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Jess No Limit’s Profile

Full/Real Name: Tobias Justin
Niche: Entertainment
Date of Birth: Feb 5, 1996 (Age, 28 years old)
Country: Indonesia

Who is Jess No Limit?

Tobias Justin, better known online as Jess No Limit, is an Indonesian YouTube entertainment influencer primarily famous for his Mobile Legends Bang Bang tournaments prior to becoming a full-time content creator. While he is known for his skills in video games, Justin's YouTube channel is filled with various entertaining content, including challenges and lifestyle vlogs.

Justin's love for video games dates back to when he was still in elementary where he would purchase internet packets to play for almost 10 hours long at internet cafes.

His career as an influencer started in 2016 when he began to play Mobile Legends. In the same year, he joined his first eSports team, Sports Saint Indo, where his team won the Mobile Legends online tournament.

Shortly after, he left Sports Saint Indo to join the EVOS Legend eSports team. He then left his second team to focus on creating YouTube content.

Being an expert Mobile Legends player, Jess No Limit won a worldwide tournament, ranking second in the 4th season and first in the 6th.

Justin married co-influencer Sisca Kohl. Today, they frequently upload various exciting vlogs on Justin's YouTube channel.

The renowned Indonesian gaming influencer has amassed 37.1 million subscribers on YouTube, 12.7 million followers on TikTok, 8.2 million on Instagram, 458K on Facebook, and 13.6K on Twitter.

Jess No Limit’s Awards and Recognitions

  • Mobile Legends Global Top Title
  • Mobile Legends Tournament Season 6: First
  • Indonesian Esports Awards 2021: Content Creator
  • GTV Video Content Creator Awards 2021: Content Creator - Gaming

Jess No Limit’s Prominent Campaigns

Mic Check 515 All-Star

Mic Check 515 All-Star
Source: Jess No Limit FB

Justin joined a Mobile Legends battle series on his YouTube channel last year. His team, Pentagram, battled against other teams. The series was something his fans and subscribers looked forward to. 

Google Play Winterlands Code Hunt Contest

Google Play Winterlands Code Hunt Contest
Source: Jess No Limit IG

Google Play's Winterlands game hosted a code hunt contest. Justin is among the influencers Google Play partnered with to promote the contest. Those interested joiners were tasked to view the influencer's IG story highlights and look for six hidden codes. The contest consisted of four code hunt rounds, but every participant could only win once. 

The top prize for the hunt was an ASUS ROG 6 gaming smartphone. 

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