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The Best Digital Marketing Jobs in 2023

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The shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing paved the way for more job opportunities in both the marketing and digital tech landscapes. In this article, you will find the most in-demand digital marketing jobs.

As the marketing landscape has shifted to digital from traditional, most, if not all, businesses are inclined to create an online presence through websites, social media pages, and digital advertisements to reach potential consumers. Alongside this rapid evolution are available job titles and positions requiring specific skillsets and expertise.

As businesses go digital, the demand for digital marketing professionals and experts who can develop and execute strategies is soaring. These jobs are what we now know as digital marketing jobs.

Understanding the different digital marketing jobs and roles will help you make informed and better decisions whether you are a job seeker or a brand owner.

What is digital marketing?

To better understand the jobs in digital marketing, we must first establish what digital marketing is.

Digital marketing, otherwise known as online marketing, is the marketing effort that occurs online. With digital marketing, brand owners and marketing professionals leverage digital channels and mediums, like search engines, email, and social media, to connect with prospective customers.

Digital marketing is a dynamic, lucrative, and multi-faceted field that requires varying marketing experts and professionals.

digital marketing stats 2023
Social media is the most-used channel in digital marketing. Source: On The Map

What are the top digital marketing jobs in 2023?

What does a job in digital marketing do? Digital marketing jobs vary, with tasks dependent on respective roles and client needs.

You can enter job-searching sites and find yourself thousands of different nonremote and remote digital marketing jobs hiring, each vacancy requiring areas of expertise. In this section, we will go over the digital marketing jobs remote and nonremote options:

UI/UX Designer

UI/UX designer digital marketing jobs consist of design tasks and responsibilities on user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

The user experience designers are responsible for creating and improving a user’s interaction with a physical or digital product and service, making the experience simple and pleasant. Some of the UX designer’s tasks may include analyzing their client’s competitors, researching audience demographics and behavior, creating prototypes, generating user-flow wireframes, and testing the actual products on users.

Meanwhile, the UI or user interface designers are responsible for an app or website’s overall interface. The UI design is closely related to the UX design, more like a subcategory. While the UX design is concerned with the physical or digital products, the UI design is solely concerned with digital aspects, specifically, how users interact with products.

The UI designer can also be responsible for looking into a competitor’s website design for inspiration or “benchmarking.” At its core, UI and UX designers put the users’ needs first.

Estimated average earning: $93,650/year

Social Media Manager

social media apps
Social media managers must accustom themselves to the dynamic trends of every social media platform.

Social media coordination is often among digital marketing remote jobs. Social media managers or coordinators manage a business’s social media channels and establish a robust social media presence.

Social media management is one of the most in-demand digital marketing jobs today, owing to the increased number of businesses venturing into social media marketing. The tasks of a social media manager include, but are not limited to, planning an editorial calendar and producing content for multiple platforms.

Often working with a company’s marketing department, a social media manager promotes the business’s products or services through various channels. Furthermore, the managers are responsible for gathering social media and digital marketing trends and data, ensuring their clients stay relevant and on top of the trends.

Additionally, the social media manager’s tasks involve driving engagement by responding to the followers’ comments on the published posts, as well as their DMs. 

In summary, a social media manager establishes a business’s online presence through social media, helping keep the business digitally afloat and driving traffic to the online store for increased sales.

Estimated average earnings: $43,000/year

Social media managers must use reliable software to automate tasks and lessen the load, giving them extra time to work on more relevant matters. You can read one of our recommended software in this Maropost Marketing Cloud review.

SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists analyze, research, and execute the best, updated SEO practices to improve a brand’s online visibility. SEO is one of the most crucial digital marketing jobs as it is responsible for how a brand appears on search engine results.

These specialists focus primarily on developing effective technical, on-page, and off-page optimization strategies. To be successful in their role, SEO specialists must understand the different SEO strategies compatible with other CMS or content management systems.

Other tasks involved in search engine optimization include tracking search engine results page (SERP) rankings and industry trends, optimizing conversion rates, monitoring web traffic, and building links. The SEO specialists must work hand-in-hand with content and web development teams to develop an SEO-friendly website design and content.

How search engines crawl, interpret, and index a brand’s website and content lies in the hands of the search engine specialists. If the SEO specialists are effective and experts in their job, the brand’s website, web pages, and content will rank higher on SERPs, allowing more viewers to see and click on them.

The goal is to be on the first page of Google’s search results because who else reads page two onwards?

Estimated average earnings: $46,800/year

Web Developer

programming on laptop
Most web developers and programmers are lucratively paid.

Is digital marketing an IT job? Technically, yes. We can consider digital marketing jobs to be IT jobs as they are heavily reliant on digital platforms and technology. Additionally, several digital marketing jobs are literally IT jobs, like web development.

Web development is one of the in-demand digital marketing jobs today, given that almost all businesses have websites. Web developers’ primary tasks are designing and building websites through coding. There are three types of web developers—full-stack, front-end, and back-end.

