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Mystikal Rape Tag To Result In Social Media Downfall?


Fame, power, and wealth don't give anybody the right to abuse others in whatever form. Unfortunately, this truth might have slipped off the mind of the notorious rapper—Mystikal. He isn't just famous for his craft but, for the charges filed against him.

Who Is Mystikal?

Michael Lawrence Tyler, famous for his stage name Mystikal, was born on 22 September 1970. He has been an American rapper for more than two decades. He debuted his first album, Mystikal, in 1994 under the independent record label Big Boy. In 2003, his Tarantula album was nominated for a Grammy award for Best Rap Album, and the distinguished rapper was also nominated for Best Male Rap Solo Performance. He wasn't just a rapper because, in the same year, he starred in the movie 13 Dead Men. Despite his fame, we cannot find any link to either a Mystikal Instagram account or Twitter account anywhere. But there are numerous fan accounts attributed to him, so that speaks a lot about his social media popularity.

What Is Going On with Mystikal?

According to this report by CNN, On 31st July 2022, authorities in Louisiana charged the rapper with three felonies, including first-degree rape, domestic abuse battery—specifically strangulation—and simple robbery. He was also initially charged with simple criminal damage and false imprisonment. According to the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office in Louisiana, detectives interviewed the victim, who has been in a long-term relationship with the rapper, before midnight on Saturday, July 30. They claimed that the victim sustained minor physical injuries because of what happened. And through thorough investigation, the authorities identified Michael "Mystikal" Tyler as the suspect. Reportedly, Mystikal attacked the victim in his own home in Prairieville, Louisiana. The dispute allegedly started over money, with the victim claiming that the rapper became angry at her after concluding that she got his money. As a result, Mystikal punched, strangled, and pulled on the victim's hair. He proceeded to stop her from leaving the place by taking away her phone and keys. The victim further claims that after getting furious at her, Mystikal seemed to be remorseful of his actions and showed it by praying with her and splashing her with alcohol to rub away her "bad spirits." However, shortly after, he forced her to bed and raped her. After the incident, the victim went to the local hospital, where they administered a rape kit. The hospital's medical staff claimed that the injuries she had are consistent with her rape claims. As further evidence of the incident, authorities also found a broken fingernail and clumps of a woman's hair at the rapper's house. During a one-hour hearing on Tuesday, the district Judge, Steven Tureau, found the weight of evidence against Mystikal, his previous criminal records, the severity of the case, and the victim's statements to bear the clear and convincing evidence standard to hold the rapper with no bail. If convicted of the charges filed against him, Mystikal could be prison for life with no chance of bail.

What Other Charges Did He Face?

Furthermore, detectives found dangerous substances in Mystikal's home. As a result, he now faces additional five drug charges this year: possession of schedule IV controlled dangerous substance, possession of schedule II amphetamine, drug paraphernalia, and two counts of possession of schedule I controlled dangerous substance. In simple terms, authorities discovered Xanax, heroin, and marijuana in his house. The series of serious offenses Mystikal committed didn't commence this year. Mystikal 2022 rape charges aren't the only horrifying story about the rapper. Since the mid of '90s, he had already been facing charges for almost the same reasons, but none of it has led to a conviction. In 2003, the court found him guilty of extortion and sexual battery of his former hairstylist. And how many years did Mystikal get? Six years, but they released him in 2010. Two years after, he went back to prison for violating the probationary measure related to the case. Then, in 2017, the court convicted him of rape and kidnapping, which had him sit in jail for two years. After which, he was able to post a $3 million bail. The charges were subsequently dropped for lack of evidence.

What Does This Mean for Mystikal?

A tainted reputation is hard to clean, especially after having committed one serious crime after another. What happened to Mystikal not only resulted in his social media downfall, which would be difficult for his PR or any social media marketing team for that matter, to recover, but it also destroyed the lives of innocent people. As a public figure and influencer, Mystical lost a few fans and followers, but the victims carry with them deep wounds.
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