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Gellyball: An Easy Guide to Learning More About This Game


Gellyball is a relatively new but popular game in Australia. While the game is like paintball, it is much safer with minimal to zero risks. You can learn more about this exciting game in this article. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Gellyball is a family-friendly and non-messy alternative to paintball, offering players of all ages a safe and enjoyable shooting experience using soft, water-based gel balls.
  • The article provides an easy guide to learning more about Gellyball, covering topics such as gameplay, equipment, rules, and safety considerations for players and organizers.
  • Gellyball games can be played indoors or outdoors, with various game modes and scenarios that promote teamwork, strategy, and active participation.
  • With its accessibility, affordability, and emphasis on safety, Gellyball has gained popularity as a recreational activity, party entertainment option, and team-building exercise for schools, camps, and community events.
  • Whether for casual fun or competitive play, Gellyball offers a unique and thrilling experience that fosters camaraderie, sportsmanship, and excitement for players of all skill levels.

Gellyball is an exciting game that adults and kids can play. The game offers players a safe way to experience a unique and thrilling gaming experience. Best of all, you can play it anywhere as it is mess free! 

If you don’t already know what Gellyball is all about, let us help you understand the game and why we think it’s one of the best games ever. 

What is Gellyball?

Gellyball is a paintball alternative that is safe for kids to play with. Gellyball requires utilizing an orbeez gel gun or soft gel balls for ammos instead of the traditional paintball ammo that may hurt or sting when targeted at a person. The Gellyball blasters utilize non-toxic, soft polymer gel balls that inflate up to a diameter of 8MM when soaked with water.

Gellyball is a fun game that’s harmless to its players because the soft gel balls will simply bounce or disintegrate once they hit the players. These harmless gel balls leave zero stains and pain.

Additionally, Gellyball markers are lightweight and can hold up to 750 rounds before reloading, so players need not spend too much time reloading their markers.

How do you play Gellyball?

Regardless of the different ways you can play the game, you must follow its basic rules. Gellyball can be played individually or in teams. Most players prefer to play in teams of two to four members as it is more exciting and thrilling. Players may play military-style, elimination-style games where your team eliminates all their opponents or a capture-the-flag style.

For two players, the desired gameplay zone has an area of 30 feet by 50 feet. While for teams with more than three players, the best playing zone area is 45 feet by 80 feet or larger. This area size allows everyone to have sufficient space to move around.

Paint ball players
A big play zone is ideal for sports like Gellyball and Paintball.

When playing the game, players must designate a “no fire” area to avoid shooting nonplayers. This rule simply means players cannot shoot their blasters within a radius of 30 feet of anybody who isn’t a participant in the game.

Like paintball, a referee is responsible for judging and declaring whether or not a player is hit.

Does Gellyball have an age limit?

gel ball players
Anybody can enjoy playing Gellyball as a sport!

Without a doubt, Gellyball’s target players are kids since the game has a low impact. Youngsters 5 years old and above can play this exciting game. This game is an excellent way for kids to exert their energy without the risk of bruises and other injuries often associated with paintball.

While this game is intended for kids, adults can play it too!

How is Gellyball different from Paintball?

Gellyball vs paintball — what should you know?

The concept of Gellyball is very similar to paintball as it involves shooting water-based soft gel pellets. However, the gel balls are softer and smaller than paintballs, making them a lot safer when hitting other players, and gel markers or blaster guns are lighter.

Additionally, you can play gel ball at home because it doesn’t leave players and the game zone covered in paint. Gel balls barely leave visible stains and can be easily cleaned up compared to paintballs, which require effort to remove.

paintball splats
Paintball is messy, so it can’t be played at home.

Best of all, Gellyball is much safer for the environment as it does not leave rubber or plastic-covered paintballs that may scatter after the game. The only residue of gel balls is tiny gels that can disintegrate quickly.

What is the needed equipment to play?

The equipment you need to secure when playing gel ball is basic and easy to find. All you need are the following:

Air Tanks

The air tanks are necessary for the game because it is where you fill compressed air that shoots the gel balls off the gun. These air tanks come in various sizes to help you pick out the best tank to befitting your needs. For first-time players, professional players recommend you use small air tanks until you get the hang of the game.

Gel Blaster

A gel blaster is a gun needed to shoot gel balls at your opponent. We can find plenty of different gel blaster types and brands in the market, so it’ll be helpful to do your research to help you decide what to purchase. Gel blasters send voltage to ignite the gel balls; without them, you won’t be able to play the game.

Furthermore, gel blasters are battery-operated. Hence, secure long-lasting batteries to avoid your blaster dying out in the middle of a game.

It also pays to check your country’s laws regarding the use of gel blasters since numerous countries are yet to legalize the possession of gel blasters. So, see to it that you can legally purchase gel blasters in your country to avoid consequences.

Gel Balls

Gel ball formation infograph
An infographic on the formation process of gel balls. Source: Amazon

Well, by now, you would’ve already known what they are. You can purchase gel balls in different sizes and colors. Many players and referees prefer colored gel balls, so it would be easy to identify anybody who gets hit. In addition, make sure to purchase high-quality gel balls from reliable retailers so they won’t break easily.

