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CRM Software Monday: What You Need to Know About This Great Tool

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One of the proven ways to stay on top of tasks that require complex management is through a CRM project management solution. And CRM Software Monday is one of the best among the many CRM platforms in the market. Today, many businesses, organizations, and institutions have gone virtual. While physical offices still exist and not all employees work from home, CRM software makes work and team management easy to achieve. And amidst the competition of platforms and productivity tools, CRM software Monday is among the best-performing. If you want to know more about CRM software Monday and how it can benefit your business, this article is for you.

What is A CRM Software?

CRM refers to customer relationship management. You can use it to manage relationships within your company and interactions with clients and potential clients. CRM software or system helps organizations stay connected to their clients and people, streamline company processes, and increase profitability. People usually refer to CRM as a tool or platform that organizes contact and sales management, productivity, and more. The tool can replace multiple spreadsheets, databases, and apps that a company simultaneously uses to track its clients' data. CRMs connect all relevant client data in a single space. Thus, it is helpful for all your business needs, including digital marketing efforts. A great example of customer relationship management software is CRM software Monday. If you own a business or manage multiple marketing campaigns, you can use the CRM software Monday.

What is CRM Software Monday?

And does Monday have a CRM? Monday is a comprehensive and impressive project management platform that comes with multiple functions, such as project managers, project views, and team working, among many others. Numerous Monday CRM software reviews reveal that users of the platform are satisfied with the platform's overall functionality. Monday's sales CRM is a customizable CRM system that collects and nurtures leads from the first step until the fulfillment process. You can organize the dashboard of CRM software Monday with multiple folders and boards and place as many as 50 columns to manage groups. Monday has an open API and multiple CRM integrations with common apps such as Outlook, Shopify, Gmail, Excel, Salesforce, and DocuSign to centralize a company's entire sales pipeline. Automating with third-party applications is easy to do and does not require coding skills to implement. For example, Monday allows you to integrate with Mailchimp or HubSpot to organize and track the results of your marketing campaigns. Learn more about the third-party platform you can integrate into Monday CRM in this HubSpot review.

What are Monday's Sales CRM Core Features?

top qualities of CRM software
Top Qualities of CRM Software. Source: Truelist
The essential features of sales CRM software Monday are the following:

Workload Board

With Monday CRM's workload board, you can track your team's real-time assignments and tasks. This uncomplicated and color-coordinated dashboard shows all team members in a list along with their respective projects. Here, you can find a snapshot of who is currently working on a project, which tasks are yet to be started, and who has finished theirs. Additionally, you can find your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly calendars here. Hence, you can see a clearer picture of the activities for the day, week, month, and year. Best of all, it has an easy drag-and-drop functionality that makes it easy for you to adjust deadlines and tasks.

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring is a great feature that scores your leads according to given criteria. The standard setting will generate a score based on your lead contact's job title as well as the company's total number of employees and revenue. You can use this feature to ensure that your best leads experience brief waiting times or receive service from your top employer. Unfortunately, the lead scoring feature is unavailable on the basic plan, which is the cheapest among Monday's premium offers.

Contact Management

The CRM's contact management feature allows you to track who your clients are and manage their contact details and communication history. This feature helps you keep all relevant contact details about your clients in one place for easy access whenever you need to communicate with them regarding a project.


person with laptop
You can view analytics on CRM software.
The CRM's reporting and analytics feature gives insights into your sales pipeline. Aside from that, this feature also allows you to look into different trends that could help improve your efforts. Furthermore, the reports are presented in color-coordinated graphs, making it easy to track the team's progress, budget numbers, working tickets, and employees' time tracking.


With Monday CRM, you can build auto automation on uncomplex if-then statements without complicated coding. Furthermore, you can automate third-party applications like sending a message through Slack when a new lead upgrades to be a qualified lead.

How Expensive is Monday As A CRM?

The CRM software Monday offers three pricing plans—basic, standard, and pro—and an enterprise plan. Each plan gives you access to unlimited boards, embedded forms, Monday mobile app, Kanban visualization, and more than 20 column types. Best of all, every plan offers a 14-day free trial, so you can thoroughly decide which offer works best for you and your business. Monday's CRM pricing plans and the specific features that come along are as follows:

Basic Plan

  • Price: $10 a month per user
  • Number of users: unlimited
  • Storage: 5GB
  • Activity timeline: 1 week
  • No lead scoring
  • No custom automation builder
  • 1-board dashboard
  • Customer support
The Basic Plan is ideal for small teams that need an all-access solution for simple task management.

Standard Plan

  • Price: $14 a month per user
  • Number of users: unlimited
  • Storage: 20GB
  • Automation: 250 actions a month
  • Integrations: 250 actions a month
  • Activity timeline: 6 weeks
  • With lead scoring
  • Allows guest access
  • Has a calendar view
  • 5-board dashboard
The Standard Plan is best for growing teams that need a solution for more complex tasks. The guest access feature is among this plan's best features because it allows collaboration with people outside your team.

