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Top 20 Fitness Influencers 2021: The Best to Follow This Year

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Who is the most popular fitness influencer?
The most popular and highest-paid fitness influencer is the British bodybuilder, trainer, influencer, and entrepreneur Simeon Panda. Forbes has once featured Simeon as part of the “Top Ten Influencers in the World.” His earnings per year is a whopping $22 million.
Since the breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic, much of our work and school have transferred to the home setup. We spend most of our time on our phones and computers, paired with constant munching on unhealthy snacks. Moreover, we prefer extra hours in bed during the weekends rather than going out for an early jog. Want to build a healthier routine? These top fitness influencers 2021 can help you get on the right track. Various fitness trainers, a.k.a fitness influencers, have felt the need to solve the problem of 'slumping more, moving less.' This is why they've extended their platforms to the virtual realm, particularly YouTube and Instagram. These trainers motivate people to do more anywhere and anytime, right from their gadgets. If you’re looking for that extra push but don't know where to start, don’t fret—you’ve just landed on the right page. We’ve listed the top fitness influencers 2021 that you can look to for your fitness journey.

Who are the Top Fitness Influencers?

You may wonder: who is the most popular fitness influencer? The internet world is surrounded by billions of influencers, and there are more than 180 million uses of #fitness on Instagram as shown in DMR Business Statistics. Whether you’re a fitness brand looking for an influencer to promote your products and services or an ordinary individual wanting to be fit and healthy, looking for the top fitness influencers 2021 is an overwhelming task. It can be tricky to choose the one who can help you achieve your brand goals or health targets. We’ll make the searching easy for you as we reveal the top male and female fitness influencers for this year.

Top Fitness Influencers Male

Simeon Panda

YouTube: Simeon Panda IG: @simeonpanda Simeon Panda is first on our top fitness influencers 2021 list. He’s an influencer and entrepreneur at the same time, and Forbes has featured him as one of the “Top Ten Influencers in the World.” Simeon’s workout programs have inspired and motivated hundreds of followers to get off their couches. Additionally, he has participated in various fitness competitions and has been featured in several magazines. You may wonder: who is the richest fitness influencer? Let Simeon Panda's businesses speak! His business consists of sports apparel, supplements, and accessories. He also sponsors a six-week sporting challenge where the winner gets to bring home $8,000.

Joe Wicks - The Body Coach

YouTube: The Body Coach TV IG: @thebodycoach Joe Wicks, commonly known as The Body Coach, is world-famous for his 90-Day Plan and 15-minute meal plans. Joe is on the mission to banish fat, unhealthy diets and help everyone lead a healthy lifestyle without starving oneself. The Body Coach is one of the most followed fitness influencers on Instagram. There, he shares with his followers his different recipes and some of his clients' transformation images. Grow your followers and improve your presence on social media by checking this Sked Social review.

James Haskell

YouTube: James Haskell IG: @jameshaskell James Haskell is a former rugby player. From that, we can conclude that staying fit and healthy is one of his top priorities. But now that James has left his rugby playing days behind, he pursues his fitness influencer career. His wife, Chloe Madeley, is also a nutritionist and a personal trainer. What an incredible duo! On top of his career as an influencer, James manages his own health and fitness line, James Haskell Health and Fitness. With his career, he’s promoting a healthier lifestyle and encouraging his followers to consume the right kinds of food because he believes that the food we consume is as crucial as the exercise we do.

Eddie Hall

YouTube: Eddie 'The Beast' Hall IG: @eddiehallwsm Popularly known as The Beast, Eddie Hall is a power athlete and titleholder of "World's Strongest Man 2017." For a very long time, Eddie has dedicated his time to intensive training to earn more titles and break several records. One of the records he broke is when he performed bench presses with 500 kg weights. Eddie is currently a fitness influencer on Instagram. He often posts training photos and videos. Now that he has become a dad, he posts family photos, too.

