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Fitspiration: Instagram Best Female Bodies of 2023


Instagram is undoubtedly one of the major platforms for all kinds of influencers. But in recent years, it has become the go-to platform of beautiful models and fitness influencers. Get to know Instagram best female bodies of 2023 and how you can be an IG model like them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fitspiration accounts on Instagram showcase images of individuals with toned bodies, promoting fitness, health, and body positivity, while also setting unrealistic standards and contributing to body image issues.
  • The article highlights some of the best female bodies of 2023 on Fitspiration Instagram accounts, acknowledging the dedication, hard work, and discipline of these individuals in achieving their fitness goals.
  • While admiring and drawing inspiration from Fitspiration accounts, it’s important to maintain a balanced perspective, prioritize mental and physical well-being, and celebrate diverse body types and definitions of beauty.
  • Social media platforms like Instagram play a significant role in shaping societal perceptions of beauty and body image, prompting discussions about authenticity, self-acceptance, and the impact of influencer culture on mental health.
  • As consumers of Fitspiration content, it’s crucial to approach it with critical thinking, skepticism, and an awareness of the curated nature of social media, striving for a healthy relationship with fitness and self-image.

Instagram is home to over 64 million Influencers worldwide. These influencers have different niches; some may be in fashion, music, health and wellness, beauty, or fitness. However, the platform is currently known for its models and Instagram best female bodies.

We did the research for you and came up with some of Instagram best female bodies of 2023 to inspire you to stay fit, as well as how you can be a model like them. So, if you are curious, dig in and read to the end of this article.

fitness influencer stat
Statistics show that Instagram has the most number of fitness influencers. Source: Future Fit

What is Instagram?

Instagram is among the widely used social media platforms today. The platform was launched on October 6, 2010, and is currently owned by Meta Platforms Inc., formerly Facebook, Inc., after acquiring it in 2012.

Being a video and photo-sharing platform, Instagram is much like your digital photo album. This mega-popular social media app allows you to share photos and video content with your friends, family, and the whole world if you want.

Instagram has become a visual storytelling platform where your feed can be a curated showcase of your life—from brunch pics to travel adventures and everything in between. However, you can choose to be more artsy and use a more reserved Instagram aesthetic if you don’t want your account to be a showroom for what’s happening in your life.

You follow people you like, and (in some cases) they follow you back, creating this interconnected web of updates. You can also use the platform to get updates on your favorite celebrities and influencers, including fitness models Instagram best female bodies.

Instagram also has Stories—those disappearing photos and videos that spill the tea on your day—and the TikTok-like Reels. The platform is not just about your selfies; it showcases your vibe, a visual diary, and a way to connect with your followers through snapshots of your world or the world you want to create online.

However, one of the primary reasons Instagram is such a hit these days is the presence of beautiful Instagram models and influencers. These Instagram best female bodies have made a mark on the platform, and we’re here to know who they are.

Who are Instagram best female bodies?

sexy model
You can find the hottest and sexiest models on Instagram.

Fitness is such a hot topic today. Many people tend to look at lean models and seek to follow their fitness regimen and health routines. Back in the day, putting on a few home workout videos would suffice. Still, we have transitioned to a different generation of fitness models who show us how to have better physiques and live a healthier lifestyle. 

Some of Instagram best female bodies are more into the fitness industry, while others are into modeling. Regardless of their niche, we, at some point, aspire to be like them. So, we have curated a list of Instagram best female bodies and influencers to follow for inspiration and motivation. 

weightlifter female
You must exert effort and apply discipline to achieve a body like Instagram models.

Sommer Ray – @sommerray

Follower count: 25.1 Million

Sommer Ray, a 26-year-old Instagram influencer from the US, is a fitness model who began posting content in 2016. In a relatively short period, Sommer became one of Instagram best female bodies and an online superstar. 

The influencer’s parents were competitive bodybuilders, so she hails from a fit family. Their family often traveled to compete in different shows, so Sommer grew up in an environment where health and fitness were given utmost importance. 

