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Social Media Marketing Agencies of 2020: List of the 8 Best Companies

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What is the best social media marketing agency?
The top social media marketing agency is the one that works best for you. Every account and marketing campaign is different. What may work for your brand may not work for another business. The key is to establish your social media marketing goals and find your niche—then stick with it.
One of the most effective strategies any budding novice could take is to work with an expert until they get the hang of whatever they are doing. The same holds true for social media marketing. If you can, go for the best social media marketing agencies. You’ll not only learn the tricks of the trade, but you’ll also improve your social media marketing in one convenient fell swoop.

Top Social Media Marketing Agencies in 2021

Yes, marketing agencies might cost you at first. Cost is always a big issue for startups. But think of it this way–you’re investing your money on something that will earn back manifold times.
Social media marketing involves a lot of strategy-making, including choosing the best marketing agency for your brand.
Novices and established brands alike can benefit from working with a top social media marketing firm. This is especially true if the brand is familiar with traditional marketing but wants to break into online advertising. After all, social media marketing could be the future of marketing itself. You may ask: what does a social media marketing agency do? Scroll through our list of the best social media marketing companies and find the one that perfectly suits your brand’s goals and values.


Sociallyin is an agency that offers various services; hence, a lot of bang for your buck. Its services cover the gamut of everything you’d want and expect in a social media marketing agency. Sociallyin is a good option for those who are just starting and want a wide range of options on their hands. Having many options is good, especially when you’re just starting. It’s a common problem for newbies not to know what they exactly need for their marketing. So, when an agency offers you a service you didn’t even know you needed, that’s when you know it’s good. What are the services that Sociallyin offers? The company provides clients the opportunity to build their brands through creative content tailored to their image and goals. If you find your brand growth stagnating, Sociallyin can help you generate new leads to boost your engagement. What if you need a social media marketing strategy and don’t know how to start? Sociallyin can help you with this, too. It offers budget-friendly services, proving that you don’t have to spend a lot to get good and optimal service.

Attention Experts

Reading the name of Attention Experts alone gives you the confidence that it knows what it's doing. Attention Experts claim to be social media experts on its website, and it’s not hard to see why. It specializes mostly in brand growth and offers a variety of services such as the following:
  • Social media strategy campaigns
  • Social media advertising and consulting
  • Training and workshops
  • Content management and strategy
  • Community management
  • Social media policy design
  • End-to-end digital marketing
  • Website optimization
Attention Experts’ reviews are all written in glowing terms, praising the agency for its transparency and campaign implementation. The company’s campaign implementation has been called "unparalleled" by many of its clients. Attention Experts focuses mostly on the B2B and B2C sectors, and their clients come from all over the world—Asia, Australia, the United States, and Europe. Moreover, this marketing agency has won a slew of awards during its existence. These include the Facebook Preferred Partner Award and Best NSW Social Media Marketing Campaign. If these data don’t convince you to do business with them, we don’t know what will.
Good connections and a dedicated team are essential to your social media marketing's success.

Social Hire

Some agencies cater specifically to small businesses. A startup or small business is usually the one that needs a social media marketing agency but can’t afford the bigger firms. Luckily, Social Hire is one of those that specialize in small business for a reasonable price. And what’s best about this marketing agency is it doesn’t offer lesser service quality despite its affordable price rates. Social Hire promises satisfactory results to its customers, and as the reviews show, it sticks to its promises. The company’s focus is on generating leads and sales for its clients–a good idea if you notice that your sales and leads are tanking. Price points are divided into packages. The cheapest starts at $899 per month, while the most expensive goes for around $1,500 per month. While this might not sound cheap, this is actually cheaper than current market rates.

Bad Rhino

Don’t get fooled by the name. Bad Rhino is actually good for you. It’s another social media marketing agency that presents itself as a full-service digital marketing firm. Just like the preceding company, Bad Rhino is a social media marketing agency for small businesses that are just starting and trying to find their footing. The agency itself had experience with being a small business. It’s a firm of fewer than 10 people, but that doesn’t mean that the results are lesser. Here are some services offered by Bad Rhino for their clientele:
  • Social advertising
  • Social media management and content creation
  • Community growth
  • Promotions and contests
  • Consulting and training
You may find yourself opting for online marketing platforms like Rakuten Advertising to grow your connections and engagements, but having a dedicated agency tracking all these metrics couldn’t be a better option.

