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100 Instagram Marketing Statistics 2021: Users, Market Share, Strategies and More


When introduced to a new place, we all wonder whether it’s Instagrammable—that’s how Instagram has marked its influence on internet users. The platform’s growth over the years was so immense and evident, and its horizons are continually broadening. To see how much growth Instagram has experienced, let’s look at some relevant Instagram marketing statistics. 

Instagram has gone a long way—from being a travel junkie’s favorite photo-sharing platform to appealing to numerous brands, advertisers, and especially influencers. At this point, it’s safe to admit that your competitors use the platform for digital advertising and marketing, and so are your followers. However, staying on top of Instagram’s ever-dynamic trends and algorithms can be challenging.  

Key Takeaways

  • Insights into Instagram’s user base, demographics, and usage patterns, indicate its popularity among younger demographics and its global reach.
  • Engagement and Interaction: Instagram boasts high engagement rates, with users spending significant amounts of time on the platform, interacting with content, and engaging with brands and influencers.
  • Brand Presence and Influence: Businesses are leveraging Instagram to build brand awareness, drive engagement, and connect with their target audience through visually compelling content and strategic marketing initiatives.
  • Content Trends and Strategies: The article explores emerging content trends such as Stories, Reels, and IGTV, as well as effective marketing strategies including influencer partnerships, user-generated content, and shoppable posts.
  • Metrics and Performance: With access to analytics tools, businesses can track key metrics such as reach, impressions, engagement, and conversions, enabling data-driven decision-making and optimization of Instagram marketing efforts.

Hence, going over various statistics and trends from time to time should be part of your pre-marketing routines. If you’re wondering, “what are the statistics for Instagram,” let’s get right into the details. 

Instagram Users Statistics

Instagram users statistics
People have different purposes for using Instagram. Make sure to hit the right target audience with the right intention.

Part of preparing for your Instagram marketing stint would be studying the platforms’ user statistics, such as “what percentage of Instagram users are active.” That way, you can gauge how users behave regarding their Instagram usage.

General User Statistics

  • Instagram statistics 2021 say that the platform has over 1 billion users all over the world. 
  • The number of users in 2021 is 73.5 million more than in 2020. 
  • Meanwhile, Instagram statistics 2020 claim that the platform had a 22.9% increase in its number of users in the said year. 
  • The number of daily active users is more than 500 million.
  • An average Instagram user spends 53 minutes per day on the platform, which is close to Facebook’s 58 minutes average usage per day. 
  • Users engage more on weekdays, particularly on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Moreover, 25% of people say that they prefer Instagram over other social media platforms. 
  • As per annual income, 31% of users earn more than $75,000, 32% earn between $50,000-$74,000, and another 32% earn $30,000-$49,000. 
  • On branded Stories links, 7 out of 10 users click on the swipe up feature. 

Specific Demographics and Geographical Location

  • According to current Instagram marketing statistics, people under 35 years old comprise 71% of Instagram’s user market.
  • Meanwhile, the percentage of female Instagram users is 50.8%, while 49.2% are males. 
  • In the United States alone, the number of Instagram users has reached 140 million.
  • 71% of Instagram users are aged 18-29.
  • The top country with the most Instagram users is the United States, and 87% of users are located outside the US. 
  • Specifically, the number of global Instagram users aged 18-24 is 320 million, while those aged 25-34 comprise 354 million global users. 
  • The top 5 non-US Instagram users by country are India with 120 million users, Brazil with 95 million users, Indonesia with 78 million users, and Russia with 54 million users. 
  • In 2020, the user growth in Western Europe amounted to 17%.
  • Kazakhstan is the country with the highest Instagram percentage reach of 72%.  
  • 72% of teens have Instagram accounts, while only 14% of adults have never heard of Instagram.
  • On the other hand, only 5% of children below 12 years old have an Instagram account. 
  • 73% of teens in the US prefer Instagram to be the best platform for reaching brands regarding promotions and new products.

Instagram Usage Statistics

Taking note of the platform’s growth and usage can help brands and marketers determine whether investing in Instagram advertising is worth the shot. 

  • On average, an Instagram post contains 10.7% hashtags. 
  • Meanwhile, posts that contain six or more hashtags receive lower engagements.
  • Instagram Stories is used by 500 million users every day, while 50% of users utilize the platform’s explore page monthly. 
  • The 6th most-visited website on the internet is Instagram. The platform is also the 9th most popular query in Google. 
  • Instagram is used by 11% of users as a source for news. Meanwhile, 47% of millennials use the platform as a messaging app.
  • Each day, over 1 million Instagram posts mention the word “meme.”
  • On the other hand, more than 100 million Instagram users watch or record live videos every day. 