If you don’t own any necessary gaming equipment, you may purchase brand-new ones or rent them at your local sporting goods boutique.

What protective equipment should players wear?

face protective gear
The primary protective gear for playing Gellyball is a face mask and eye shield.

Generally, older gel ball players need not wear any protective suit, unlike paintball players. The only protective accessory necessary in playing with gel balls is the eye covering or goggles because getting hurt in the eyes may cause serious injuries. Other than that, you can wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely.

If the game involves younger players, it is best to let the players use face masks for protection from stray gel balls. You may also let them wear other necessary protective gear, such as gloves, knee pads, leg armor, and chest guards. These gears eliminate several injuries, such as scraped knees or hand wounds.

Most importantly, players must bring first-aid kits in case something happens and water for rehydration, especially when the game occurs under the scorching heat. Onlookers must also bring umbrellas, raincoats, sunscreens, hats, and water for protection against changing weather.

Why do many people love Gellyball?

Despite being a relatively new sport, Gellyball has already become popular among players of all ages. And just like any other sport, playing Gellyball benefits the whole body physically, mentally, and socially. Here are some of the reasons why a lot of people love the game:

  • Great way to exercise your body and improve your health.
  • Easy to learn and play.
  • Game equipment is cost-friendly and easy to find.
  • Much safer than any other game that requires gun blasters.
  • Allows players to socialize with and meet new people.

Where can I play Gellyball?

As mentioned, it is safe to play Gellyball even in your own backyard or front yard. If you don’t have sufficient space at home, you may scout for open public or privately-owned spaces with ample ground for the game; make sure to check with the owner (of private space) or your local government unit for permission.

Moreover, mobile vendors, such as Gellyball Houston, can supply the courses needed for your game. So, you might want to check out the nearest vendor or Gellyball gaming space.

What marketing lessons can we learn from Gellyball?

You might be in this section of the article and think, “What does Gellyball have to do with marketing?” Well, we can learn lots of different marketing lessons from the game.

Teamwork and Responsibility

Playing gel ball helps us see the value of being responsible and playing with a team. While you can play Gellyball with a single opponent, you can best enjoy it by playing in a team. And when playing with others, it’s crucial to value teamwork, especially in crafting the right strategies and tactics to win the game. Aside from that, each team member is responsible for the team’s victory or defeat.

Similarly, the value of teamwork is significant in any marketing effort. All team members must strive to do their part and work together to ensure a campaign’s success. Every member must exert effort in finishing their respective tasks to guarantee a successful result.

Precise Targeting

To excel in Paintball and Gellyball, you must be good at targeting and a sharpshooter. Aimlessly shooting out gel balls won’t get you anywhere. If you ever get a hit, it would all be by chance and won’t likely happen again.

In marketing, precise targeting is the key to increasing engagement, reach, and brand awareness. Putting out random content, social media posts or emails won’t get you anywhere near the goal. Hence, you must identify your target market and devise marketing strategies accordingly. Without defining your target, you will hardly get a hit.

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Agility and Strategy

Imagine being so close to victory only to end up on square one. Whatever strategy you did to (almost) be victorious is now known by other teams, and you have no choice but to come up with a new and better one.

The same goes for marketing. Employing the right marketing strategy is key to hitting your marketing goals. Thoroughly planning your goals and how you are going to hit those goals is crucial in marketing. Whether you want to broaden your reach, increase your social media engagement, or whatever goals you have, it is vital for you to devise the perfect marketing strategy with no room for failure, as much as possible.

However, the whole marketing industry is fast-paced, and marketing is always about anticipating what comes next. Therefore, you must also be agile and think on your feet when thrown into a marketing curveball. Learning to respond quickly when an issue arises is as important as devising a nearly fail-proof marketing strategy.

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What is Gellyball, and how does it differ from traditional paintball?
Gellyball is a family-friendly alternative to paintball that uses soft, water-based gel balls instead of paint pellets, offering players a safe and enjoyable shooting experience without the mess or pain associated with traditional paintball.
What topics does the easy guide to Gellyball cover?
The easy guide to Gellyball covers topics such as gameplay, equipment, rules, and safety considerations for players and organizers, providing comprehensive insights and guidance for those interested in learning more about the game.
Where can Gellyball games be played, and what are some popular game modes?
Gellyball games can be played indoors or outdoors, with various game modes and scenarios that promote teamwork, strategy, and active participation, offering players a versatile and engaging experience.
Why has Gellyball gained popularity as a recreational activity and party entertainment option?
Gellyball has gained popularity as a recreational activity and party entertainment option due to its accessibility, affordability, and emphasis on safety, providing players of all ages with a fun and thrilling experience suitable for various occasions.
What benefits does Gellyball offer for players and organizers?
Gellyball offers players and organizers a unique and thrilling experience that fosters camaraderie, sportsmanship, and excitement, promoting active participation, teamwork, and social interaction in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Final Thoughts

Gellyball is an excellent game to exercise your body and socialize with others. It is easy to learn and does not require very costly gear. It is the perfect get-together game this summer! Just remember to check your local laws regarding the use of gel blasters.

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