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9/11 Anniversary 2022: Conspiracy Theories Still Abound

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Significant anniversaries of tragic events often bring out the conspiracy theorists, and September 11th is no exception. As the United States commemorated the 9/11 anniversary 2022, conspiracy theories about the event are still alive and widespread. Many people believe that the US government was involved in the attacks, or that they were carried out by someone other than Al-Qaeda. There are also plenty of theories about what happened to the World Trade Center towers after they collapsed. Some believe the government demolished them, while others think they were destroyed by controlled demolition.

9/11 Conspiracy Theories

On this 21st anniversary of the terror attacks in 2001, let’s look back at some of the most prevalent conspiracy theories embraced by those who thought they’d been misled or denied certain truths about the terror attacks of 9/11. There’s no evidence to support any of these theories, but they continue to be believed by many people.

Claim #1: Bush did it

The most popular conspiracy theory suggests that former US President George Bush was behind the 9/11 terror attacks on the US. Some people believe Bush knew about the attacks in advance and did nothing to stop them. Meanwhile, others believe the former President was actually involved in the planning of the attacks. The US government rejected these claims, but they continue to be circulated nonetheless.

Claim #2: Flight 93 was destroyed

Another popular theory surrounding the 9/11 anniversary 2022 is that Flight 93 wasn’t brought down by passengers fighting the hijackers, but was actually destroyed by the US government. The theory goes that the US government had advanced knowledge of the attacks and purposely allowed them to happen to justify going to war in the Middle East. The passengers on Flight 93 were seen as a threat to this plan, so they were allegedly shot down by a US military plane.

Claim #3: Firefighters found bodies at Ground Zero

Theorists claim that the official story—that all 3,000 people who died in the attacks were killed instantly—isn’t true. They say some people survived the initial impact and were buried in the rubble when the Twin Towers collapsed. The firefighters who allegedly found these bodies have never come forward publicly, and there’s no official evidence to support the claims. However, some conspiracy theorists believe the authorities are covering up what really happened on 9/11.

Claim #4: Explosives pre-placed inside WTC

Many theorists believe explosives pre-placed inside the World Trade Center buildings caused the building to collapse. In some cases, they claim it wasn’t actually a plane but rather an F-16 jet fighter that hit Tower 2. While it’s true that the WTC had asbestos insulation on pipes in most of its buildings, this insulation alone can’t cause a tower to collapse. Proponents of this theory often claim blueprints exist to show where the explosives were located inside the towers. There were also videos showing orange flashes going off near each building just before falling. There’s one discrepancy with this claim: video footage released after 9/11 by NIST clearly shows there were no explosions before or during these collapses.

Claim #5: Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams

Conspiracy theorists say the jet fuel from the planes couldn't have melted the steel beams of the World Trade Center. But this theory has been debunked by experts saying that jet fuel can reach temperatures high enough to melt steel.

Why Do People Believe These Theories?

People have different reasons for believing in conspiracy theories, and there’s no single theory everyone agrees on. Conspiracy theories can be appealing because they offer a simple explanation for complex events. They can also be used to justify personal beliefs or agendas. In some cases, people may believe in conspiracy theories because they’re afraid of the truth. The truth can be scary, and it’s often easier to believe in something comforting or familiar. Whatever the reason, people will continue to believe in conspiracy theories as long as there are unanswered questions about the world around us.

What Impact Do These Theories Have?

For some, the 9/11 conspiracy theories provide a way to make sense of a tragic and senseless event. They give people someone to blame and a feeling of control in a world that often feels chaotic and unpredictable. For others, these theories are dangerous because they foster mistrust of government institutions and authority figures. This can lead to further polarization and division in an already divided society.

Final Thoughts on the 9/11 Anniversary 2022

The 9/11 anniversary 2022 is a controversial topic, with many conspiracy theories still alive and widespread. This is due to the lack of evidence and the many conflicting stories that have been told. The government hasn’t been able to provide a clear explanation of what happened, and this has led to people filling in the gaps with their theories. But whether you believe these claims, one thing is for sure: The 9/11 terror attack was a tragedy that changed our world forever.
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