At 15, Sommer followed in her parents’ footsteps by beginning to work out and lift weights regularly. Her body reaped the benefits of a regular workout routine, and she eventually began competing in regional bikini athlete championships. 

In 2015, Sommer bagged the Bikini Class D and Bikini Teen titles during the NPC Colorado State Championships. Then, she started documenting her fitness journey on Instagram, resulting in positive responses from her fans and a skyrocketing following count. 

Kendall Jenner – @kendalljenner

Follower count: 294 Million

Who is the most popular Instagram girl? It may not be Kendall Jenner, but she is among the top 10 most-followed Instagram influencers and Hollywood celebrities. 

Unlike Sommer Ray, who became Instagram famous, Kendall Jenner comes from a prominent family of celebrities and an athlete father. She is one of the most well-known runway models and one of Instagram best female bodies. While Kendall is a fashion and runway model, her dedication to fitness and keeping a beautiful shape is religious. 

She began her modeling career at age 14 and became an established top model. Her beautiful appearance, quirky personality, and impeccable style drew her millions of followers across social media channels. 

Beyond her enviable physique, Kendall is the genius behind 818 Tequila, showing she can also be a girl boss. 

Kendall Jenner has become an entertainment, fashion, beauty, and fitness icon. Everything she enjoys now is a result of her hard work and persistence. 

Michelle Lewin – @michelle_lewin

Follower count: 16.3 Million

Michelle Lewin is one of Instagram best female bodies and fitness influencers. The influencer started her career as a catwalk and Playboy cover model and later shifted to bikini modeling. Michelle found bikini modeling more appealing because of its fitness aspect, so she spent time working out and sculpting her figure. 

Her time at the gym was well worth it as she improved her weight from 95 lbs. of lean muscle to 120 lbs. As a result, Michelle received modeling offers and collaborations from supplement companies and fitness magazines. 

Michelle entered NPC and IFBB competitions in 2013 and 2014, championing the 2013 NPC Fort Lauderdale Cup and placing second in the NPC Southern States competition in the same year. 

You can visit Michelle’s Instagram account for your daily dose of fitspiration (fitness inspiration). 

girl wall climbing
Wall climbing, lifting weights, and doing other aerobic exercises are great ways to achieve a sexy physique.

Kayla Itsines

Follower count: 16.1 Million

Who is a famous fit model? Kayla Itsines is an Australian author, entrepreneur, professional trainer, and fitness influencer.

Her perfectly sculpted physique is what lands her a spot in our list of Instagram best female bodies. The prestigious TIME Magazine featured her in their 2016 issue, naming her one of the thirty most influential people on the internet. 

We know her best for her #BBG or Bikini Body Guides eBook series of healthy meal plans and short aerobic exercises. On top of her eBook series, she released one of the most successful fitness apps today — Sweat with Kayla. 

Kayla’s aerobic routines became more popular with her clients, so she focused on that by providing her BBG eBook and fitness app. But before becoming a prominent online fitness influencer, Kayla conducted lectures on health and nutrition and had her students take before and after photos of themselves. Then, her cousin gave her the brilliant suggestion of posting the photos on Instagram; the rest is history. 

She has accumulated thousands of followers and has had people flock to her for fitness advice. This popularity resulted in her publishing her eBook and creating an impressive social media presence. 

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How do you become an Instagram model?

girl in the gym
Fitness models share their top secrets on Instagram.

You might be reading this article and contemplating how to become Instagram model. We will not sugarcoat it for you because becoming an IG model takes guts and hard work, but you can start by curating a standout feed and Instagram aesthetic.

Create an Instagram aesthetic and engage with your audience.

It would be best to create high-quality and visually appealing photos showcasing your distinctive style and personality. Then, remember that your audience is the fuel that keeps your social prominence burning. So, engage with them by responding to their comments, acknowledging their presence, and showing gratitude for their support.

Collaborate with other users and influencers.

Furthermore, collaborating with other influencers is a great way to boost your visibility and expand your reach. Thus, try to reach out to users in your niche or different niches if you want to be more adventurous, and ask to collaborate with them.

