HYPR Review 2024: Software Features & Pricing

What is HYPR?

Most of us have the assumption that the influencer marketing workflow is complicated, but we're here to tell you that it doesn't have to be. Believe it or not, the system can be scalable, efficient, and practical, just as long as you're equipped with the right tools.

And who can help marketers better than marketers themselves? HYPR is the brainchild of industry experts, and it has been rated no. 1 by Digiday as the Best Influencer Marketing Platform for 2019. With its 360-degree cloud-based influencer marketing platform that automates and simplifies every part of your influencer marketing workflow, it's no surprise that the software bagged such a prestigious title. 

With HYPR's high-powered influencer cloud, you can be confident that every dollar you spend reaches valuable audiences.

Benefits of HYPR

Search & Discovery

HYPR boasts of the most comprehensive, global influencer database across social platforms. This tool helps you determine the best influencers to partner with from over 12 million accounts. The search function is extensive yet made simple; search via handles, hashtags, or choose from more than 30,000 topic categories on influencers or their audiences in over 100 countries. Assess an influencer's fit for your audience based on a variety of data points: demographic, psychographic, and geographic.

Influencer Evaluation

HYPR's algorithm helps you rank influencers based on how well they contributed to your campaign. Its audience overlap tool enables you to evaluate the real performance of your campaign, while the audience health score helps you spot bad audiences who are inactive or fraudulent. See complete data on the performance of your campaigns by assessing them based on a range of metrics. Learn who engaged with your campaign and at what is your cost per engagement with the target audience. HYPR also boasts of the most comprehensive Instagram anti-fraud suite in the market. With its live post tracking tool, you can detect fraud when it happens.

Influencer CRM & Payments

HYPR's CRM is powered by Salesforce, so you are assured that every aspect of influencer management is streamlined and organized. Communication is made accessible, as the platform allows you to correspond with influencers and their managers directly. You may also opt to receive notifications on your personal email address when influencers communicate with you. Keep a record of all communications across your organization and store relevant documents, such as contracts and W2s in an influencer's contact record.

Activation Dashboard

HYPR's end-to-end dashboard lets you monitor your campaigns throughout their entire lifecycle. At a glance, you can review influencer stats and see their followers, engagement rate, cost per engagement, etc. Your whole organization can track responses and status all in one place.

Measurement & Reporting

Vanity metrics are unnecessary, so HYPR included only meaningful performance measures in its reports, including engagement data, views and reach with your target audience, and cost per engagement. This allows you to understand the true impact of your campaigns and helps you determine if they're successful or not. In one clean-looking dashboard, view the data points for your campaign and read them with ease.

Permissions & Data Control

HYPR knows the importance of teamwork, so its platform was designed to be collaboration-friendly. You can exchange notes and information and create a knowledge base with centralized data storage for your whole team at the creator level of the tool. All emails and correspondence can be accessed in a single dashboard.

HYPR Software Features

  • Comprehensive search and discovery tool
  • Audience overlap tool
  • Anti-fraud suite
  • Salesforce powered CRM
  • End-to-end dashboard
  • Exclusive live demographic engagement data

HYPR Integrations

HYPR Software Pricing

HYPR is ideal for clients that spend at least $250,000 annually on influencers. Smaller companies just getting started with influencer marketing might not be a good fit. The platform's specific pricing information is available upon request. Please visit the vendor's official website for more details.

HYPR Devices Supported
(Operating System)

  • Windows
  • IoS
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Web-based

HYPR Prominent Customers

  • Pepsi
  • Revlon
  • National Geographic

Problems That HYPR Solves

HYPR Deployment

  • Cloud Hosted

HYPR Languages Supported

  • English

HYPR Social Media Links

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