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In the era of Instagram, influencers appear to be everywhere, but if anyone has any reservations about their power, they should consider the example of Rachel Parcell, the 26-year-old founder of the blog Pink Peonies and her own clothing company. In addition to the shoppers that flocked to the store to conduct their in-person shopping, Parcell is said to have generated $1 million in sales for Nordstrom online during the 2014 holiday season.

Parcell earned $960,000, according to Vanity Fair, when RewardStyle, a business that enables top fashion bloggers to monetize their content through affiliate links, revealed the predicted revenues of their top 10 bloggers for 2014. And that was before RewardStyle introduced its LIKEtoKNOW.it tool, which enables bloggers with large followings on Instagram, like Parcell, who has around a million, to monetize their posts. Brands are willing to spend thousands of dollars on sponsored blog pieces, social media posts, and appearances because they are well aware of the ROI of top influencers.

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Tarte Cosmetics

This is another favorite of Rach from one of her many beauty hauls. Featuring tarte’s The Buffer Airbrush Finish Foundation Brush. This is a revolutionary foundation brush that turns every application like airbrushing- without the air! Because of its size, it helps you apply makeup a lot faster compared with a smaller brush. And because of its density, your makeup goes on looking more medium to full coverage that you can build.


Rach also collaborated with GUCCI to promote their GUCCI slides which feel as wonderfully comfortable as they look. Without any exaggeration, these are one of the most comfortable pairs you will ever own. They are made from rubber and have a comfortable molded footbed, so it’s basically like walking on air. Most people opt for these slides instead of shoes since they are very durable. The manufacturer uses only high-quality materials in making them, so chances are you’re going to be wearing them long before they wear out.


Great products are meant to improve bodies and enrich souls. This is why Rach partnered with RAW Nutrition for Women. They began with this simple goal because they realized that the health and priorities industry has its priorities wrong, and there are so many supplements that risk people’s health with questionable ingredients. RAW believes that a good life begins with a healthy foundation, thus, they created the RAW product line. It aims to help women live their best lives, feeling cleaner, stronger, and healthier.

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