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ChatGPT Character Limit: Pros, Cons, and Other FAQs Answered


ChatGPT has taken over the world by storm. Those who can surpass the learning curve, learn the loopholes around the ChatGPT character limit, know its pros and cons, and utilize this tool to its optimum level, see it as a great advantage. However, those who fail to do these or are too stubborn to learn and discover everything about it see it more as a threat than an ally.

Key Takeaways:

  • ChatGPT Character Limit: Understanding the character limit of ChatGPT is crucial for efficient usage. ChatGPT has around 4000 tokens, which includes both input and output, posing challenges for handling lengthy text. However, ChatGPT 4 can handle up to 8000 or even 32,000 tokens, providing greater flexibility.
  • ChatGPT Chunker: To bypass the character limit, users can leverage tools like ChatGPT Chunker, which allows for breaking down lengthy texts into manageable chunks without losing context. This tool enables users to utilize ChatGPT more effectively for various tasks.
  • Prompt Engineering for Writing: Mastering prompt engineering is essential for optimizing ChatGPT for writing tasks. By structuring prompts effectively, users can generate articles, essays, resumes, and other content efficiently. Collaborative interaction with ChatGPT and precise prompts enhance productivity.
  • Prompt Engineering for Marketing: Business owners can harness ChatGPT for marketing purposes by creating precise prompts tailored to their needs. With effective prompting, ChatGPT can generate marketing materials, create marketing funnels, and assist with various aspects of content creation.
  • ChatGPT Alternatives: While ChatGPT is powerful, exploring alternative AI tools like ChatSonic AI, Durable AI, and Eightify AI can provide additional functionalities and cater to specific needs, such as real-time search integration, website building, and video summarization.

This post offers a brief guide on getting your feet wet as a beginner to assure you that it is not as daunting or intimidating as some think. From the looks of it, ChatGPT is here to stay whether you avoid it like the plague or maximize it to make you a productivity god is totally up to you.

Open AI ChatGPT 2024 projected revenue
Open AI ChatGPT projected revenue according to Gitnux Entrepreneurship University.

Gone are the days when you need a human brain to do simple and complex things for you. AI technology allows machines and computers to do that at lightning speed. Everything from solving problems, learning, making decisions, and understanding everything we see or hear. ChatGPT opened access to AI for the first time because it has an interface everyone can use: chat.

This colossal language model understands users’ prompts and queries. It can translate it into machine language, get the answer, and then re-translate it to users as human language. Now it is very powerful because everyone can use it.

ChatGPT easily spits words, sentences, phrases, paragraphs, and articles and even writes you an entire book. You don’t need to be an expert in writing legal documents, sale scripts, or video scripts since ChatGPT can do that in a jiffy. It has infinite potential, which makes it hard for us to understand. All we need to do is learn to ask the right questions.

Why does it have an edge over Google? Well, Google has its own AI, but there is an extra element that ChatGPT has that Google does not. It can distill down inflow. Users can filter things that are coming in. Whether it be texts or emails, for instance, it can get distilled down so users can consume it better. Thus, whenever something saves time and energy, it will always have the advantage over something that will take longer.

ChatGPT Character Limit

So first things first. A lot of users get frustrated when they encounter the ChatGPT character limit. Say you just watched an episode of your favorite podcast with Andrew Huberman and are so psyched to discuss it using ChatGPT. The problem is the transcript is too long for this AI to handle. So, what do you do?

The first thing you might try to do is start breaking it into smaller parts. But this can confuse your AI and may cause it to spout gibberish. But why does this happen? Is there a character limit on ChatGPT? Yes. You see, AI platforms such as ChatGPT have something called token limits. ChatGPT has around 4000 tokens, a limit that includes both your input and output. This makes it challenging to work with lengthy text error-free, and sometimes you even lose context.

How about its higher version? What is the character limit in ChatGPT 4? ChatGPT 4 can handle 8000, even 32,000 tokens. The latter is around 160,000 words, much longer than an average book. But this doesn’t work with ChatGPT. Fortunately, there is now a tool to help users bypass this limitation.

ChatGPT Chunker

ChatGPT Chunker
ChatGPT Chunker is your remedy to the AI tool’s character limit.

Here’s your remedy to the ChatGPT character limit. This tool is free and user-friendly. You can put entire podcast transcripts or books without worrying about token limit issues or context flying out the window. All you need to do is paste your script, select 3000 tokens, and click submit. Then create your prompts to give it context and the task it’s supposed to do. So paste that in and all your other prompts one by one. Feel free to give it further instructions. Try it and see a significant difference in your AI experience with the ChatGPT Chunker.

