Only Murders In the Building Meryl Streep is Here!!!

Only Murders In the Building Meryl Streep Is Here!!!

Is there Season 3 of Only Murders In the Building? It sure looks like it since the cat is now out of the bag! Selena Gomez surprises OMITB fans on Instagram when she revealed Meryl Streep as being part of Season 3. This was something her co-stars Martin Short and Steve Martin joked about during their press run on Season 2.

When asked during the interview if people were indeed lining up to come and do the show, Martin Short joked DiCaprio wanted to but Marty felt it was in conflict with his character. While Steve pretended to be on the phone with Meryl who was begging to be on the show and he had to let her down. He said maybe she’d have more luck in the next season. Well, the Only Murders In The Building Meryl Streep vision has finally become a reality!

Selena’s video showed fellow co-stars Andrea Martin and Paul Rudd, who will have a larger role this time around. It seemed like viewers couldn’t get enough of his cameo role in the season 2 finale. When asked what it was like to work with these Hollywood greats, Selena had nothing but praise for her fellow actors.

Selena gushed about barely being able to keep a straight face just being around them. Not only was it a wonderful experience where she learned so much from them since they are legends in their own right, but more importantly, they’re also good people who are super humble, funny, kind, and professional.

Only Murders In The Building Meryl Streep Reunion With Steve Martin

Steve Martin and Meryl Streep are looking forward to their onscreen reunion following their roles in the film It’s Complicated. And when the show’s executive producer Dan Fogelman teased that the show’s all-star cast seem to be attracting legends like Meryl, he was quick to give credit where credit is due.

All he could say was that if you had Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez in your TV show and they make a couple of phone calls for you, then you’re all set! He said that has been their North Star, their lucky star since the show started. Only Murders In The Building Meryl Streep revelation is just one example.

Is the Arconia a real building?

For those who are curious whether or not the Arconia is an actual building, it actually is. John Hoffman who is the showrunner who created the show along with Steve Martin revealed in The New York Times interview that this notorious Arconia apartment building was actually inspired by the real-life building found in the Upper West Side known as the Belnord.

Who is the villain in Only Murders In The Building?

In season 1 the trio realized that it was Jan who was the murderer. Jan was romantically involved with Tim but the day after they broke up, she killed him. Oliver and Mabel broke into Jan’s apartment and found evidence, which included a poison bottle, the green ring, which belonged to Zoe, and the bloodied knife that was used to stab herself to prevent any suspicions.
Meanwhile, season 2 revealed that the murderer was Poppy White, Cinda’s assistant, whose real name happened to be Becky Butler.

Who Is Leona Folger?

Leonora Folger is the daughter of the architect of the Aronia building. He was a known playboy known as Archibald Carter who hid his own secrets in the building, like the secret elevator that became part of Bunny’s house. Bunny who was the granddaughter of the Arconia creator spent her whole life in this building. Only Murders In The Building Meryl Streep murder mystery is getting better with every season!

Only Murders In The Building Meryl Streep Magic

There are certain things you just can’t explain such as the power and charisma of Hollywood legends like Meryl Streep. It doesn’t matter that she holds the record for most nominations for an Academy Award for Best Actress (19 and counting). Her passion for her work and her love for her craft resonate with all of her viewers, young and old. And of course, being part of an exciting murder mystery series is just an added bonus (wink, wink).