image ofKim Kardashian Pete Davidson Breakup: Kim Finally Speaks About Pete Post Split

Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson Breakup: Kim Finally Speaks About Pete Post Split


Fans never seem to tire of the latest Kim Kardashian news. The reality star made it to the cover of Interview magazine, donning a jock strap to be used for the mag's American Dream issue. Not surprisingly, there were mixed reactions to Kim's new look, not to mention the kim Kardashian Pete Davidson breakup issue. She sported blonde hair as well as bleached eyebrows. In this bare-all interview, those hoping for the latest Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson breakup news won't be disappointed, as this was one of the myriad things she opened up about with the Interview mag's Editor-in-Chief Mel Ottenberg.

Is Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian Together?

For those who seem to be living under a rock or wondering, is Kim still with Pete? Of course, the answer is no as the pair broke up a month ago. And for those who are not sure how long were Kim and Pete together, their whirlwind romance lasted all of nine months. Short-lived, but fans noticed both looked genuinely happy and in love. The SKKN founder who recently split from SNL alum Pete Davidson spoke about the famous comedienne. She referred to him as a cutie saying, "He is literally such a good person, they don't really make them like him anymore." The pair never directly addressed the issue although numerous speculations floated online. But the main culprit had a lot to do with their conflicting schedules. Pete was busy filming his latest movie in Australia while Kim is busy raising her four kids, whom she shares with her ex-husband Kanye West. All on top of attending law school, filming a reality show, and taking care of her businesses—she definitely has her hands full!

Kanye Won’t Leave Pete Alone Despite Split With Kim

Rapper Kanye West had always been vocal about Pete and his ex-wife's relationship. When he heard that the two had broken up he took to Instagram and posted, "SKETE DAVIDSON DEAD AT AGE 28." It has been reported that due to Kanye's messages to Davidson throughout his relationship with Kim, all the threats, and visuals in music videos of Kanye wanting to end the comedienne's life, finally took a toll on his mental health. Reports came out that Pete is in trauma therapy because of the things Kanye said. A close source also told People that "The attention and negativity coming from Kanye and his antics is a trigger for Pete, and he's had to seek out help." Kanye went on another Instagram rant and had some nasty things to say about Pete, specifically about his being upset over Davidson's tattooing his kid's initials on his neck. He even asked Pete how those tattoos of his children are doing in the trauma unit. Fans felt that was really messed up for the Yeezy founder to say about Pete being in a trauma unit who is seeking therapy for all the threats he received from him.

Why Kim Kardashian Is More Than Meets The Eye

Taking a break from the Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson breakup drama, people should really be more interested in the things Kim said in this interview. One of which was her response to people's accusations that she and the rest of the Kardashians didn't really have any talent. That they were 'famous for being famous.'

Kardashians: Famous For Being Famous

She believed it came from people asking what is she famous for. And she answers by saying they have a TV show. The thing is, even if they're not seen singing, dancing, or acting it does not mean that their fame did not come from that. But she would also go on writing that as a famous hashtag. Saying that it's not bad for a girl with no talent. However, people insisted that she specifically name one. But Kim believed she did not need one. She said she could give the world a million effing talents. Kim cooks really well and could use her toes for anything. She could tell you about the weirdest thing on this planet. But some people believe she and her entire Kardashian family is a marketing genius.

A Marketing Genius

She said that her talent lies in marketing and the business behind selling all their products. Knowing what the customers want and making it feel attainable and a bit unattainable at the same time. Not only does this require talent, but a bit of magic as well. That is a lot of guts, smarts, and business savvy. But her most touching statement came when asked how she would describe herself today. She responded by saying she doesn't really care what others think about her. Her business side is more important to her because that's all she ever cared about. She hopes that one day she could be a successful lawyer and mother. These are her most important roles. Now, if that isn't a genuinely impressive response, we don't know what is.
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