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Top 10 Plus Size Influencers to Follow Today

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The times have evolved, and gone are the days when only size zero ladies were deemed beautiful. Props to brave people who aren't afraid to challenge the norm and affect progress; there are now multiple plus size influencers and models. For the longest time, the fashion and beauty industry construed a misconception that ladies must look a certain way and be a particular size to be considered beautiful, but gone are those days. While all bodies are beautiful and worthy of celebration, plus size influencers have now gained the recognition they deserve.
plus size black influencer
Plus size influencers and models are now popular, even on the runway.
The tides have finally changed, and the rise of plus size influencers and bloggers is pivotal in helping the fashion industry realize that many fans and consumers aren't like the typical size zero models. To acknowledge some of the trailblazers in making this shift happen, here are some of the plus size influencers you should not miss out on.

Who are the top plus size influencers today?

Plus size influencers have been gaining traction in the social media sphere. Let's take a look at some of them.

Ashley Graham

ashley graham
Ashley Graham has changed the game for size acceptance in fashion. Source: Page Six
Ashley Graham is, without a doubt, one of the most prominent plus size fashion influencers and models. Ashley helped pave the way for plus-size and mid-size women to get a chance in modeling. With over 1.8 million followers on TikTok and a whopping 22 million on Instagram, Ashley continues to conquer the fashion world with her voluptuous figure and grit. She often posts behind-the-scene clips of her modeling gigs, social events, trending beauty products, and stylish get-ups. Ashley is also one of the plus size fitness influencers to look out for as she became the face of Knix Activewear.

Remi Bader

Remi Bader is among the leading plus size TikTok influencers in fashion. She can rock any outfit on any day, looking drop-dead gorgeous. Remi is your girl if you want plus-size fashion and realistic haul content. She posts realistic try-on hauls for plus-size women from famous fashion brands. She advocates for body positivity and encourages over 2 million followers to love and celebrate their bodies, regardless of their waistlines. Remi was featured on Forbes' 30 Under 30.

Jules Black

Jules Black is a plus size influencer with social media channels full of plus-size fashion inspiration, realistic diet culture posts, and great restaurants. She gives her followers information and inspiration on how to dress for various occasions. In addition, she also does try-on hauls of plus-size outfits from Fashion Nova, Arula, and even Target. If you are looking to partner with plus size influencers, you may seek the help of an influencer marketing agency because they know the best influencer for your brand. Read more about this in our The Shelf review.

Loey Lane

Loey Lane, or Loeybugxo, is a vibrant and eccentric, and one of the most popular plus size Instagram influencers who aren't afraid to flaunt their curves. Her social media feed contains different fashion content, including cosplay and costume ideas. She also posts reaction clips on TikTok, showing her reaction to spooky videos. Aside from her fashion posts, Loey shares relatable content that her followers love and can relate to. She has a growing follower count of over 600K on Instagram and 500K on TikTok, and we can only see her going up.

Nikki Garza

Nikki Garza, popularly called Plus Size Baddie on TikTok, is one of the hottest plus size influencers who has amassed over 1 million followers by spreading positivity and entertainment through her social media posts. Nikki, the Plus Size Baddie, shows her unapologetic and hyped self, filling her feed with trending bikini styles, shapewear, and fashionable clothing. Aside from being an inspiration for self-love, Nikki identifies as a Queer in the LGBTQ+ community, using her platform and influence to spread acceptance, inclusivity, and love.

Iskra Lawrence

Iskra is like a plus-size doll straight from a Barbie movie. She is a plus-size British model and a proactive voice in the movement for body positivity. This Brit Barbie is one of the best and most popular plus size influencers today, amassing over 1 million followers on TikTok and a staggering 5.5 million on Instagram. The influencer is a model under the Ford Models agency and the founder of the skincare brand Saltair. She spoke at a TEDx talk and was featured on Forbes' 30 Under 30. Iskra uses her platform to show that the fashion industry has finally embraced plus-sized models.

Jordyn Woods

While Jordyn Woods had already lost weight, she was arguably a powerful and inspiring plus-size influencer and entrepreneur. She partnered with the fashion brand BooHoo to create a plus-size fashion line for the brand. Having risen to stardom in 2019, the influencer built a name for herself on social media and amassed over 12 million Instagram followers. Her plus-size clothing line, Woods by Jordyn, has become famous for producing stunning outfits for plus-size ladies. Aside from being a fashion icon, Jordyn also sports her beautiful makeup on social media.

Hayley Hasselhoff

Does the family name ring a bell? If yes, that is because Hayley is the daughter of singer and celebrity David Hasselhoff. While Hayley was born to a famous dad, she made a name for herself as one of the most beautiful and successful plus size influencers and models today. With over 23K followers on TikTok, Hayley is determined to showcase the beauty of curves through her fashion, beauty, and self-care social media content. You can find daily vlogs, GRWM or get ready with me videos, favorite looks, and her ever-lavish lifestyle on TikTok and Instagram.