Steve Cook

YouTube: Steve Cook IG: @stevecook You may ask: which Gymshark athlete has the most followers? It’s none other than Steve Cook, and he has a whopping follower count of 2.4 million on Instagram. This uber famous Gymshark ambassador has stunned the attention of millions of followers with killer workout routines and toned muscles. Steve is a former college football player who’s now dedicated full time to bodybuilding and fitness modeling. His career success has encouraged others to do more with their healthy lifestyle. In his IG and YouTube accounts, Steve often shares to his followers various fitness advice, as well as personal moments. His programs cater to both men and women.

PMAC Fitness

YouTube: PMacFitness IG: @pmacfitness Peter Mac, popularly known as PMAC Fitness, is an acclaimed celebrity trainer. He’s one of Instagram’s top influencers from the United Kingdom. Because of Peter's experiences throughout the years, he’s knowledgeable and wise on all things health and fitness. He posts videos with some of his clients, such as Rochelle Humes. Peter also shares simple and effective workout routines with his followers so they can quickly catch up and see results. On top of that, he never fails to share some tips on leading a healthy lifestyle.

Tom Daley

YouTube: Tom Daley IG: @tomdaley Being a world-renowned Olympian in diving, Tom Daley is a big deal of a fitness influencer. He takes advantage of his social media platforms to motivate and inspire others to be fit and healthy—and rightly so as you can see in these social media marketing statistics. Tom often shares photos and videos of his intense training, especially for the Olympics. If you want to see some healthy meal inspirations straight from the star himself, head over to his IG account!

Ulisses Williams Jr.

YouTube: UlissesWorld IG: @ulissesworld Throughout his impressive career, Ulisses Williams earned several titles, such as two-time MuscleMania World Pro Champion and two-time MuscleMania SuperBody Pro Champion. If you want motivation from a beast, you're getting it from UlissesWorld! Ulisses’ IG feed is a portfolio of his workout videos, personal moments, and astounding transformations. On his website,, you can find his business, consisting of fitness supplements, sports and non-sports apparel, and customized workout plans.

Ryan Libbey

YouTube: Ryan Libbey IG: @ryan.libbey “Made in Chelsea” cast member, Ryan Libbey is now using his social media platforms to shed light on health and fitness. Ryan is a famous and reliable fitness influencer given his degree in sports biomedicine and nutrition. He’s now a fitness trainer, and he shares on Instagram some workout routines that one can do in the gym, at home, or in a hotel room. Alongside his co-star and now girlfriend, Lousie Thompson, Ryan contributes to “Live Like Louise”—a personalized fitness and nutrition plan.

Mathew Fraser

YouTube: FRA5ER IG: @mathewfras Mathew Fraser, a four-time CrossFit Games champion, has gathered millions of followers because of his competition successes. On his IG feed, you'd see more of his sense of humor and goofy personality while promoting CrossFit. Mathew has been featured in several magazines, such as GQ and Men's Health, and has starred in a Nike ad. In the magazines where he was featured, he shared much about his diet and workout routines.

Top Fitness Influencers 2021 Female

Sommer Ray

YouTube: Sommer Ray IG: @sommerray Sommer Ray is on top of the best female fitness Instagram accounts 2021 list. Sommer is Instagram’s most-followed female fitness influencer and has won the "best buttocks on Instagram" and "belfie queen" awards. It's no surprise to see her in this position, knowing that both her parents are bodybuilders. She followed in her family's footsteps at the wee age of 15. Being a fitness model, Sommer often shares fitness posts and her toned body to have us all motivated!

Chessie King

YouTube: Chessie King IG: @chessiekingg Chessie King is considered a fitness queen. She continually empowers women and encourages them to love their bodies. Chessie sees the importance of exercising and eating healthy, especially for heart and mental well-being. She also firmly believes in body positivity, that is, being proud of what your body has achieved. The fitness queen uses her platforms to boost body confidence and make others feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

Carly Rowena

YouTube: Carly Rowena IG: @carlyrowena You may ask: who is the best female fitness influencer for moms? For all the moms out there, Carly Rowena is your girl! Carly, a mom and fitness enthusiast, shares a variety of home workouts and gym exercises. She also wrote an ebook, “Get Gorgeous Guide,” to help ladies who want to up their health game and several workout cards for pregnancy. Having a child (or children) is no hindrance to living an active lifestyle. Don't worry; Carly has got you covered. Gain more revenue on social media and manage your campaigns well by reading this Social Flow review.