Instagram Marketing Statistics

Instagram marketing statistics
To build authentic engagements on Instagram, you need to create quality content and establish genuine relationships.

How effective is Instagram for marketing? It’s a good question that could drive you deeper into the data when venturing into Instagram marketing. Hence, let these statistical data help you discover the answer:

  • The projected annual revenue of Instagram advertising in 2021 is $18.6 billion. 
  • User-generated content has a higher conversion rate of 4.5%. 
  • Meanwhile, 79% more engagement is gained by posts with a location.  
  • The potential advertising reach of Instagram is 1.16 billion users.
  • 70% of shoppers turn to the platform to discover new products. 
  • Moreover, 80% of Instagram users purchase a product or service based on something they see while browsing the app. 
  • #Love is the most popular Instagram hashtag and has been used more than 1.8 billion times. 
  • Meanwhile, 7 out of 10 Instagram hashtags are branded. 
  • 80% of brands and marketers claim that Instagram engagement is the most important Key Performance Indicator (KPI). 
  • In targeting a youth audience, advertisers may reach 83 million on Instagram.
  • Meanwhile, the completion rate of Brand Stories is 86%. 
  • Studio-shot ads are outperformed by mobile-shot stories ads 63% of the time. 
  • On the other hand, ads without texts are outperformed by stories ads with central texts 75% of the time.
  • Instagram ads cost a bit more than Facebook ads. 
  • The cost-per-click for females is more expensive than for males. 
  • Between iOs and Android, iOs devices possess higher costs-per-click.
  • According to recent Instagram marketing statistics, 41% of Canadian influencers claimed their engagements fluctuate without the like button. 

Instagram for Business Statistics

What stats does Instagram business give you? And how do you find out if Instagram is efficient for your business? To effectively gauge Instagram’s effectiveness for brands, look at these relevant IG business statistics:

  • The total number of business accounts on Instagram is over 200 million, and 71% of US brands claim to use the platform to promote their products and services.  
  • Retail brands are the most followed businesses on Instagram. 
  • According to current Instagram marketing statistics, business accounts gain an average monthly follower growth of 1.46%.
  • Meanwhile, an Instagram business account’s average engagement rate for a post is .96%
  • 60% of brands that use Instagram stories embed an interactive element or button in at least one story monthly. 
  • Stories from businesses comprise 1/3 of Instagram’s most-viewed stories. 
  • Moreover, the number of Instagram accounts that tap on a shopping post to learn about the products is 130 million per month.
  • The majority of brands on Instagram are fashion brands. 
  • Meanwhile, Fortune 500 companies gain 98.9% of their interactions through likes. 
  • Lastly, studies revealed that eCommerce conversions are highly boosted through Instagram. 

Instagram Influencer Statistics

Instagram influencer statistics
The right influence comes with genuine experience and honest testimonials.

The stars and influencers on Instagram are rapidly increasing, and they’ve been deemed effective in digital advertisements and marketing. Look at how much influencer advertising has grown through the following figures: 

  • The number of active influencers on Instagram is over 500,000. 
  • Meanwhile, the most-followed user with 290 million followers is the soccer star, Christiano Ronaldo. 
  • Dwayne Johnson is the most expensive Instagram influencer by average post cost. He charges $1.015 million per post. 
  • For 17% of marketers, influencer marketing takes up more than 50% of their marketing budget. 
  • Meanwhile, 69% of marketers in the US plan to spend their influencer marketing budget on Instagram. 
  • The percentage of influencers who utilize Instagram Stories for their Sponsored campaigns is 55.4%. 
  • In 2021, 55% of marketers plan on utilizing the platform for their influencer marketing stints. 
  • On the other hand, 55% of influencers prefer to use Instagram over other social media platforms for their campaigns. 
  • 18% of marketers see Instagram as the best platform in terms of influencer marketing ROI. 
  • Moreover, 23% of marketing professionals spend on celebrity influencers, while 47% spend on micro-influencers. 
  • The predicted global spend on influencer marketing by 2022 is $15 billion. 
  • On average, influencers with 500-5,000 followers, aka “nano-influencers,” make $114 per video post, $507 for image, and $210 for a story. 
  • 68% of users create Instagram accounts to interact with creators or influencers.
  • In terms of content, a photo of an egg by @world_record_egg received the biggest number of Instagram likes with over 53.9 million—beating Kylie Jenner’s 18 million post likes. 

To connect with the highly talented content creators and influencers, check this VAMP review. 

Instagram Post Content Statistics

Looking at statistics on post content can help brands and marketers know what kind of content works best and what won’t sell to people. 

