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Top 14 Gaming Agencies for Marketers

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As online trends continue to change, brands are finding ways to stay on top and be unique. One of the most effective strategies is to partner with top influencers, social media marketing, and gaming agencies. Gaming and eSports have now grown to be a celebrated powerhouse all over the world. After years of constant development, video games and eSports now seek to collaborate with gaming influencer agency to promote brand marketing and gain a wider audience. In this post, we’re going to introduce you to some of the top-notch gaming and eSports agencies worldwide. If you're a marketer who's passionate about the dynamic world of gaming, you know how crucial it is to partner with the right gaming marketing agencies, gaming influencer agencies, and gaming advertising agencies to level up your strategies. In this immersive journey where marketing meets the gaming realm, finding the best gaming agencies, including those specializing in influencer collaborations and advertising strategies, becomes a game-changer. From skyrocketing engagement to tapping into the gaming community's pulse, these agencies are the power-ups every marketer dreams of. Join us as we explore the top-tier gaming agencies that not only understand the gaming culture but also know how to translate it into impactful marketing campaigns. In the fast-paced arena of digital marketing, identifying gaming, marketing, influencing, and advertising agencies that truly get the gaming landscape is essential. As a marketer who thrives on staying ahead of trends, you must delve into the realm of these specialized agencies that stand out in crafting innovative campaigns tailored for the gaming audience. It's not just about reaching gamers; it's about creating experiences that resonate with them. In this quest for the best gaming agencies, covering marketing, influencers, and advertising, we will share insights, tips, and firsthand experiences to guide you through the maze of choices, making sure you make informed decisions to enhance your brand's presence in the gaming universe. So gear up as we embark on a thrilling exploration of the best gaming agencies, uncovering the strategies that propel brands to victory in the gaming landscape. Whether you're a seasoned marketer looking to up your game or a newcomer eager to make a splash, this journey is tailored for you. Let's dive into the world where marketing and gaming collide, discovering the specialized agencies that can turn your campaigns into legendary quests.

Kairos Esports

Kairos Esports is a video game creative agency from the UK. It’s one of the most valuable companies in the market and it has worked with notable eSports team owners and professional gamers. The agency has even constructed a plan to launch full-scale tournaments with recognized brands around the globe. What makes Kairos Esports stand out as an esports agency is its long-time experience of 10 years in eSports. They brag to be unrivaled in the industry in terms of their massive experience, understanding how the industry works, and building relationships with professional players. If you aren't convinced of their status yet, take a look at some of their awards:
  • UK Agency Awards
  • The Drum Network Awards
  • Influencer Marketing Awards
  • The Drum Social Buzz Awards


Effective marketing comes with great influence. And to stay on top, you have to choose an agency that provides the top influencers in the gaming industry.
Audiencly is a German-based agency that manages a large number of influencers. Passionate about its goal to develop a top-level web interface for brand exposure and awareness, the agency primarily gears towards creating campaigns for video games, websites, and app publishers. Audiencly supports its clients in 5 categories, namely:
  • Campaign planning
  • Lead generation
  • Influencer PR
  • Offline and online events
  • Product integration
Through the listed methods, the agency continually works on producing campaigns that analyze results and adjust to changes in the industry. Furthermore, they assist in video ranking, copyright protection, and license for the influencers to provide their client with easy and seamless work.


PocketWhale is a video games agency that focuses on mobile, console, and PC games. It has company offices in four countries--USA, Japan, Germany, and France--and running campaigns in more! PocketWhale makes a name for itself by assuring its clients that each campaign is tailored for every marketing aspect. It takes a holistic approach to clients’ campaigns and concentrates on influencer marketing, advertisements, event coordinating, and PR. The agency directly works with prime gaming influencers on different platforms to achieve captivating content and bring fresh viewers to the client. To prove its capacity, PocketWhale has bagged several awards: Mobyaffiliates Top App Marketing Agencies in 2017, Clio Awards Nominee in 2018, and Clutch Top Advertising and Marketing Agencies in the same year.


Upfluence is an eSports marketing agency that provides clients full-service campaigns with end-to-end strategy development. They accomplish this through influencer outreach and management, eSports presentation and introduction, tournament sponsorships, and team partnerships. The agency offers the most updated software to locate the best influencers for your campaigns and manage search criteria. Their software is utilized by over 500 clients from all over the world and they’ve already positioned themselves in key industries. Other platforms that specialize in influencer marketing include Jocial, Linkr, and Kolsquare. Jocial is a leading influencer marketing company that offers a creative strategy to build relationships between brands and creators. Read more about this marketing tool in our Jocial review.