If you have established a decent number of followers, sufficient to make you a nano- or micro-influencer, you may connect with influencers and brands in your niche. Doing so enables you to build connections and land major brand collaborations.

Post consistently.

In building a strong social media presence, consistency is the key. So, post regularly and use relevant hashtags to expand your reach. You may research or use statistics to identify the best time to post your content to maximize your followers’ most engaged time.

You may invest in a social media management tool to schedule your posts in advance to avoid breaking momentum. Check out one of the most reliable tools in this Mishu Guru review.

Build a portfolio.

Then, invest time in building a striking personal brand that sets you apart, and consider creating a portfolio or a separate Instagram account dedicated to showcasing your modeling work. When you are just starting out, your brand and your followers will want to see your previous work or what you can offer for them.

Be your true self.

Lastly, be authentic. Users today are more impressed and influenced by influencers or content creators who exude authenticity. Your followers appreciate genuine content, so let your personality shine through and allow your followers to see you for who you really are.

Haters and bashers will always be there. Remember that social media can be a toxic space, so prepare for the inevitable bashing and learn the intricate art of not giving a crap about it. You can conquer the platform as an Instagram model after mastering this. 

How do you see restricted content on Instagram?

In 2021, Instagram has come to the terms that its users have various views on the experiences it offers. They have acknowledged that users must control how they want to experience Instagram. As a step towards that direction, Instagram now enables the ability to turn off the comments section, restrict someone from interacting with users, and decide the degree of sensitive content that appear on the Explore page.

No, Instagram does not allow you to view restricted content, and there is no place for this restricted content on the platform. However, the platform allows you to view sensitive content, like posts that may be violent or sexually suggestive.

You may adjust your Sensitive Content Control depending on your preference and tolerance for viewing sensitive content. This feature gives you the power to shape your Instagram experience.

To adjust your Sensitive Content Control, access your profile and click the ‘Settings’ menu in the upper right corner of your screen. Then, enter ‘Account’ and tap the Sensitive Content Control button. Lastly, choose between ‘Standard’ (to keep the settings at default mode), ‘More,’ or ‘Less.’


What are Fitspiration accounts on Instagram, and what do they promote?
Fitspiration accounts on Instagram showcase images of individuals with toned bodies, promoting fitness, health, and body positivity, while also setting unrealistic standards and contributing to body image issues for some users.
What is the significance of recognizing the best female bodies of 2023 on Fitspiration Instagram accounts?
Recognizing the best female bodies of 2023 on Fitspiration Instagram accounts acknowledges the dedication, hard work, and discipline of individuals in achieving their fitness goals, highlighting their achievements and inspiring others in their fitness journeys.
How can individuals maintain a balanced perspective when consuming Fitspiration content on Instagram?
Individuals can maintain a balanced perspective when consuming Fitspiration content on Instagram by prioritizing mental and physical well-being, celebrating diverse body types and definitions of beauty, and recognizing the curated nature of social media representations.
What discussions do Fitspiration accounts prompt regarding beauty, body image, and influencer culture?
Fitspiration accounts prompt discussions about authenticity, self-acceptance, and the impact of influencer culture on mental health, raising awareness of societal perceptions of beauty and body image shaped by social media platforms like Instagram.
What approach should individuals take when consuming Fitspiration content on Instagram?
Individuals should approach Fitspiration content on Instagram with critical thinking, skepticism, and an awareness of the curated nature of social media, striving for a healthy relationship with fitness and self-image while recognizing the diversity of experiences and perspectives within the online community.

Follow Instagram’s best female models for #fitspiration 

This list of Instagram best female bodies does not contain half of the fittest and most beautiful ladies on the platform, but they sure are a few of the most popular. Once you visit their Instagram accounts, you won’t ever leave uninspired. 

Want to read more articles on fitness and health influencers? Check out our “The Influence of Fitness: How Female Fitness Influencers Are Changing the Game” article. 

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