Full-stack web developers have the capacity and expertise to execute front-end and back-end development. Front-end developers are responsible for client-side web development, designing a website’s user-facing portion. The back-end developers are in charge of building technology that powers the front-end.

Furthermore, these web developers often take care of website maintenance, including maintaining a website’s speed and security, on top of researching and testing elements prior to the live website implementation.

Estimated average earning: $69,600/year

Data Analyst

The data analyst digital marketing job concerns itself with data collection, processing, and analysis to address queries and solve problems. The data analyst translates marketing analytics into understandable data visualization dashboards, which will, in turn, be transmuted into viable actions for the business’s key persons and decision-makers.

It is under the analyst’s job description to conduct market research, recognize key trends, interpret the gathered data, and relay the findings to the business’s marketing team to develop novel and better marketing strategies.

Data analysts utilize software and statistical tools to accomplish their tasks, including maintaining databases, highlighting data trends, patterns, and correlations, gathering and cleaning data, visualizing data, and creating reports.

Estimated average earnings: $68,400/year

Product Marketing Specialist

The product marketing specialist digital marketing job is primarily concerned with marketing a brand’s products, as the name per se. This type of marketing specialist focuses on administering market research and analysis to design effective marketing strategies, like market penetration, cross-selling, and upselling.

Product marketers use data on pricing, distribution, and customer segmentation to implement improved marketing strategies and campaigns for coming product launches. They are also assigned to make the products and marketing materials relevant by tracking the industry trends.

And as if their tasks aren’t enough, product marketing specialists must create campaigns for existing products to ensure consumers continue patronizing their client’s products.

Estimated average earnings: $69,900

Email Marketing Specialist

person typing on laptop
Email marketers must use email marketing automation tools to finish their tasks quickly.

Email marketing is one of the best digital marketing jobs the digital space offers.

An email marketer is responsible for marketing the business by emailing patrons who have signed up for the newsletter. These emails contain marketing campaigns, notifying consumers of brand offers, promos, and updates. 

The email marketing specialist uses automation software to send newsletters or email blasts in a single click. These emails can nurture potential leads for later conversion and drive brand awareness. 

Aside from sending newsletters and other promotional emails, email marketing specialists are responsible for the content of these emails. Hence, they work closely with the team’s graphic designers to create a visually appealing campaign and proofread the content before sending it. 

Any tasks related to email marketing are under an email marketing specialist. 

Estimated average earnings: $64,900

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Paid Marketing Specialist

A paid marketing specialist creates, manages, and optimizes a business’s paid campaigns. 

They make use of multiple paid online marketing channels relative to their work. These specialists are responsible for displaying ads on SERPs on a pay-per-click basis and buying paid social ads to show their ads on third-party social media platforms like Facebook Ads. 

Additionally, the specialists are in charge of paying display ads through programs like Google Ads to display client ads in areas surrounding a webpage’s content, as well as tracking the campaign budget and performance analytics by monitoring traffic, clicking and conversion rates, total reach, and the return of investment. 

They will then report the data gathered from the tracking to relevant stakeholders and use them for marketing strategies, content planning, and campaign optimization. 

Estimated average earnings: $70,739/year

Content Writer

Content writing is one of the digital marketing jobs that work closely with SEO specialists. These writers create content for the purpose of increasing brand awareness. The produced content varies and comes in different forms, including blog posts, marketing copies, social media posts, and articles. 

The writers research topics related to their client’s industry and create written content based on the information or data gathered. They work with editors in the content team to proofread their outputs and check for any conventional errors before publishing the content. 

As mentioned, the writers work with SEO specialists because SEO is critical in content writing. Content writers must understand basic SEO techniques and how to implement them in their writing process. These SEO techniques include keyword research, link building, meta descriptions, title tags, and the proper use of headings. 

Writers working on blog posts and articles must be accustomed to using different content management systems, as they often publish website content through these systems. 

Content writing is among the most sought-after digital marketing jobs, given that many businesses run a website today.

Estimated average earnings: $47,500/year

Graphic Designer

canva logo
Graphic designers may use Canva for a straightforward design process.

Graphic designers are concerned with creating and combining textual and graphical elements for their client’s content. These may include flyers, banners, email sign-offs, brand logos, promotional posts, social media posts, product packaging, and images used in marketing digital products. 

The designers must maintain a consistent brand image while diversifying and producing variety in their outputs. They must possess a strong sense of color and layout composition for aesthetically attractive and quality graphical images. 

Graphic designers often work closely with content writers, product marketing specialists, and email marketing specialists in creating the images they need for the different campaigns and content. Graphic designing is among the best digital marketing jobs today. 

Estimated average earning: $49,300/year

Digital marketing jobs are here to stay

As the world is inevitably turning digital, digital marketing jobs are more in demand and are here to stay for good. All the different digital marketing jobs are crucial as they function co-dependently to ensure that a brand’s digital marketing goals are met beyond all expectations.

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