Sovereigns will be introduced, and the Sovereign's Market.

The Team

More often than not, the teams behind the NFT projects and NFT collections are overlooked when they play a very crucial part in success. But the great thing behind Sovereign is that the team behind it and everything that's being built on is thoroughly documented. You can find them on social media, but aside from that, they are an ambitious bunch who knows a lot about the industry.


What are NFTs, and why have they gained popularity as digital assets? NFTs are digital assets representing ownership or proof of authenticity for unique digital items, artworks, collectibles, and virtual assets, gaining popularity due to their scarcity, authenticity, and ability to tokenize ownership and transfer value on blockchain networks. How does the price history of NFTs inform predictions and strategies for navigating the NFT market in 2023? Analyzing the price history of NFTs provides insights into market trends, demand dynamics, technological advancements, and regulatory developments, informing predictions and strategies for investors, collectors, and creators in 2023. What factors influence the price movements of NFTs in the market? Price movements of NFTs are influenced by factors such as scarcity, provenance, utility, celebrity endorsements, cultural significance, and investor sentiment, creating opportunities for speculation, investment, and trading in the market. What strategies can investors employ to succeed in the NFT market? Strategies for success in the NFT market include conducting thorough research, diversifying investments across different projects and platforms, focusing on quality projects with long-term potential, staying informed about market developments, and managing risk effectively. What precautions should individuals take when participating in the NFT market? While NFTs offer exciting opportunities, individuals should approach the market with caution, diligence, and a long-term perspective, conducting due diligence, understanding the risks involved, and seeking professional advice if necessary to navigate its volatility and uncertainties successfully.

NFT Price and Predictions Summary

To sum it up, here are the NFT price, predictions, trends, strategies, and a thing or two we can learn from history to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future.
  • Many blue chip NFTs have a health factor score that is dangerously low and may be on the verge of liquidation. But for those waiting and saving up, you may get these NFTs at super low prices. However, if you're lucky enough to end up with a blue chip NFT, do not store it on a hot wallet; instead, store it on a hardware wallet such as a Ledger or a Trezor. Let the NFT price history serve as a lesson, and be sure to use extra protection.
  • Web 3.0 brands launching Web3 product offerings are increasing. The future bull market will be fuelled by brands luring their audience into Web 3.0. Brands beginning to understand how to target their audiences and build marketing products and campaigns to serve them will win.
  • New NFT and Web 3.0 business models will emerge, and various brands will experiment with diversified offerings. More brands will follow suit.
  • Token tickets will regain traction in the festival and concert scenes in 2023, as ticketing has always been one of the apparent uses of NFTs. Brands will use ticketing in different ways. People can now expect larger-scale experimentation.
  • Web3 mobile is headed into the mainstream. Instagram and Starbucks NFT can be expected, as well as crypto wallets and Web 3.0 integration. Plenty of P2E games in development will be available.
For more news and updates on the NFT price and ecosystem, check out our post, NFT Marketplace: Everything You Need to Know.
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