House of the Dragon: Fans, Critics React to the Game of Thrones Prequel

House of the Dragon: Fans, Critics React to the Game of Thrones Prequel

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After months of waiting, HBO has finally released the Game of Thrones prequel series, “The House of the Dragon.” Many are asking: is House of Dragons still being made? A big YES to that, and the first episode aired on August 21. 

Since the release of the prequel series, fans had mixed reactions. Some were excited for a new story while others were disappointed that it wasn’t a Game of Thrones story at all. Regardless, the majority of fans seem to be interested in the series and are waiting for the sequel to come out.

What is the House of the Dragon?

The House of the Dragon is a new Game of Thrones prequel that was released on August 21st. The series is set in the world of Westeros before the events of Game of Thrones. It explores the origins of House Targaryen. 

The first season, set in the year 172 BDT, will follow Prince Aemond Targaryen as he journeys to Vaes Dothrak to establish an alliance with the Dothraki Khalasar. While there, he clashes with his brother, Prince Daemon, who believes that Vaes Dothrak is a waste of time. 

Back home in King’s Landing, Aemon’s wife, Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen, and their son Aegon are trying to hold on to their power against rivals like Lord Viserys and Princess Elia Martell. Meanwhile, on the continent of Essos, another war is brewing.

The House of the Dragon was well-received by fans and critics alike, with many praising its screenplay and cinematography. However, there are some major criticisms that have been levied against the prequel series.

Reactions from Fans and Critics

Since the announcement of The House of the Dragon, fans have been divided on whether they’re excited about the series. Some believe it’s a faithful prequel to George R.R. Martin’s best-selling series, while others are worried that it’ll be too derivative.

Furthermore, some fans are excited for a new perspective on one of their favorite characters, Daenerys Targaryen. But others find the plot convoluted and disjointed. Regardless of opinion, it seems as though most fans are just eager to see what happens next.

As for the critics, here are some of their reactions:

  • “While not bad by any stretch, The House of the Dragon is a disappointing prequel that does little to flesh out the world or characters we know and love from Game of Thrones.” -Stephen Knighton, Entertainment Weekly
  • “The House of the Dragon suffers from being a frustratingly patchy prequel that fails to live up to its promise.” -Mark Evans, Empire
  • “While it’s an interesting idea and well-executed in many ways, The House of the Dragon falls short in its execution.” -James Poniewozik, TIME 

How Many Episodes Does House of the Dragon Have?

According to reports, the show will have 10 episodes and is still in production. The second and third episodes are set to be released on August 28 and September 4, respectively, while the rest of the episodes don’t have schedules yet. 

The House of the Dragon is regarded as the biggest audience of any new original series in HBO’s history. And the makers of this film are targeting to release a new episode weekly. 

How Long is House of the Dragon?

So far, we know that each episode of the House of the Dragon will be around 45-55 minutes long. This is shorter than the regular Game of Thrones episode length, which is around 60 minutes. 

However, it’s still a long episode and it could potentially be a bit confusing for new viewers. We’ll just have to wait and see how the episodes are paced, but so far it looks like it won’t be as detailed or comprehensive as the main show.

How Do Reactions Affect a Series or a Movie?

Reactions to series and movies are a huge part of what makes them popular. People who like a series or movie tend to have more positive reactions than those who don’t, which can help the series or movie grow in popularity. 

For example, when the first Harry Potter book was released, many people didn’t like it because they hadn’t read the books. However, as the series continued and more people started to see how good it was, their reactions changed and now they’re some of the franchise’s biggest fans. 

This is because positive responses from other people help legitimize a series or movie in people’s eyes, which can help it become even more popular.

As for the House of the Dragon, the series is just starting. And it’s normal to have mixed reactions to a new show, especially if it’s a prequel or sequel to a famous series or movie. 

Nevertheless, HBO is pursuing the House of the Dragon. And we’re all excited about how this 10-episode show will end or whether it’ll have a season 2. 

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