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Explainer and tutorial videos are among the primary uses of a screen recording tool.

Best Explainer Video Production Tips and Tricks in 2024

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Do you know 87% of marketers use explainer videos to share knowledge and boost sales? These videos are a key part of any successful marketing plan. They've helped start big projects on Kickstarter, explain complex software, and advertise simple services like delivering food. Knowing how to make good explainer videos is vital for anyone in business or marketing. It helps attract more viewers and turn them into customers. Explainer marketing videos are short clips that tell people about a product or service. They are like "how-to" videos, but more focused on promotion. They show the overall impact of what's being offered. On the other hand, how-to videos dive deep into specific tasks. Most companies use explainer marketing videos in their marketing. You can see them on website landing pages, social media, and at online and offline special events.

Key Takeaways

  • Explainer videos are a powerful video marketing tool used by 87% of marketers to promote their products and services.
  • Explainer videos can be used to spin up Kickstarter empires, unpack complex B2B software, and sell simple services like food delivery.
  • Explainer videos are short-form videos that explain a product or service, while how-to videos are more educational and focus on completing a specific task.
  • Explainer videos are an essential marketing strategy for most companies and are commonly featured on relevant landing pages, social media, crowdfunding pages, and at events.
  • Understanding how to create effective explainer videos is crucial for driving engagement and conversions for your business.

What is an Explainer Video?

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An explainer video falls under education or awareness video marketing. Photo source: Superside
An explainer marketing video is a short video that shows off a product or service. They are made for potential customers. An explainer video meaning is like a 'how-to video,' but this type focuses on selling rather than teaching the small steps. Explainer videos help companies market their goods. These videos pop up on their websites the most. But, they can also be found on social media, crowdfunding sites, and at events. They give a fast look at what you're selling.

Definition of an Explainer Video

An explainer marketing video aims to clearly introduce a product, service, or idea. It short and sweetly teaches and grabs the viewer's attention. The goal is to get them to take action, like buying your product. You can look into explainer video examples to understand this further.

Purpose and Usage of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos aim to hook viewers on what a company offers. They are used online, in ads, and even for training new staff. The point is for viewers to see what makes the product or service great.

Different Types of Explainer Videos

There are various ways to make an explainer video. Each type has its look and feel:
Type of Explainer Video Description
2D Animation Animated videos created in a two-dimensional environment, offering a high degree of customization and flexibility.
3D Animation Animated videos with a more immersive, three-dimensional look and feel, often used for high-end, visually-engaging explainers.
Whiteboard Animation Videos featuring hand-drawn graphics on a white background, creating a dynamic, engaging visual style.
Live-Action Explainer marketing videos featuring real people and settings, helping to build emotional connections with the audience.
Screencast Videos that capture the screen of a digital product or software, used to showcase features and functionality.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Explainer Video

While there are automatic explainer video markers, it's helpful to learn how start from scratch. To start, figure out your video's goal. Know who your viewers are and what they need. This helps you pick the right type of video, like live-action or animation. Ask yourself what you want people to feel or learn. Do you aim to sell something, teach, or inspire others? Also, think about the action you hope your viewers will take next.

Craft an Engaging Script

A good script is vital for any video. It must tell a story that hooks your audience. Include a problem, your solution, humor (if it fits), and a clear call to action.

Gather Assets and Resources

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Remember to use free resources!
Collect assets based on your video type. This may include screen captures, animations, product demos, images, and music. Use royalty-free resources if possible. Keep everything neat and labeled in one place.

Work on The Video Production Process

First, choose a template. Then, set the right style, pick actors if needed, and adjust the text. You might also include images, shapes, or a screen recording. If you're filming live-action, plan ahead. This means getting everything ready for the shoot, like actors and locations.

Edit and Polish the Video

After recording, edit for a polished look. This includes cutting, adding effects, and your own music or sound. For live recording, editing is more involved and needs special software. An editing tool like this Filmora review is excellent for professionals and beginners.

Characteristics of Effective Explainer Videos

I've learned that top explainer marketing videos start by talking about a problem that really hits home. They use the PAS formula to draw viewers in. This means they first talk about a Problem, then make it even worse, and finally offer a Solution. This approach makes people more open to what the video has to say.

Addresses a Relatable Problem

It's crucial to find a problem your viewers are dealing with. Make your product or service seem like the perfect answer. This creates a sense of urgency. It makes people want to hear what you have to say.