Jessica Torres

Jessica Torres
Jessica Torress—plus-size influencer and blogger. Source: Popsugar
The internet is full of different plus-size bloggers, and most are on social media, too. If so, then who is the plus size blogger on Instagram? Jessica Torres is a proud plus-size fashion blogger and Instagram influencer. This NY-based Spanish influencer is the beauty and brain behind the '"It's Jessica Torres" blog and the "Fat Girls Club" podcast. She doesn't shy away from posting bikini and fashion pictures. Jessica's blog and feed can be helpful if you are a plus size and looking for vacation fit inspos.

Bella Golden

Bella is an LA-based curvy model, clothing designer, and among social media's most popular plus size influencers. The Latina model is under the modeling agency Wilhelmina Models. She lives a confident and fashionable lifestyle, unafraid to dress up however she wants to. Bella shares beauty content, BTS and GWRM vlogs, outfit inspiration, and her colorful love life.

How do you become a plus size model influencer?

plus size influencer
Becoming a plus size influencer requires following a few steps and tips.
If it isn't obvious, you must primarily be a plus size to become a plus-size model and influencer. If you already are and you want to follow the steps of these beautiful plus size influencers, we suggest you keep note of the following tips: Identify Your Niche First things first, know your expertise and find your niche. What is something that you're good at? Figure out your expertise and passion, and, from there, carve out your niche to stand out from other plus size influencers. You can be a plus size fashion, fitness, beauty, tech, or even art influencer. The key is to identify your skills and what you love to do. For example, if you want to be a beauty influencer, your niche can be skincare, cosmetics, or a mixture of both. To identify your niche, you must primarily establish your target audience. As you work on your target audience, consider your ideal consumer's needs, goals, desires, and challenges or problems. Research these things and use the information to mold a buyer persona to identify the right niche to tap into your ideal consumer or target audience. HubSpot has a Buyer Persona Generation tool. You can read more about HubSpot in our HubSpot review. Select Your Platform While many influencers are present and active on all social media platforms, you must choose a primary platform. Do you want to be part of the famous plus size influencers on TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram? After identifying your target audience, choose the platforms to reach them. Hence, it pays to research the social media platforms your target audiences are most active on. Audiences of different age groups and interests vary on the platforms they often use. If your target audience is Gen Z, expect them to be active on TikTok and Instagram. If your chosen niche is gaming, then YouTube and Twitch are your ideal platforms. The point is, go where your audience is. Plus size influencers are often on TikTok and Instagram. Form A Content Strategy Aside from being plus-sized, the most successful plus size influencers have one thing in common: winning social media content. Your content's quality and format are a deciding factor in your success as an influencer. Decide on your content format and ensure that the format is feasible on your chosen platform. The format should allow you to spread relevant information while staying true to your unique personality. The right content strategy allows you to deliver an equilibrium of informative and creative content. As you brainstorm on your strategy, always keep in mind that the primary reasons viewers love and trust influencers is because of their authenticity and relatability.
relatability and tiktok
Viewers prefer authentic and relatable TikTok content as opposed to scripted and overly-produced ones. Source: HubSpot
So, strive to create informative and engaging social media content while ensuring your viewers can still relate to you and acknowledge your authenticity. According to TikTok, 72% of its users are more interested in "normal" creators than celebrities. That data speaks volumes on the importance of staying true and avoiding overly-produced content as much as possible. Use the 5-3-2 principle to achieve precise balance in your content strategy. According to the principle, five of every ten posts must be from a source relevant to your target audience. Then, three posts must be content pertinent to your audience, and two posts must humanize your online presence. To achieve the 1/3 of the principle, you must provide valuable content to your viewers. You can do so by sharing content from others that your followers will find useful or helpful. Share Your Content No matter how impressive the quality of your content, it is nothing if you can't get your audience to see and engage with it. Hence, you must find out when your audience is most active on your chosen platforms so you will know when to publish your content. The best posting time is dependent on your chosen social media platform. So, gather your needed data and act accordingly. It also pays to know the platforms' respective guidelines and best practices to avoid bumps and hiccups along the way. Be Consistent and Track Your Progress Consistency is the key to success. The beginning of your influencer journey may be difficult as you struggle to reach your target audience and drive engagement. While it is valid for you to feel wary, remember that consistency and patience will help you hit your goals. Don't stop even if you've reached your target audience because they will count on you to consistently produce quality content. If you fail to do so, they will eventually unfollow you or stop paying attention to your presence. If you juggle multiple tasks and find manual posting burdensome, invest in an automation tool to schedule your posts in advance. These tools will allow you to schedule and publish posts in batches. Then, track your progress. Tracking your progress is imperative to your success as an influencer, as doing so allows you to see whether or not your strategies are effective. Doing so also allows you to drop ineffective strategies, replacing them with effective result-driving ones.

Plus size influencers are powerful

Coming from a place of constant criticism and backlash, plus size influencers are determined and bent to create a mark and help make a positive change. This allows them to be influential, powerful, and loud as they rally for diversity, inclusivity, and love in fashion and social media. Now that you know some of the best plus size influencers, get to know some of the tech social media titans in this "Tech Influencers: Shaping the Digital Age" article.
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