We Are The New

If you have problems with branding, We Are The New can help you. On its page, the company describes itself as a marketing agency that will help you identify your purpose and message. It will help you figure out who you are as a brand, which is beneficial if you’re new to the market. Small businesses will profit from a clear and coherent branding message. Sure, there are available platforms online like Brandbassador that will help you grow your brand on social media, but marketing agencies work their own wonders. We Are The New helps its clients build a reputable branding image. It’s a full-service brand-building agency that offers site development, email distribution, social media marketing, among others.
Online brand positioning is a vital factor for every business. And getting the best agency will help you stand out in your industry.

Pan Up Productions

If you need video productions for your social media accounts, Pan Up Productions is the best choice. On its page, the company describes itself as a full-service agency that focuses on content creation. Video is an incredibly powerful tool for social media. It can boost your engagement, followers, and sales. Most social media sites support video posts, and it’s not surprising how this type of content has been embraced positively in the social media marketing world. How can you produce excellent videos on your social media pages? Pan Up Productions is the answer to your needs. it has worked with many big names in the industry, and if the trend is any indication, it'll be working with bigger names in the future. Do Ford, Netflix, and Tinder sound familiar to you? Of course, they do! These giant firms have all worked with Pan Up Productions for their social media video productions. With the agency’s popularity, it’s clear that Pan Up Productions will require a large budget–larger than what most small businesses have for their video productions. If your brand can afford it, we highly recommend Pan Up Productions for your video content. There’s nothing like working with the best–as we mentioned earlier, it’s an investment. You’re bound to get the returns you expect.

Joseph Studios

Joseph Studios specializes in organic marketing, helping brands reach their full potential. The company focuses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Marketing, Public Relations, and Advanced Social Media. With these tools, they help brands generate more sales. Joseph Studios’ organic marketing specialization is particularly interesting. It prefers working on human interaction to generate a customer base rather than an advertising blitz like some agencies do. If you believe your brand will benefit from this, working with Joseph Studios may be a good idea. No need to worry if you have a small budget or just starting. Joseph Studios works with small and large businesses alike and can cater to your needs, no matter how big or small your company is.
Whether you run a small or large business, the top social media marketing agencies can cater to your advertising needs.

Social Media 55

Niche brands can be tough to work on. This is especially true if your business requires advanced know-how and specific needs. Social Media 55 is perfect if you have a niche brand that requires a tailor-made social media marketing agency. On its site, the agency lists down the different niches it caters to and offers brands the opportunity to work on their specific niche. Possessing a niche can be risky for most brands. If you overdo your marketing, there’s a chance that customers won’t respond to it, and you won’t be able to engage in a meaningful manner. On the other hand, if you find a niche that people respond to, it might pay off for you well. Some of the niches that Social Media 55 caters to include:
  • Real estate
  • Beauty
  • Healthcare
  • Book launches
  • Trade shows
  • Hotel
  • Fashion
  • Life coaching
  • Ecommerce
  • Airbnb marketing
With such a wide range of niches, Social Media 55 can surely cater to your needs. Besides catering and making tailor-made marketing campaigns for niche brands, the agency also offers full-service to its clients. It’s a one-stop-shop for niche brands. It can’t get any better than that, can it?

Are social media marketing agencies worth it?

Before looking for the best agency, establish your social media marketing goals and objectives first. | Image Source: Engage Bay
Having a social media marketing agency is a huge plus for your brand. Yes, there may be doubts about agencies—many people tend to ask if they’re worth the investment when you can search everything online. But there’s nothing like having a professional on the case. Investing in social media marketing tools also helps. Starting a business is always a learning curve, but the curve becomes easier when you’re helped by an agency that knows what it’s doing. Advertising firms take care of your social media marketing instead of you doing all the grunt work. You may ask: how do I find a social media marketing agency? You can search through mutual friends or read handy guides like this one. Also, social media marketing agency pricing is competitive, and many cater to small businesses. Lastly, you may be wondering: how do I start a social media marketing agency? If you’re curious about how to start a social media marketing agency, learn from the best, and take your cue from there. For more social media marketing ideas, read our blog posts on “8 Social Media Trends Every Marketer Should Watch in 2020.”
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