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The Complete Guide to Creating Content and Trending Topics for 2021

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Content writing is a great way to inform people about issues and topics on a specific niche. For businesses, content marketing is proven to be an excellent way of getting the masses to talk about their products, services, and company. However, producing quality content and trending topics requires persistence and thorough research. Creating content doesn't happen overnight. It takes time, effort, and dedication. It requires tons of editing, revising, and rewriting. Additionally, trends come and go. Hence, it’s important to stay abreast of the current trending topics as the year progresses. To help you with creating content and getting a good grip on the trending topics 2021, we’ve collated several significant points and useful information. You better take down notes!

What are the Trending Topics Right Now?

As mentioned, trending topics vary as the year progresses. What's trending last year may not be as hot this year. Thus, you need to know the trends and how they work. Here are some of the trending topics in 2021 that you should know, particularly if you want to produce content that’s relatable to most people this year.

Work from Home

Laptop office
Working from home has now been all about waking up, dressing up, and Zoom meetings.
We all know that a huge percentage of the working population is now working from their homes because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This topic has been massive in 2020 already, but it’s apparently here to stay in 2021. Searches range from "how to make money at home" to "how to set up a home office." Some content and trending topics about working from home even involve connecting to Zoom meetings 101 and starting business.


After hoarding rolls after rolls of toilet papers for a couple of months, the world's focus now shifted to food. Out of necessity, home cooking and baking continue to be a hot topic today. Also, a lot of people experimented and came up with odd but surprisingly great-tasting food results! As always, food is a sensational topic. It’s always trending. The love for food is the reason why 'mukbang' vlogs and shows exist. So, if you can come up with new recipes and take great photos of your output, you can create a winning food blog.

Health and Fitness

As a result of the pandemic and the constant slouching at home due to travel and gathering constraints, health and fitness topics became internet superstars. Creators produce content and trending topics about a healthy diet, how to stay fit, what supplements boost overall health, and so much more. There's no denying that people's interest in healthy living will continue. The pandemic is a wake-up call for most people to lead a healthy lifestyle and improve fitness. Health and fitness are wonderful and valuable trending topics, and they're leading to positive results.

Home Schooling

Homeschooling may not go away anytime soon, there's no telling. However, parents continue to homeschool their children out of need, and there's a big chance that parents enjoy the experience and would continue doing so even when life goes back to normal. Parents are always on the lookout for helpful tips to keep their children love learning even within the confines of their homes. As long as homeschooling is the current normal, the topic will always be trendy.


2020 has surpassed gardening expectations! The topic is consistently popular, but its boom in the previous year is deafening. People who had no interest in gardening suddenly became huge fans. Since it already started, there's no turning back. Whoever started a garden in 2020 will surely maintain it in 2021. So, gardening, we're guessing, will continue to be trending this year.

Travel Blogs

Woman a the airport
Traveling may not be the same during the pandemic, but there's always happiness in exploring your hometown.
Travel blogs and locations died in 2020. However, some bloggers managed to place the topic back in the limelight as they started to blog about traveling in their hometowns. There's so much to explore in every city. In other countries, prices for tours, hotels, and resorts dropped for locals. It meant unlimited vacation for locals at half the original price. What a steal! And, to save the tourism industry, hotels and restaurants invite local influencers to promote their brands. Read this ShowMB review to find one.


At these trying and unpredictable times, beauty salons close and open, depending on a certain place's rules and regulations on shop operations. Some, for their own safety, also opt to just DIY at home. Hence, home beauty hacks continue to be famous. Most people read about beauty hacks on a budget to stay beautiful at a low cost.

Financial Management

A hefty percentage of people lost their jobs, particularly those working in the tourism sector. And the financial outlook of most places looks glum at the moment. People are striving to maintain a living. That’s why people often look for budgeting hacks and tips to manage their finances and make their money last much longer. Most, if not all, content and trending topics focus on realistic ideas that are helpful to the audience.


You know the term 'quaran-gain?' It refers to the weight gained throughout quarantine and lockdowns. Not all people spent their lockdown season on a health and fitness journey, some spent it on food and even more food. As a result, many conscious individuals are talking about losing the lockdown weight they’ve gained. Thus, diet blogs play a significant role in 2021. They help people get back in a much healthier shape.

Personal Growth

Inherently, we all want to grow as individuals, right? Along with the lockdowns, people gained more control over their time and are free to reflect upon themselves. As a result, most of us are leaning towards self-help and self-development content and trending topics. Some want to grow their career, others their mental health, and some want to learn about new things. Generally, people are gearing towards becoming better individuals. Hence, self-help content has been and will continue to be one of the most searched on the internet.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Numerous people have been fighting to promote diversity and inclusivity wherever they are, and they start where free speech is welcome—the internet. In 2020, fights for inclusivity exploded and they’re leaving debris in 2021. Fighters and supporters of such causes create content that bolster their campaigns and strengthens their voices. Apparently, this seems to be just the tip of the iceberg. However, this topic isn't going anywhere too soon.