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Writing

ChatGPT for writing
Generate ideas and combat writer’s block with ChatGPT.

The first time you use ChatGPT, you may feel frustrated and think it was all hype. You may not realize it’s simply bad prompting on your part, especially if you are a writer by profession. But done correctly, articles, essays, resumes, cover letters, or content creation can be accomplished faster and more efficiently, given the right prompting. So here are several things you can do if you wish to master smarter prompt engineering for writing.

Prompt Structure

It’s not just knowing the answer to how many words does ChatGPT write. Do not use overly simplistic prompts because the more specific you are, the better. Treat ChatGPT like your personal assistant, not a machine, because if you do, it will spit out answers that sound like that- a machine.

So the first thing to do is determine the action you want it to perform. Do you want it to write, edit, or critique, for example? Then decide the type of format you want it to follow, like an outline or bullet points, perhaps? Thirdly, you want to give it a role and, finally, provide the source, especially if you’re editing or critiquing. Speaking of editing, wouldn’t life be so much easier if you had editing software to do the heavy lifting for you? Learn more in our BeeCut review.

Your ChatGPT prompt could look like this: Write an outline for an article about increasing your reach on YouTube Shorts. Use a bullet form format. Write the way a marketing expert would.

Choose Your Audience

Knowing your target audience lets you decide the tone you will use. Will it be casual, formal, professional, scientific, persuasive, or informative? So for essays or white papers, serious, formal, and scientific may work for you. But if you’re writing an article or blog post, friendly or casual might be the better approach.

Assign a Role

This is fun because you can assign a role/character you want your expert to sign. These rules are very useful depending on who you are writing for. A lawyer is good for writing legal or business emails. You can also assign the role of a publisher, literary editor, or Science communicator, among others, to ChatGPT. If you ask it to critique your work like a Creative Writing Professor at a University, it will do just that, complete with suggestions on how you can improve your work.

Combat Writer’s Block

This works well if you already know what to write about but get stuck and don’t know how to move forward. Your prompt can look like this:

I am writing a [essay/blog/article] about the rise of AI. Outline crucial points that I should discuss.

Consequently, if you’re writing something and lose your train of thought, simply paste in what you wrote and ask it to continue for you. It could spit out good ideas on how you could go on, which you could spin to make them your own or use directly on your piece.

Learn to Collaborate

Do not expect perfection right from the get-go because you will be disappointed. Be comfortable with throwing ideas back and forth with ChatGPT. Ask it to write it from various perspectives, make tweaks here and there, expound, shorten, or redo the whole prompt so you can get something totally new. But the idea is to make your exchange with ChatGPT as collaborative as possible.

Put It All Together

The following components may be used individually or together to make one seamless and cohesive prompt. It can look like this:

Write a five-paragraph blog about artificial intelligence. Follow these instructions:

  • Use a friendly tone
  • Write for an audience of 5th graders
  • Give examples to back up each point
  • Use a different writing style

Do these, and you can be sure you can get better results with ChatGPT. To make it even more fun and engaging for your audience, why not include a short video using efficient and user-friendly video editing software that you can use for free? Learn more with our Avidemux review.

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Marketing

ChatGPT for marketing
Create a complete marketing funnel to do more in less time with ChatGPT.

Now the great thing about ChatGPT is that you can utilize it no matter your circumstances. But this is especially useful for business owners who need effective marketing. You can use this tool to create a complete marketing funnel to do more in less time. Gone are the days when you need to burn a hole in your pocket by hiring experts. With the right prompt engineering, ChatGPT can do the work as well or even better.

The same principles apply, and the key is using precise prompts and asking the best questions so it gives you exactly what you need no matter what business you’re in. This is your secret to getting the most mileage out of this tool. Those who fail to heed this advice will continue to struggle with mediocre marketing materials and strategies. On the other hand, smart business owners will be ten steps ahead of their competitors.

ChatGPT Alternatives

Those who started tinkering with ChatGPT may have realized how powerful an ally this can be to their work or business. But you would be delighted to find out that there are other AI alternatives you could use to become even more efficient. Some are just as good, and some are arguably better than ChatGPT. Here are some of them.

ChatSonic AI

ChatSonic is an advanced version of ChatGPT that excels in writing and conversation. While ChatGPT’s knowledge is limited and outdated, ChatSonic overcomes this by integrating with Google for real-time search, providing up-to-date and credible information. It also allows you to choose a specific personality for more tailored responses.