Pro Plan

  • Price: $24 a month per user
  • Number of users: unlimited
  • Storage: 100GB
  • Automation: 25000 actions a month
  • Integrations: 25000 actions a month
  • Activity timeline: 1 year
  • With lead scoring
  • Allows guest access
  • Has a calendar view, private boards, time tracking, and a formula column
  • 10-board dashboard
The Pro Plan is ideal for large-scale operations. The time tracking and private board features allow team leaders to closely monitor teams under their management. Best of all, its storage, integrations, automation, and dashboards are expanded to support heavy workloads.

Enterprise Plan

  • Price: Custom (you will have to contact to get the specific pricing)
  • Number of users: unlimited
  • Storage: 1000GB
  • Automation: 25000 actions a month
  • Activity timeline: 5 years
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Customized onboarding
  • Advanced analytics and reports.
  • Premium customer support
  • Enterprise-scale integrations
  • With lead scoring
  • 50-board dashboard

How to Get Started with Monday CRM Software?

To start using CRM software Monday, choose between three templates or "board"—Sales CRM, Partnership Management, or Sales Assets. Each template varies in the business metrics that it measures. Furthermore, you can place automation capabilities on the boards without the need to put codes. Once your template or board is ready, you can customize it by dragging and dropping lists, analytics, dashboards, and several productivity tools. This functionality allows you to create your business's ultimate central hub.

Is Monday The Best CRM?

As much as we'd like, the defining answer to this question varies from one user to another. However, here are a number of reasons why we think CRM Software Monday is one of the best in the market today.

The platform has robust collaboration tools.

Collaborating with others
You can easily collaborate with other team members and your clients using CRM software Monday.
Monday's task management does not lack collaboration tools. Here are some examples of collaboration tools to improve your workflow.
  • Collaborative docs. Monday features a collaborative document editor that enables multiple users to work simultaneously on a particular document without interfering with each other's work.
  • Team communication. Monday allows users to communicate with other team members or users logged into the platform.
  • File and information. A specific setting on Monday lets a team access the relevant information and files uploaded to the account's main table.

The platform sports a user-friendly interface.

Monday has a visually pleasing and sleek interface. Colorful icons and buttons represent the platform's core functions. The basic features, such as weekly tasks, inbox, and shared project boards, can be accessed through the left-side panel found on the dashboard. Its interface is so simple that you do not need special knowledge to access all its features. Newbies can access CRM software Monday with zero to little problems.

You can view multiple boards at a time.

Several project management tools can be confusing because they don't have the best project-view modes. But Monday stands out in this aspect because it consists of more than a dozen board views that allow you to organize your workflow however you desire. Take note of the following:
  • Table. The table view enables you to add customizable columns. This viewing setting is ideal for displaying a comprehensive overview of projects under your management.
  • Kanban. The popular Kanban view indicates your tasks in a card set where you can move horizontally between settings.
  • Timeline. The platform's customizable timeline displays task groups as calendar bars for a chronological arrangement of all your tasks and how they connect.
  • Calendar. The platform's calendar shows you the individual timelines of your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks down to the hour. Furthermore, you can conceal your deliverables and display the deadlines only.

You can integrate with third-party apps.

Gmail website
Gmail is among the integrations you can do with Monday.
CRM software Monday is loaded with integrations and can connect to multiple external platforms and apps. You can accomplish so much with your team in a single platform. And depending on your chosen subscription, Monday allows you to execute up to 25,000 actions a month. A social media marketing tool to integrate with Monday is Hootsuite. Find out more about this tool in this comprehensive Hootsuite review.

You can receive responsive support.

It is inevitable that you will come across issues regardless of how good your project management platform is. Thankfully, Monday has different types of customer support consisting of a well-trained team, blogs, and tutorial videos. Should you experience issues and concerns when using your CRM software Monday, you may choose from the following customer support services:
YouTube platform
Monday has a YouTube channel that can help you navigate and utilize the platform properly.
  • Contact Team. This type of customer support consists of Monday's human customer support, and you can reach them via a ticketing system.
  • Tutorial Videos. Monday also has a YouTube account full of tutorial videos, ranging from basic content to comprehensive feature walkthroughs.
  • Knowledge Bank. Monday's knowledge bank has blogs and instructional articles regarding the platform and its features and services. You can find how-to articles, guides, and troubleshooting techniques.

Is a CRM system important for your business?

Definitely! A CRM system gives you a better overview of your clients and team members and increases work efficiency and productivity. You can monitor everything using a single tool to ensure that all deadlines are met, tasks are completed, and clients are catered to. Hence, if you're thinking of streamlining your processes and attending to your clients the best way possible, then you can give CRM software Monday a try. Now that you know what a CRM tool is and how it benefits your brand, you can check out some useful marketing tools in this article on "Top Digital Marketing Tools 2022 To Help You Boost Your Campaigns."
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