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YouTube to MP4 Converters: Top Tools and Pros & Cons

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YouTube is one of the world’s major video-streaming platforms. There, you can find thousands to millions of videos in different niches. While the platform has several features, such as comments and Super Chat, it doesn’t allow its users to download videos nor does it offer a play-in-background option. Fortunately, we can now enjoy YouTube to MP4 downloaders and converters for offline viewing. However, we also weigh the pros and cons of using such tools. Read on to find out more.

Before the era of Apple Music and Spotify, users mostly rely on converters and downloaders to get their hands on the latest videos and music releases. While these converters are mostly easy to find online, you must be cautious about malware infections and data breaches. Other converters are also limited in nature and function, so you also have that to consider. Nonetheless, YouTube converters and downloaders are beneficial, particularly on days when your internet connection is slow or weak.

So, if you want to learn how to download and convert videos straight from YouTube and other platforms, you have just landed on the right page. We have come up with a list of the best 10 YouTube to MP4 converters and downloaders that you can use to get YouTube videos.

But a word of caution. The use of these apps entails responsibility. Like any other software system, YouTube to MP4 converters can adversely impact those who painstakingly create content on the video-sharing platform. Here, we also outline the pros and cons of using YouTube to MP4 converters and downloaders in the hope of pushing you to become responsible users.

What is MP4?

video on smart phone
MP4 format is for video files, while MP3 is for audio.

MP4, or MPEG-4 PART 14, is a multimedia file you can use to store, download, stream, and share video files from the internet. Aside from video clips, MP4 can also store images, audio, and subtitles, making it a versatile file type. If you have been a techy person for so long, you will have noticed that MP4 is one of the most common multimedia file formats being used today.

The first ever version of MP4, MPEG-4 PART 12, was released in 2001, while the most recent, MPEG-4 PART 14, was released in 2003. You should note that the terms MP3 and MP4 are not interchangeable because they are two different formats. While MP4 is a versatile file format, MP3 can only contain audio files. Hence, the reason why the MP4 format is more utilized as opposed to the MP3.

What are the best 10 YouTube to MP4 converters and downloaders?

Google search page
The internet has a wide array of YouTube to MP4 converters and downloaders to choose from.

If you are a video junkie and want to download videos from the internet, you can opt to convert YouTube to MP4. There is a wide array of YouTube video downloaders and converters available on the internet, so it can be difficult to identify which website works best and is easy to use. To help you narrow down your choices, we have compiled a list of the best 10 YouTube to MP4 converters you can find online.

1. ByClick Downloader

ByClick Downloader allows you to download and convert videos from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and 40 more websites. If you want to download videos or playlists simultaneously, you may do so with this tool.

Unfortunately, ByClick Downloader requires you to download its software, making it more time-consuming to use compared to the other web-based tools on this list. Aside from that, its paid premium version offers more options compared to the free version, so if you don’t have the budget for a premium subscription, you’re better off with another converter.


With, you can easily convert YouTube to MP4 downloads This web-based converter doesn’t need any registration or software downloads. You can convert your favorite YouTube videos right from your browser with minimal effort and zero hassle. The website allows its users to convert an unlimited number of YouTube videos. You can visit their website and paste the YouTube link on the designated space or you can simply add “vvv” before “.com” in the url of the video you want to download and you will be redirected to the site.

Aside from video conversion, also offers different tools, templates, and other creative assets at a premium price. Hence, it’s worth investing in!

3. 10downloader

You can convert and download YouTube to MP4 with This web-based YouTube to MP4 converter and downloader tool allows you to save YouTube videos in different formats, MP4 included. The website expresses that this tool was primarily developed for educators to save videos for classroom consumption, for content creators to be able to download copyright-free music and video clips for content production, and for everybody else who wants to download permissible YouTube videos for offline usage.

This MP4 converter — YouTube doesn’t require any downloads and is user-friendly. All you have to do is copy the YouTube link of the video you want to convert and paste it into the web. Better yet, you can quickly YouTube download to MP4 by replacing YouTube’s “you” in with “000.” Best of all, you can maximize 10downloader by downloading and converting YouTube Shorts and YouTube Playlists.

4. 4K Downloader

4K Downloader allows for YouTube to MP4 and MP3 conversion as well as high-quality video downloads from other popular websites. You can opt to use the free version or upgrade to the premium version to enjoy exclusive features. The videos can be downloaded in both 4K and 8K resolutions for the best viewing experience. Furthermore, you can also use the tool to download subtitles, YouTube playlists, channels, and extract audio from videos.

Unfortunately, the free version is bombarded with loads of ads and pop-ups, so we recommend you purchase a premium subscription if you want a flawless and hassle-free experience in downloading and converting YouTube to MP4.