Because the internet has opened many possibilities and paved the way for more careers like blogging and online jobs, people are constantly wanting to upgrade their gadgets. Hence, technology is a huge topic. Additionally, because of homeschooling and remote learning, students and parents have been looking for the best technology to use. These may include laptops, desktops, headphones, and webcams. Technology is also upgrading every single year, so it's always going to be trending.

What are the Trending Topics in India?

India is a wonderful country and is rich in terms of culture and heritage. Not only that, but it also has one of the largest populations of Internet users. However, we all wonder, “what do people in India usually look for on the internet?” The answer is pretty simple. The trending topics in India are quite similar to the trending topics in most parts of the world. Here are some of the most-searched and most talked-about topics in India:
  • Books
  • Food and wine
  • Fashion
  • Health and fitness
  • Workplace
  • Art and culture
  • Auto and travel

How Do You Create a Trending Topic?

Reading blog posts regarding various trending topics is a good way to be informed of the current buzz and an even better way to let time pass. However, creating a trending topic is an entirely different thing. If you’re planning on creating a trending topic, one of the best ways to start is by making a hashtag topic trend on Twitter. How?

Select the Right Topic

To look for the right topic, consider the one that best fits your business and will educate your audience well.
First, you have to select the best subject that you can talk about in detail regularly. In selecting a topic, think of words that can easily be remembered and understood. These would help others know what the fuss is all about. Remember to avoid using a lot of words, too. Utilize the hashtag symbol (#) before the keyword/s. To have your hashtag established, check if it's already existing. If it isn't existing yet, define it first to set the standards before using it.

Begin Tweeting

Once you’ve created the hashtag, start tweeting to jumpstart the discussion. Tweet regarding a relevant aspect of your topic, then indicate the hashtag anywhere you want on your tweet. Post often and invite other users to retweet your posts. You might also want to tag other users to gain popularity and spark the development of the topic. To be more engaging, you can invite others to participate in the trend by sending them a direct message.

Pick Out the Right Parties

Office workers
Having a group that's interested in the same topic is a good kickstart for your content marketing.
This step is crucial and shouldn’t be taken lightly. As much as possible, you should choose individuals and groups who are interested and could relate to the topic well. You may utilize other social media platforms to invite other users. It would be a wise move to tag or invite agencies or large groups to bring in more people who are interested to participate. By doing so, you can save time and effort by directly addressing those who are truly interested and could share relevant information about the topic.

Give Updates

The topic will trend well once you'd constantly give relevant updates and novel information that can’t be found elsewhere on Twitter. Provide full, specific, new, and truthful information. Don’t be a peddler of false information. People would easily find out, and you're not going to love the consequences. Tweet frequently. Update consistently. But always remember to keep your content meaty, rich, unique, and updated.

Take on a Personal Approach

The last thing people want to find out is that they're talking to a bot. Hence, let your tweets give the impression that you’re an actual human being. Aside from providing informative tweets, convey emotions. With millions of internet users, it would be challenging to build a topic that would trend worldwide, let alone in your country. However, if you could create a valuable trend, prepare yourself for tons of engagements and the effort required to stay trending. Also, don't forget to give it a personal touch. You never know, your topic might become a part of top Google trending topics. Read this ROI Influencer review to check your Twitter campaign’s analytics.

Where Can You Find Trending Topics?

When locating trending topics online, you might primarily gravitate toward Twitter. That's no surprise since it is, without question, the best platform for trending content and breaking news. However, other tools and websites might be helpful aside from Twitter. These are:
  • Google Trends
  • Buzzfeed
  • Quora
  • BuzzSumo
  • Sprout Social
  • Reddit
  • Radian6
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube Trends

Why Is It Important to be Trendy?

What do BTS, Chadwick Boseman, and 'quarantine' have in common? They’re part of the top Twitter trends of 2020. Keeping constant tabs on trends poses an opportunity for online marketers to make content significant by hopping on the bandwagon of online conversations. Using trends can increase traffic by getting viewers who aren't primarily browsing the site to check out its offers. This strategy may redirect an online surfer's attention from a certain trend to a product or service. Not only that, being up-to-date allows content creators to produce quality content and trending topics that are relatable to many people.

Are you ready to go trending now?

Types of content
When doubting content greatness, look into these standards. | Source: Search Engine Journal
Producing quality content that could resonate with the majority of the masses requires hard work. However, one great way to achieve such work is by discovering the trending topics of the time and producing related content. So, remember to keep yourself updated with the ever-changing trends, and produce content surrounding those trends. With the right mindset, tools, and capability, you won't just be able to create quality content but ignite a trending topic of your own. Check our post about “Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy in 10 Easy and Effective Steps” to promote your content online and build a strong reputation.
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