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75 Instagram Captions for Selfies

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Looking for that perfect angle and flawless lighting is crucial for that perfect Instagram post. However, crafting the best caption to go along with your photo can be difficult. Captions can transform your basic in-feed posts into viral-worthy content. There are no definite rules ON writing the best Instagram captions for selfies, so long as no Instagram rules are violated.

What can I caption my picture? That's one question most of us ask before hitting that post button. Mastering the art of capturing a good-looking selfie is one thing; being able to pen a great caption is another. It's no question that composing the best captions requires a glassful of your creative juices. But the best that you can do is to be creative and come up with fun, exciting, fierce, romantic, or witty captions for selfies. Again, you aren't bound by rules. Hence, be playful with your caption. Plus, good Instagram captions for selfies can boost engagement rates and reach, so make sure to come up with the best you can think of—something that resonates with your followers.

However, if you're not in the mood to write your own caption or you think your jug of creative juices isn't quite full yet, we got you covered. You can choose one from this list of Instagram captions for selfies that we have curated just for you. So, make sure to stick to the end of this article.

Percentage of selfies taken by category and gender of the photographer
For 59% of female and 41% of male users, selfies are all about appearance. Source: Statista

What Are Good IG Captions?

There are over a hundred cool captions for Instagram. As mentioned, great captions boost engagement and reach. Hence, it is imperative to pen that picture-perfect caption to compel your followers to engage with your Instagram post, especially if you are a brand owner or a marketer seeking to generate a high ROI with your Instagram content. So, we have chosen the best 75 Instagram captions for selfies for you to choose from, and they're under different categories. Check them out here:

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Funny Selfie Captions

Funny short captions for selfies can definitely get your followers to LOL. Adding a little humor to your captions wouldn't hurt, and here are some funny Instagram captions for selfies that you can use:

  • People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing daily.
  • There are billions of nerves in the human body, and there are people who can irritate all of them.
  • Doing nothing is difficult; you'll never know when you're done.
  • Wine plus dinner = winner!
  • I don't really make the same mistake twice. I like to make it five or six times, you know, just to be sure.

Cute Selfie Captions

You may ask, "what is a good caption for a girl?" The answer lies in this portion of the article. Here are some cute Instagram captions for selfies that go perfectly with girl photos:

  • A girl should be like a butterfly—pretty to look at, but difficult to catch.
  • Real girls aren't perfect, and perfect girls aren't real.
  • Throwin sass like confetti.
  • I am 50% savage and 50% sweetheart.
  • Messy bun, and getting stuff done!

Food Selfie Captions

lady eating a Bluegreen burger
Indeed, good food equals a good mood!

In today's world, you can post selfies with your food! If you're a foodie (internet jargon for people who love food) and you love to take aesthetic photos of or with your food before devouring them, you can find these captions useful:

  • Good food equals a good mood.
  • You can't live a full life on an empty stomach.
  • Pilates? I thought you said pie and lattes.
  • Home is wherever the food is.
  • Sure, dating is cool. But, have you ever tried chicken tenders?

Short Selfie Captions

Short Instagram captions can sometimes tell a better story. By putting short captions, you let the photos speak. Here are some short Instagram captions for selfies that you're sure to love:

  • Woke up like this
  • Morning gram
  • But first, coffee
  • Hey there!
  • Throwback Thursday

Motivational Selfie Captions

You will never know who need a little nudge on the elbow or tap on the shoulder to keep them going. Hence, give motivation and inspiration to all of your followers by writing these motivational Instagram captions for selfies:

  • Grow through what you go through.
  • Worry less, smile more.
  • Make peace with your broken parts.
  • Beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost.
  • They told me I couldn't. That's why I did.

Travel Selfie Captions

Couple posing in front of Eiffel Tower
Goal: to travel to the City of Love and pose in front of the Eiffel Tower.

What's a good travel photo without a resonating travel caption? For your wanderlust adventure photos, here are some of the best travel captions you can copy:

  • Not all who wander are lost.
  • Mentally at the beach!
  • The world is my classroom.
  • To travel is to live
  • Wanderlust and pixie dust

OOTD Selfie Captions

Don't waste your cute outfit by failing to post it on IG! So, you better flex that OOTD and cap it off with a caption, such as these:

  • Life isn't perfect, but my outfit can be.
  • Too glam to give a damn
  • People will stare; make it worthwhile.
  • My standards are high, but my heels are higher.
  • Feeling like a stiletto in a room full of flats.

Love Selfie Captions

Everyone, in one way or another, is a sucker for sweet posts. Whether you are posing with your bae, a family member, or your furbaby, these captions definitely know how to hit home:

  • Surround yourself with people who make you feel loved and happy.
  • My ride or die
  • So lucky to have you
  • You make my heart melt.
  • Here for you always in all ways

Christmas Selfie Captions

Christmas dinner with family
Christmas is best spent with our loved ones.

Christmas is the most exciting holiday for most people. It is the season to be merry! Reflect the joyous spirit of Christmas on your IG posts by placing these captions:

  • Love at frost sight
  • There's snow place like home.
  • All the jingle ladies
  • Dear Santa, I can explain...
  • You are my favorite Christmas present.