Viral Nation

Gaming campaigns can be tricky to execute. But with the help of top-notch agencies, the process will become smoother and successful.
Viral Nation is an award-winning, full-blown agency that pioneered influencer marketing strategies and programs. To bring brilliant content to its clients, Viral Nation strives in the area of top influencer marketing execution and strategy, creative content creation, performance-based marking, and integrative brand strategy. On top of that, it brags one of the world's biggest and most impactful influencer networks. The agency's most distinguished campaign was the one with Angry Birds, where they surpassed the client's expectations and placed the new application in the Apple store under all categories. For the cherry on top, the agency won a sufficient amount of awards:
  • Clutch: Business Leaders 2019
  • Chief Marketer 200: Top Marketing Agencies of 2019
  • Influencer Marketing Awards: Best Large Influencer Marketing Agency
  • Ava Digital Awards 2019: Platinum Winner on Digital Marketing, Social Campaign, and Viral Marketing
  • CMO Value Summit: Best Overseas Digital Marketing Award
  • CMO Value Summit: Best Overseas US Brand Award
  • Marketing Magazine: Top 30 Under 30

Game Marketing Genie

Game Marketing Genie is one of the agencies that place the utmost importance on details. As known to many, GMG focuses on business growth, marketing, and creative production agency. Their main gears toward successfully achieving their goals are data-driven marketing, data and analysis, creative production, performance-based marketing, data-driven tech distribution, scalability, and optimization. GMG centers on short and long-term campaigns, and scalability plays a huge role in their business model. The agency places high regard on organic growth and user acquisition, allowing their clients to grow beyond their campaigns’ bounds.


Ader provides full services to the global community through high-impact campaigns, influencer activation, and team sponsorships. Being one of the pioneering agencies to have worked with Twitch, Ader now bears a thorough understanding of the significant elements of different campaigns and has reached almost a million unique engagements. The agency offers services directed at brands and submarkets in the gaming industry. Name what you want and the agency will deliver, ranging from YouTube highlights to eSports event planning. The agency started from rubble alongside some initial investors, which fortunately led it to an Audi deal and sales expansion. Ader is driven by its passion to bring social awareness and break the stigma of gaming created by society.

Kool Things

Partnering with a gaming agency that provides excellent PR services can bring huge success to your brand.
Kool Things is a professional gaming marketing agency that offers a distinctive approach to PR, marketing, and consulting. Their approach can be categorized into four: Consulting and Business Development, PR, Marketing and Assets Production, and Indie Games Support. The agency’s purpose is to extend a helping hand to game developers, publishers, media outlets, hardware suppliers, and other people operating in the industry in the best way possible.


GameInfluencer helps gamers and developers acquire audience and exposure through top influencers from the gaming community. The agency's in-house professionals personally connect with clients and control various campaign elements, making it one of the most trusted agencies in the gaming industry. Now, if you want to connect with top influencers from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, you may check our Incast review and see how the platform can boost your marketing.


Knowscope offers full professional services and connects influencers with various gaming and eSports brands. With a love for gaming and notable experience in online marketing, client management, and content creation, Knowscope is definitely one for the books! The agency produces a community of content creators and gamers with a vast audience and pairs them with brands looking for promotion in the gaming and eSports arena. Knowscope handles everything—from choosing the most suitable campaign influencer to getting the right audience and facilitating payments. It offers quality end-to-end project and campaign management. Most importantly, the agency extends its efforts by researching the brand’s background, viewers, and engagers to find the perfect content creator for each campaign.

Big Games Machine

Being a passionate gamer can be beneficial sometimes, especially if you can build an agency that aims to help marketers through eSports marketing.
Big Games Machine has proven its reputation through decades of experience in the industry. It offers a wide spectrum of services: influencer relations, experiential marketing, and public relations. The agency has worked on globally-acclaimed campaigns for brands and developers and consists of staff who are all compassionate and well-experienced gamers.

Heaven Media

Heaven Media offers a wide range of marketing services and solutions—content creation, eSports sponsorship, influencer marketing, event planning, advertising, management, and public relations. The agency has distinguished experience in organizing events and collaborating with influencers. Its clients range from fortune 250 companies to niche gaming endemics. With the agency's reach and expertise, the chances of success when investing in Heaven Media are high. The agency has established company offices in Europe, the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, supporting thousands of developers and gamers across the globe.

Plan of Attack

Among the game agencies listed on this post, Plan of Attack is the one you should keep an eye out for. The company offers efficient PR services to help games convey their stories and generate value—from campaign planning to media management and influencer relations. The agency's expertise entails top-level corporate communications and game launches on PC, mobile, and console. Plan of Attack aims to offer PR solutions to publishers, developers, and gamers in America and Europe with its headquarters based in Amsterdam, London, the UK, and California.

Vicarious PR

Vicarious PR is an acclaimed, award-winning marketing agency that offers branding, trailer production, social media management, crowdfunding, crisis management, consultation, and localization services. The agency has worked with several giants in the industry, including PUBG. Investing in Vicarious would be a good move for publishers and developers. The agency continuously provides a widely-open communication channel, honest feedback and evaluation, and accurate project planning. Vicarious doesn’t just treat its clients as business partners as it aims to foster a relationship that goes beyond business and to provide long-term success.

How do you choose the right agency?

With the growing audience of eSports, it's no wonder why brands would like to venture into this marketing endeavor. ║ Source: Newzoo
You need to conduct research and careful assessment to find the gaming media companies that best suit your brand's needs and goals. To help you get started, you may consider these questions:
  • Is the agency passionate about gaming and taking your game to a whole new level? Or is their focus for their benefit only?
  • Have they delivered satisfactory results to previous developers and publishers?
  • Do they have experience with indie games or just the AAA games?
  • What are their tools and platforms? How is their marketing funnel?
Remember, don’t rush if you want to succeed. Take your time in looking for a particular agency that’s driven by passion and consistency. Want to give your best shot in online marketing? Read our post “Social Media Marketing Agencies of 2020: List of the 8 Best Companies” and get the perfect partners for your brand now!
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