5. is another YouTube to MP4 downloading and conversion tool that supports all web browsers. The tool has a straightforward user interface so you and other users can feel relaxed when converting your favorite YouTube videos. The conversion process involves three simple steps: paste the YouTube link or URL, hit the “Convert” button, and choose a format and resolution. claims to be safe and to have adopted the latest technology that enables its users to download YouTube videos freely and quickly. With the different resolutions that the tool offers, you can be sure to get your desired video quality. Unfortunately, it only allows you to download videos not longer than 90 minutes.

6. WinX

WinX is a crowd-favorite software-based YouTube to MP4 downloader and converter. It allows you to save downloaded YouTube videos in superb resolution right to your PC. Aside from YouTube, you can use this to get videos from Facebook, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Instagram, and many more platforms with a video-sharing option. Best of all, you can watch and download live YouTube Streams with this tool!

To fully enjoy the perks of WinX, purchase a premium subscription and don’t settle for limited options of the free version.


YT1s is our sixth favorite YouTube to MP4 downloader and converter. It is completely free and supports any browser without the need for extensions, plug-ins, or accounts. Regardless of the device you use to get your favorite YouTube videos, you can enjoy the service of YT1s. The website assures its users a safe and relaxed experience, so you don’t have to worry about your personal data being stolen.

The tool offers high-definition video outputs and is compatible with different operating systems, such as Windows, Android, Linux, MAC, or iOS. And its best feature? You can save your downloaded videos straight to your Google Drive or Dropbox.


Snapsave is another online tool that supports simple and fast YouTube to MP4 conversion. Its key features include high-resolution outputs until 8K and support all devices and platforms without the need to install the software. It also has a Facebook and Instagram downloader, so you don’t have to go elsewhere should you want to download and convert videos from these social media platforms.

The only downside we find in this tool is the pop-up ads, but if you can tolerate these kinds of ads, then you can use this tool.


Y2DOWN is a go-to YouTube to MP4 converter and downloader that supports conversion to numerous audio and video formats. The tool’s key features include unlimited and speedy downloading, high quality resolutions, and a user-friendly interface. You don’t have to worry about your device’s operating system because it supports iOS, macOS, Chrome, Windows, and Android.

On top of a lag-free downloading experience, Y2DOWN also has no ads upon the start of the downloading and conversion. Best of all, its super safe to use.

10. Converto

Converto is the last web-based YouTube to MP4 conversion tool on this list. The app has a simple interface and is relatively easy to use, even for non-techy users. Aside from converting YouTube to MP4 and MP3, Converto has a ton of other features and is completely free with no hidden charges. For MP3 conversion, the tool automatically adds an album art to the downloaded files and it allows file name changes and ID3 tags.

The only downside we can see in this tool is it can only convert YouTube videos. Thus, if you want to convert videos from other platforms, you might consider using the other tools on this list.

What can you get from converting YouTube to MP4?

Internet users aged 16-64 video consumption statistics 2022
Statistics show that people love to consume video content. Source: Hootsuite

If you swear by watching videos online, then you most likely haven’t tried converting YouTube to MP4 for an unlimited viewing experience of your favorite YouTube videos and playlists. Don’t get us wrong, watching videos online isn’t bad, but converting and downloading them straight to your device has numerous benefits as well.

Imagine not having to worry about connecting to Wi-Fi so you can watch your favorite videos. You can watch them anywhere anytime! An MP4 converter allows us to enjoy the freedom to watch YouTube videos outside the platform and without having to be connected to the internet.

Is converting YouTube to MP4 legal?

YouTube content creator filming
Converting YouTube to MP4 without permission from the video owner is illegal and should not be done.

The answer lies in the kind of video you want to convert. There are several YouTube videos that are copyright-free and can be used publicly (some require attribution). If you want to convert videos that are open for public consumption, then you can do so without fear of being caught.

However, if the videos you are eyeing to convert are protected by copyright, then getting them without paying is illegal. Unless you own a copyright or are willing to pay a royalty fee, you can only watch the videos through YouTube. Also, downloading copyrighted material does a disservice to the original creator.

Converters are awesome!

caution cone on PC keyboard
While converters are beneficial, you must still exercise caution before using any YouTube converters and downloaders.

The kind of users we have today is, without a doubt, hungry for more and more content. In fact, statistics show that a lot of internet users prefer to watch video content as opposed to looking at images. So, it’s a no-brainer that YouTube gets an influx of daily visitors, and we’re talking billions here! However, there can be days when we prefer to disconnect from the internet or when Wifi connection is slow, but still want to listen to our favorite music or watch our favorite videos. All thanks to YouTube downloaders and converters, we can now listen to our favorites on repeat whenever we want to.

If you like to become like your favorite YouTube influencer, you might want to start by discovering some useful influencer tools. Check them out in this Sideqik review and BuzzSumo review.


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