image ofDeshaun Watson Suspension: Social Media Explode Following Sexual Misconduct Accusation

Deshaun Watson Suspension: Social Media Explode Following Sexual Misconduct Accusation

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With the #MeToo movement growing, celebrities and athletes alike are feeling the pressure to step down when accused of sexual misconduct. Recently, Deshaun Watson was suspended from the Cleveland Browns football team following allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct with massage therapists. As expected, social media blew up with reactions to Watson’s suspension and accusations. Many people are voicing their opinions on the matter. What really happened? And does Watson deserve the penalty that the NFL has imposed on him? Let’s discuss this matter further.

Why Has Deshaun Watson Been Suspended?

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson has been suspended for six games by the NFL, following an accusation of sexual misconduct made against him by some of the more than 60 massage therapists he worked with, according to a Time report Tuesday morning. The social media world had quite the reaction to Watson’s suspension, and people are wondering what did Watson do during the massage sessions that the therapists have construed to be “sexual misconduct.” The massage therapists alleged that Watson made “unwanted advances” and engaged in “inappropriate touching during massages.” Moreover, NFL claimed that its evidence showed that the quarterback made appointments “not just for therapeutic purposes but also for sexual purposes.” As a result of the accusations, Watson has been suspended from the NFL. It was confirmed by the league this week that he’d be absent for at least six games as punishment for his alleged behavior. Several football fans took to social media to voice their outrage over the suspension—some on Watson’s side, while others were expressing their disappointment in the football player.

The Internet Reacts

The news of Deshaun Watson's suspension has sent shockwaves across social media. Many are wondering if the accusations against him are true, and if so, whether there’ll be any other Deshaun Watson legal consequences aside from the six-game suspension. Many people have been discussing the situation on Twitter. They aren’t happy with the NFL's decision to suspend him for only six games. Some users are even calling for Watson to be released from the team. And worst, others are arguing that the suspension is too lenient and that Watson should’ve been suspended for the entire season. On a positive note, some fans are defending him, saying that he’s innocent until proven guilty. After all, every person should be given a chance to prove one's innocence. They even felt that the quarterback was being unfairly treated. But regardless of what people think, it's clear that the allegations against Watson have created a stir online.

How is the NFL Handling the Situation?

Aside from Deshaun Watson’s suspension and sexual allegations, there has also been a lot of discussion about the NFL's handling of the situation. Some people feel that the league isn’t doing enough to investigate the accusation, while others believe that it’s taking the correct steps. The NFL has released a statement, saying that it takes all accusations of sexual assault seriously and that it's thoroughly investigating the allegations against Watson. It also said that it made the decision to suspend Watson based on the information it has at this time. Deshaun Watson has faced a lot of similar allegations since 2019. Before, he would issue a statement on Twitter in which he apologized for his actions and stated that he takes full responsibility for his behavior. But now, NFL disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson said that Watson isn’t showing any remorse and has categorically denied doing anything inappropriate during his massage sessions. Nevertheless, Watson has the right to file an appeal within three days of the ruling, through the NFL Players' Association. The league may also file its own appeal.

What Would Happen to Deshaun Watson Now?

If Watson is eventually proven guilty of these allegations, what would happen to him? The football player could face significant penalties if he’s found guilty of sexual assault. These could include not just suspension from the NFL but also fines and even jail time. In addition to any legal penalties that may be imposed, Watson would also likely face public scrutiny and damage to his reputation. This scandal could have a major impact on Watson's career. If he’s found guilty, it’s likely that teams will be hesitant to sign him in the future. This could potentially end his NFL career altogether.

Final Thoughts on Deshaun Watson's Suspension

The legal process for Deshaun Watson will take some time to play out. In the meantime, he’s officially suspended from the NFL. This decision has caused social media to explode with people taking sides. Some believe he’s innocent until proven guilty, while others say the accusations are enough to warrant a suspension. No matter what side you’re on, one thing is for sure: the Deshaun Watson legal saga is far from over.
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