New Year Selfie Captions

New Year is as exciting as Christmas because it signifies a new chapter of our lives. It closes one chapter and opens another. And as you celebrate New Year, make sure to celebrate on Instagram as well.

  • Page 1 of 365
  • Walking into 2023 like...
  • 365 new days; 365 new excuses
  • New year; new me
  • Out with the old, in with the new

Halloween Selfie Captions

Halloween is a good excuse to dress up like your favorite character and eat as many treats as you want to. And a good Halloween party isn't complete without a few snaps here and there. Here are some witty Halloween selfie captions to use:

  • Having a bloody good time.
  • Had a spooktacular night.
  • Witch, please!
  • I put a spell on you.
  • Resting witch face.

Easter Selfie Captions

The fourth celebration on this list is Easter. Although not so many adults get excited about Easter, kids love them! And who doesn't love cute children's photos? We all do! Plus, great captions make their photos much cuter.

  • Have an egg-cellent Easter!
  • Way too egg-cited about this holiday!
  • Don't worry; be hoppy
  • Having a good hare day!
  • Gotta hop our way to where the chocolates are.

Relaxing Selfie Captions

Selfies don't always have to be extravagant. Often, a selfie of you relaxing is a breath of fresh air for your followers. And a relaxing selfie calls for a relaxing caption too.

  • Pause and reset
  • Nothing beats relaxing with nature.
  • Slowing down and enjoying life.
  • Relax mode: ON
  • Chillin' casually

Song Lyrics Selfie Captions

Sometimes, songs reflect what we feel at the moment, and you can use them to convey how you are feeling to your Instagram followers. Here are some of the most-used song lyrics Instagram captions for selfies:

  • "I'm no beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me." - Selena Gomez, Who Says
  • "I got that red lip, classic thing that you like." - Taylor Swift, Style
  • "I ain't got a lotta money, but I got a lotta style." - Fifth Harmony, Top Down
  • "To appreciate the sun, you gotta know what rain is." - J. Cole, I'm Coming Home
  • "Find me where the wild things are." - Alessia Cara, Wild Things

Summer Selfie Captions

lady posing in front of the beach
A great summer calls for the best bikinis and a beautiful beach paradise.

Beach, bikinis, and tan lines—that's what summer is all about. Your Instagram comes to life with your seasonal selfies, and the most vibrant ones are out during the summer. Make sure to get that bikini ready for your picture-perfect selfies and witty Instagram captions for selfies over the summer season.

  • Seas the day!
  • I sea you!
  • Resting beach face
  • Mermaid vibes all day
  • Enjoying my vitamin sea

Why Are Instagram Captions for Selfies Important?

To have a successful Instagram presence, stunning imagery that makes a user stop mid-scroll is imperative. However, users often overlook the power of a good caption. Instagram might be a visual platform, but the words you choose to accompany your posts have power that shouldn't go to waste. Remember that an off-hand or non-existent caption is a missed opportunity. So, what importance do Instagram captions for selfies hold?

Captions help expand your reach

Your Instagram captions can help expand your reach, especially by embedding relevant hashtags. They help you hop in on what the buzz is and enable your content to emerge on similar content, making it readily available for like-minded users to discover.

The analytics and data insights can show you how often your posts are being discovered and how many people are reached.

Captions foster connection

Your Instagram captions for selfies or for whatever Instagram content offer a direct line of communication to your followers. Whether you use your captions to show how an image was created, explain how you are feeling at the moment, or simply offer advice, they can add value to your brand and allow your audience to get to know you in a deeper sense.

Writing rapport-building captions allow your followers to feel like they are a part of your brand. Hence, you can be confident that you have a band of loyal followers behind you.

Captions boost engagement

If you aren't still convinced, let us reiterate—captions boost engagement. Instagram's algorithm highly favors content with high engagement rates. If Instagram's algorithm boosts your content, numerous users will have the chance to see it and it gets posted on IG's Discover Tab. Your Instagram engagement is measured through comments, likes, and the time followers spend on your posts.

You can encourage your followers to comment by placing questions for captions or by crafting longer captions that make them spend a long time on your post. With 2,200 characters at your disposal, your options for Instagram captions for selfies or other content are endless. For beginners, you can start off by testing different caption lengths, and identify which caption resonates the most—just ensure that your first sentence is the most engaging since that's where it will cut off in the home feed.

Instagram Captions for Selfies: Key Takeaway

It's easy for us to focus on the visual content of our Instagram posts and disregard the caption. However, as emphasized in this article, captions are as important as our visual content and should be given utmost importance. Captions have the capacity to make or break our posts. Hence, we should extend our efforts in writing the caption that resonates the most with our followers. Always remember to write engaging, cool, and witty Instagram captions for selfies and all other Instagram content types. If you don't know where to start or what to write, you can always revisit this article.

Now that you already know the top 75 Instagram captions for selfies, you can supplement your knowledge by reading more about Instagram captions in our "171 Short Instagram Captions That Will Get You Noticed" article.

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