One remarkable feature of ChatSonic is its ability to assist with travel planning. It can create a detailed itinerary and calculate the budget by requesting a travel guide. Additionally, ChatSonic can generate images using DALLE and StableDiffusion, based on the chat input. It even supports Text to Speech conversion and voice commands, making it a strong contender as a virtual assistant alternative to Google or Siri.

However, there is a limitation with ChatSonic that you should know about. Free usage is restricted to 10,000 words per month with GPT 3.5 and 2,500 words with GPT-4. If higher usage is required, a payment plan is necessary. On the other hand, WriteSonic offers a wide range of AI tools for different writing tasks, available under a single subscription. These tools cater to copywriters, bloggers, ad specialists, and more, assisting with various written works such as blog posts, product details, headlines, social media content plans, and website landing pages.

Durable AI

This AI is incredibly valuable for individuals like you needing a website. Traditionally, website building has been seen as a lengthy and intricate process. However, with the help of Durable, it becomes remarkably simple. To create a website, you only have to provide a few details.

Let’s take an example of a Dog Walking business called “Pups and Tots Inc.” Just give it a moment, and the AI will handle all the heavy lifting and generation. And voila! Take a look at it! The website has a header, images, descriptions—everything you need. It even includes the services offered, such as On Leash and Off Leash walks. You’ll find testimonials and a map too.

If necessary, you can generate every section of the website. This tool is perfect for anyone starting a small business or establishing an online presence. Forget about paying exorbitant amounts for a website because the AI does it for free! However, it’s important to note that registering must change the designed website. Otherwise, it remains free to use.

Eightify AI

Unlike ChatGPT, which lacks video processing capabilities, Eightify offers a solution. Eightify is a robust Chrome extension powered by AI, specializing in summarizing videos. We’ve all encountered situations where we turn to YouTube to learn something, only to find lengthy videos filled with unnecessary chitchat. But with Eightify, you can eliminate all that and obtain a brief yet comprehensive summary. Gone are the days of having to sit through a two-hour tutorial on Python basics. Simply read the summary provided by Eightify, and you’re ready to dive into your learning journey.

ChatGPT And The Future: Adaptation As Part Of Evolution

ChatGPT is an ally
ChatGPT is an ally, not an enemy

Using ChatGPT can be a total game-changer. There is much more to knowing ChatGPT character limit, nuances, and other intricacies. It’s packed with nifty features to make your life easier. Need help writing or finding information? ChatGPT has got your back. It’s like having your own personal assistant at your fingertips. But hey, it’s important to consider your specific needs, too. Consider what you want to achieve and whether ChatGPT aligns with your goals. Remember, there might be other cool tools out there that could be a perfect fit for you.


  • Q: What is the character limit of ChatGPT?
    A: ChatGPT typically has a character limit of around 4000 tokens, which includes both input and output. However, ChatGPT 4 offers higher token limits, accommodating up to 8000 or even 32,000 tokens.
  • Q: How can I bypass the ChatGPT character limit?
    A: Users can bypass the character limit by using tools like ChatGPT Chunker, which allows for breaking down lengthy texts into smaller chunks without losing context, enabling seamless interaction with ChatGPT.
  • Q: How can I optimize ChatGPT for writing tasks?
    A: Mastering prompt engineering is essential for optimizing ChatGPT for writing tasks. By structuring prompts effectively and providing clear instructions, users can generate articles, essays, resumes, and other content efficiently.
  • Q: How can business owners utilize ChatGPT for marketing?
    A: Business owners can leverage ChatGPT for marketing purposes by creating precise prompts tailored to their needs. With effective prompting, ChatGPT can generate marketing materials, create marketing funnels, and assist with various aspects of content creation.
  • Q: Are there alternatives to ChatGPT?
    A: Yes, there are alternative AI tools like ChatSonic AI, Durable AI, and Eightify AI, each offering unique functionalities such as real-time search integration, website building, and video summarization, catering to specific needs and preferences.

Also, keep in mind that ChatGPT has its limitations. It’s super smart, but sometimes it might not have all the answers or could give you slightly off responses. So, it’s always a good idea to double-check the info and use your critical thinking skills. Most importantly, let’s not forget about the ethical stuff. Be a responsible user and avoid spreading false or questionable content. Whether you use ChatGPT or not, just remember to have fun, explore, and stay curious. Embrace the technology, but always keep your judgment and creativity shining bright.

Now, if you want to learn about ChatGPT alternatives, read our article, “ChatGPT Alternatives: 7 Best AI Chatbots To Try.”

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