  • The number of photos uploaded per second is 1,074. 
  • Globally, the most-posted food is pizza, followed by sushi. 
  • The platform’s median posting cadence is four posts per week across all niches or industries. 
  • On photo posts, the median comments are 106. Meanwhile, videos have 94 and only 82 on carousels. 
  • Photos with faces receive 38% more likes than those without faces. 
  • Moreover, photos with an increased negative space generate 29% more likes than those with minimal negative space. 
  • Images with a dominant blue color generate 24% more likes than those that are mostly in red hues. 
  • In general, images get 27% more likes than videos. However, video content gets twice more engagement than photos. 
  • Stickers improve Instagram Stories’ performance 83% of the time. 
  • Unlike published images on Facebook, Instagram-posted photos receive 23% more engagement. 
  • In terms of location, Los Angeles is the most geotagged city on Instagram, and the highest engagement tagged location is Coachella, California. 
  • Major businesses post 1.5 times each day. 
  • Meanwhile, more than 50% of Instagram comments and captions contain emojis.
  • Posts made by female users receive 5x more likes than posts from males.

Instagram Posting Strategy Statistics

Instagram posting schedule
Whether you’re planning to post every day or only three times a week, a posting schedule will help organize your social media content.

Businesses need to be keen on their posting strategies. Random posting isn’t a great idea, after all. Take note of these statistics on posting strategies:

  • The best posting schedule on Instagram during weekdays is Thursday between 5 to 11 in the morning. 
  • Posts with tagged locations have a 79% higher engagement rate than those with no tagged location. 
  • In-feed posts are effective. However, 44% of users promote products and services on Instagram Stories.
  • At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare industry gained the highest cooperation efficiency with influencers. Posts related to this niche were 4x more than other branded posts. 
  • In terms of post-engagement, the higher education industry outperformed other industries by hitting a post-engagement of 3.57%.
  • You might have read that the more you post, the more engagements you’ll get. However, the frequency of posting isn’t always correlated with an increase in engagement. Sometimes, it’s all about the posting schedule and content quality. 
  • In 2020, the percentage of B2B content marketers who used Instagram as an organic play was 46%.
  • In an average Instagram post, every tagged user brings an additional .5-1 likes. 
  • Each day, over 4.2 billion likes occur on Instagram. 
  • Tutorial videos are the most popular Instagram video content. Meanwhile, news, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage all tail in second. 

To improve your Instagram posting strategy, check some social media management tools like the one in this Hootsuite review. 

Instagram Top Brands Statistics

Despite having millions of personal and business users on Instagram, several brands stand out among the crowd. The following brands have millions of fans from all over the globe:

  • The most popular brand account with over 149 million followers is National Geographic. 
  • Meanwhile, the famous sports outfit and gear brand is Nike, with over 127 million followers. 
  • The soccer superstar team, FC Barcelona, has 92.6 million followers. 
  • Victoria’s Secret, a brand famous for its perfume, lingerie, and angels, has 68.9 million Instagram followers. 
  • The fifth and last on this list is NASA, a space and aeronautics administration account with approximately 63.2 million followers.


  • What are the key demographics of Instagram users?
    Instagram’s user base skews younger, with a significant portion of users aged 18-34, and is diverse in terms of gender, ethnicity, and geographic location.
  • How do businesses benefit from having a presence on Instagram?
    Businesses can benefit from increased brand visibility, engagement, and customer loyalty, as well as access to powerful marketing tools and features for promoting products and services.
  • What types of content perform well on Instagram?
    Visual content such as photos and videos, particularly those that are aesthetically pleasing, authentic, and engaging, tend to perform well on Instagram, along with interactive features such as Stories, Reels, and live streams.
  • How can businesses measure the success of their Instagram marketing efforts?
    Businesses can track key metrics such as follower growth, engagement rate, website traffic, conversion rate, and ROI to assess the effectiveness of their Instagram campaigns and optimize their marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Are there any emerging trends or features on Instagram that businesses should be aware of?
    Yes, emerging trends include the rise of short-form video content on Reels, the growth of e-commerce through shoppable posts, the importance of authenticity and transparency, and the increasing use of influencer marketing as a promotional strategy.

Leverage These Instagram Marketing Statistics To Grow Your Business


Instagram engagement
By looking at the most engaging content on Instagram, you’ll know where your industry stands and how you can leverage them for your business. | Source: Rival IQ

Instagram is a famous social media platform, and its user base is nowhere near fluctuating. These users crave more engaging and authentic content. Hence, it’s high time that marketers and brands step up their games. 

Hopefully, the statistics we’ve curated would serve you greatly and help you discover the right direction of your Instagram marketing efforts. By all means, don’t forget to deliver the perfect content to the right audience. Start by reading our guide “Creative Instagram Post Ideas to Boost Your Brand.”



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