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SHIB And Dogecoin Investors: What To Do In These Volatile Times

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Here are the latest updates on SHIB and Dogecoin, and the crypto market in general. The overall market as of this moment is extremely volatile, but SHIB and Dogecoin have been posting rallies. This is a development that many pundits have welcomed. Thus, you must stay up to date about the smallest intricacies. Understand that the tiny catalysts here and there and seemingly minute turn of events can impact the market in positive or negative ways.

The Up And Coming Ethereum Merge

With the expected Ethereum merge on the horizon, you can expect to see the overall market go up. There is also inflation that needs to be dealt with, which will cause the market to go up or down. Though, the interest rates will force this to go down.

SHIB And Dogecoin: Which One Should You Choose?

Which is better SHIB or Doge? If the events this past week is any indication, you should place your bets on SHIB. By now, everyone in the Shiba community knows that the Shiba Inu game Shiba Eternity is a massive hit in Vietnam. After the test version was launched, a lot of Vietnam residents have been trying it out and so far the reviews are remarkable. People outside Vietnam have also been testing the game via a VPN because the number of people participating in the test game has been so high that the development team was forced to increase their server capacity 50-fold. This can only mean that people outside Vietnam are so hyped about getting in on the action. Because of this, the development team is geared to release the game. Satoshi took to discord and came up with an interesting proposal. He wanted to go for a download day and this has been trending all over social media. The idea is for the Shiba Inu community to have one specific day committed to downloading the game after launch. If a lot of downloads were happening on the same day at the same time, this would prove that the game is something that people want to play. Thus, it's easier to push it to the top of the ranks, and let even more people see it. Rumor has it that they plan to do it in September, but anytime before the year ends.

The SHIB Tournament

Talks about having a tournament have also been going around and fans are excited about it. One of the ways the tournaments could give back would be by contributing to the burns. Recently, developers have launched a burning mechanism on the ShibaSwap exchange. This allows holders to burn their tokens and in the process earn a passive income. When you burn crypto this means the tokens will be permanently removed from circulation. You will be sending them to a dead address or a crypto wallet that nobody can retrieve. Reducing the circulating token supply will induce scarcity that would drive up its price. Recently, burn efforts were so strong that the rate of burns spiked an incredible 385.95%. Amazon even has a program where the tech giant gives them a commission for using a link.

Does SHIB Coin Have A Future?

To join or not to join the burns? If you're still skeptical about whether or not the SHIB coin has a future, consider this. In the past week, Shiba Inu has dethroned some of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency game, making it to the top three of the most profitable cryptocurrencies. Thus, you might want to strike while the iron is still hot.

Is Shiba Inu A Dogekiller?

Is Shib coin Dogecoin, and is it really a Dogekiller? No, but we’ll get to that in a bit. For now, let's check out these coins' futures. Dogecoin's plans are well known through its 'trail map' or roadmap. Some of its big plans include having Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum's founder, developed a proof-of-stake model for DOGE. This is part of an attempt to give everyone an equal opportunity in staking to get rewards and not just allow the big players. This is done through "community staking." Another project in the works is the "Gigawallet." This is the backend solution allowing developers to add Dogecoin transactions to their platforms. Shiba Inu also has lots of plans of its own. These include allowing users to avoid expensive Ethereum transactions through the launching of a LAYER-2 solution known as Shibarium. It also aims to give increased governance power to the community by launching the Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DoggyDAO. These and plenty of her projects are expected to kick off soon. Overall, while both SHIB and Dogecoin started as a joke they have generated massive interest and have formed their robust communities along the way. Some lucky investors have also been transformed into millionaires in the process. Undoubtedly, people are excited to see what will become of these meme coins in the years to come.
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