Gemma Atkinson

YouTube: N/A IG: @glouiseatkinson Another fitness 'mom-fluencer' on our top fitness influencers 2021 list is Gemma Atkinson. She’s well-known for her book “The Ultimate Body Plan.” Gemma is also one of those who never ceased to train and exercise throughout their pregnancy. After giving birth, she continued to stay fit and documents her fitness journey as she’s undergoing postpartum recovery. Gemma’s videos are proof that parents, if willing, could still find time to exercise.

Pamela Reif

YouTube: Pamela Reif IG: @pamela_rf Pamela Reif—author, model, fitness influencer, designer, and entrepreneur—is one for the books. Her passion for sports and fitness made her famous. She’s also a part of Forbes’ “30 Most Extraordinary Persons Under 30.” Pamela often shares pieces of her daily life on Instagram, such as being in the gym, by the sea, or in front of the mirror.

Linn Lowes

YouTube: LINN LOWES IG: @linnlowes Linn Lowes is a motivator who not only motivates through her physical achievements but also her powerful story. Linn was diagnosed with lymphoma back in 2016. Her years of struggles in chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgeries made her realize the significance of living a healthy lifestyle. The inspiring influencer won her battle, and she’s now a workout enthusiast who promotes her own nutrition and training programs.

Krissy Cela

YouTube: Krissy Cela IG: @krissycela Krissy Cela believes that her life's purpose is to help women become mentally and physically healthy. And she doesn't back down on her purpose. Hence, Krissy authored a health book, became a personal trainer, founded a sportswear brand, and co-founded the Tone & Sculpt app. If you want to be motivated by Krissy, go over to her Instagram account and follow her routines that best suit you.

Hanna Öberg

YouTube: Hanna Öberg IG: @hannaoeberg Hanna Öberg—a certified nutrition advisor and fitness trainer—is a big believer that living a healthy lifestyle should be fun and not burdensome. Hence, she’s motivating women to live that life. The fitness trainer launched OWNU, a fitness app that features workout guides, recipes, and meal planners.

Kayla Itsines

YouTube: Kayla Itsines IG: @kaylaitsines Since 2018, Kayla Itsines has been a trainer, but to women only. Additionally, she’s a fitness model, influencer, and the creator of “BBG (Bikini Body Guide)” program. She also co-founded the workout app Sweat. Kayla believes that her life's purpose is to help women learn how to change their lives for the better. She often shares her clients' transformation and a few tips on fitness training.

Davina Mccall

YouTube: Davina Mccall IG: @davinamccall Last but not least on our top fitness influencers 2021 list is Davina Mccall! Davina is one proof that fitness knows no age! She continues to stun and motivate other women with her impressive physique. She now owns an online gym called “Own Your Goals Davina” where subscribers can access recipes and a workout and meal planner. On her IG account, Davina shares videos of different home-workout routines in addition to her motivational and encouraging posts. However, she also advocates for a balanced life by spending days off and doing self-care.

Be Inspired with These Top Fitness Influencers 2021

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Fitness influencers are the third highest-earning influencers on social mediajust proving how popular the fitness niche is. | Source: HypeAuditor
Staying fit and healthy isn't an easy promise to keep because most people don't like pain. We love to scroll on our phones more and munch on unhealthy snacks. However, staying healthy is crucial if you want to live a happy and long life. Thankfully, we’re blessed with many fitness influencers who can help us lead a healthy and active lifestyle. If you want to know more about influencers, read “Influencer Marketing Statistics 2021: Significant Data and New Trends.”
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