Gives Clear and Concise Messaging

A simple, engaging script is key for an explainer marketing video to be a hit. It's important to break down complex ideas with easy comparisons. Use language that anyone can understand. Also, make the viewer part of the conversation by talking directly to them.

Focuses on Benefits over Features

Great explainers show how a product changes lives. They talk about the benefits, not just the technical details. Benefits are what really matter to people. They show the real value of what you're offering.

Tips for Creating a Compelling explainer video

I've found the secret to a great explainer video is to make it short, simple, and eye-catching. Good explainer marketing videos are usually between 1 to 3 minutes long. This length keeps viewers interested and not looking for the exit button.

Keep the Video Short and Simple

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Explainer videos are a hit on TikTok!
Great explainer videos focus on four main things: what problem the viewer has, how your product solves it, the process, and a clear next step. When you focus on these, your message comes across clear and strong. Skip the extras and keep it to the point.

Use Professional Voiceover Talent

Finding a top-notch voiceover artist is key to a successful video. Bad sound or a boring voice can turn people off. When making videos for different cultures, think about more than just swapping the language. There are many details in creating a top-notch multilingual video.

Incorporate Polished and Engaging Visuals

Your video's pictures and sounds should work together to grab attention and tell a story. Using well-made and interesting visuals, plus a good voiceover, makes your video stand out. The right music can also help to create the right mood and feelings.

Types of Explainer Videos

If you're in marketing or own a business, you have many choices for explainer marketing videos. Each kind has its own benefits. They can fit what you need and who you're trying to reach. Let's look at the various types and what makes them stand out.

2D Animation Explainer Videos

2D animation is a top pick for explainer videos. It creates characters and scenes in a flat space. Yet, it can seem to have depth too. These videos are great because they can be changed easily. That means updates won't be a hassle.

3D Animation Explainer Videos

An excellent example of 3D animation.
3D animation looks very real and grabs viewers' attention. Its extra dimension makes learning from it easy. Yet, making these videos takes longer. And altering them later can be tough. I can achieve this kind of videos using a tool like this in my Adobe After Effects CC review.

Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos

Whiteboard animation is ideal for showing your product or idea. It looks like someone is really drawing it out. Viewers love its simple yet engaging look. That's why it's a go-to for many companies.

Live-Action Explainer Videos

Influencer Relations Manager
Brands often work with influencers for their live-action explainer videos.
Live-action videos have real people talking about a product or service. They work best for companies with something physical to offer. These videos help build a real connection. But, they're not as creative as animated ones.


Explainer videos help businesses share important info with customers in a fun and clear way. By using the advice in this article, you can make a video that everyone will enjoy. It will get your message across and encourage people to act. For a great video, start by talking about a common problem. Keep your message simple and highlight the good points of your product. Also, make sure the video looks nice and is interesting to watch. This will make your video stand out and be remembered. Creating a top-notch explainer marketing video is a great way to show off what your product can do. It makes your brand unique and can turn viewers into loyal customers. So, it's time to start working on a video that will impress your viewers and boost your business!


  • What is an explainer video? An explainer video is a short clip that tells people about a product or service. It's like a 'how-to' video in some ways. But the big difference is that explainer videos sell the idea, while how-to videos focus on just doing a thing.
  • How are explainer videos used by companies? Most companies use explainer videos as a main part of their marketing. You'll see them on the first pages of their websites. Yet, these videos can also pop up on social media, at events, and even in crowdfunding projects.
  • What are the different types of explainer videos? Explainer videos come in many styles. There are the fun, animated ones (in 2D or 3D), videos with real people (live-action), and even videos that show software being used (screencast).
  • What are the key steps to creating an effective explainer video? To make a good explainer video, you start with research and planning. Then, write a script that grabs attention. After that, you collect what you need and make the video. Finally, you refine the video, making sure it's just right.
  • What are the characteristics of a compelling explainer video? Compelling explainer videos talk about something people can connect with. They are clear and to the point. Plus, they focus on why a product or service is good for you, not just what it does.
  • What are some tips for creating a high-quality explainer video? Some good advice includes making the video short and easy to understand. Get a professional to do the voiceover. And make sure the video looks really nice and draws people in.
  • What are the different types of animation used for explainer videos? The common animation types are 2D, 3D, and whiteboard animation. Each of them has unique strengths for explaining things clearly and interestingly.
Aside from explainer marketing videos, you can also create educational marketing videos. Check out this "Creating Educational Marketing Videos: Best Tips and Techniques" for your complete guide.
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