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15 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tools You Need for Your 2021 Strategy


Twitter is one of the top social media platforms globally. Even if it functions differently from Facebook or Instagram, businesses are still flocking to the site for their marketing efforts. Being a transparent platform where users actively interact with their followers, Twitter is undoubtedly a good platform to increase your audience reach and engagement. But how to do this? You need to invest in the best Twitter marketing tools. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Twitter marketing tools play a crucial role in helping businesses and marketers optimize their presence and performance on the platform.
  • The article highlights 15 powerful Twitter marketing tools that can enhance various aspects of a brand’s Twitter strategy, from content creation and scheduling to analytics and audience engagement.
  • These tools offer a range of functionalities, including social media management, tweet scheduling, hashtag tracking, competitor analysis, and sentiment analysis, providing marketers with valuable insights and automation capabilities.
  • By leveraging these tools, marketers can streamline their Twitter marketing efforts, save time, and maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns by identifying trends, monitoring conversations, and engaging with their audience in meaningful ways.
  • Incorporating these Twitter marketing tools into a comprehensive social media strategy can help businesses increase their visibility, grow their following, and drive engagement on the platform, ultimately leading to improved brand awareness and ROI.

Brands with strong Twitter marketing foundations and strategies have the ability to keep new and old customers engaged, increase traffic to their websites, and attract prospective customers. They can also increase their following and drive more followers across multiple social media platforms. As a result, their sales and profits increase. 

However, you shouldn’t throw random tweets about your products and services unless you want to come across as needy. To help you out, we’ll go over some of the best tools to make the most out of your Twitter marketing efforts. 

How is Twitter Used as a Marketing Tool?

For most brands, Twitter is a vital part of their marketing efforts. They believe that the platform can benefit them in many ways. For one, it provides real-time trends through the trending hashtags section. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, you don’t need to spend big bucks on Twitter—you can build a strong organic following through free business promotion.

Also, conversations thrive on the platform. What with all the endless tweets and polls you see on your feed. The best part? You can reach new audiences on Twitter. According to a survey by Statista, 38% of Twitter users are aged between 25 and 34 years old. If you only get Gen Z users from TikTok, Twitter is a good platform to target the millennials. 

Once you’ve established your account and engaged with massive followers, increasing sales, generating leads, driving website traffic, and enhancing your social media presence would follow seamlessly. Often, a good Twitter content strategy could help kickstart your marketing campaign efforts.

What is Twitter’s Marketing Strategy?

It’s no surprise that we constantly see Twitter ads from famous brands. Let’s be honest—they’ve done a great job in advertising their products and services! But how do they do it? What are the best marketing strategies to apply when on Twitter? Here are some tips you can follow:

Use humor.

Don’t be afraid to lighten your mood a bit. Brands who have used humor in their tweets are followed and retweeted by more users than those who don’t. In fact, the most used emoji in tweets is the “face with tears of joy” (😂) emoji, as revealed by Oberlo

Be personalized.

Followers want to engage with brands that aren’t afraid to go personal. In the social media world, authenticity is the name of the game. Users are more satisfied when brands listen and pay attention to them; thus helping them build their loyalty. 

Be creative and innovative.

In all ways! Though Twitter isn’t much on images and videos, the magic is in your words. You’ve only got 280 characters for each tweet, so create a message that sticks.  

Use hashtags.

Before Instagram, Twitter has been the pioneer of hashtags. However, it’s advisable not to overuse your hashtags. The best way is to choose keyword hashtags, catchy phrases, or trending hashtags if they fit your content.

What Tools Does Twitter Use?

In digital marketing, brands use various tools to save time and track their campaign’s growth. Here are some useful Twitter tools 2020/2021 that you can use for your marketing strategies.  

Analytics and Management Tools


Twitter Analytics Dashboard

Twitter Analytics Dashboard
“User-friendly and provides an effective performance overview at a glance.”

First on our Twitter marketing tools list is the platform’s Analytics Dashboard. Once you have a Twitter account, you can already access your Twitter Analytics Dashboard. Here, you can look at the record of the impressions and engagements your tweet receives at a specific date and time. You can also see your Twitter cards’ performance through this tool. 

HootSuite Analytics

HootSuite Analytics dashboard
“Provides useful social media analytics that helps you improve your content strategy.”

Another analytics tool is HootSuite Analytics. Using HootSuite Analytics, you can collate clear and concise real-time data regarding your Twitter metrics. You may also export the data and share it with your marketing team.  


“A powerful tool that consistently monitors brand mentions in real-time.”

If you want to know how your tweets are performing without exhausting your budget, TweetReach is for you. With a free subscription, you can look at your links, hashtags, and keywords and find out who’s engaging with you via direct message. If you want to track hashtags, messages, replies, keywords, mentions, and retweets in real-time, you can upgrade to a paid subscription. 


SocialRank dashboard
“Affordable social media tool that offers easy and speedy tracking.”

If you want to know more about your followers, SocialRank could help you out. Through this tool, you can secure a sorted list of your most influential and engaged followers. You may also segment your followers via filters and exportable lists. As a result, you can create specific audience groups from the most to the least engaged followers. Some brands would even create a separate group for influencers for future collaborations.  


TweetDeck dashboard
“Helps you swiftly watch and respond to tweets and other social media activities.”

If you’re looking for a tool to help you manage all your Twitter activities, TweetDeck is the best solution. This management tool not only enables you to manage your Twitter account but also other social media networks. Here, you can schedule unlimited tweets, know the latest trends, and perform other Twitter marketing activities. Know more about this tool in this TweetDeck review. 

Lead Identification Tools



Audiense dashboard
“Amazing and easy platform that provides thorough knowledge of your Twitter account.”

With Audiense, you can construct a segmented audience based on personality, interests, demographics, and values. As a result, you can easily upload content that addresses the specific needs of different audiences. 


LeadSift dashboard
“A helpful tool with outstanding customer success.”

Manual combing of the internet for leads can be a daunting task. Thanks to LeadSift—establishing your target parameters is now possible. This tool can scan millions of conversations to identify users engaging with your competitors. It also allows you to focus on users who are interested in purchasing your products or services. 


MentionMapp dashboard
“Effortlessly reveals necessary information for your Twitter networks.”

If you’re eyeing to expand your customer base, MentionMapp could help you out. This tool makes locating people, places, or conversations associated with your customers a breeze. The best part? MentionMapp allows you to find out who your target audiences are talking to and the topics they often discuss. With this feature, you can easily adjust your strategies based on your target customers’ online activity. 

Demographics Pro

Demographics Pro dashboard
“Insightful social media tool that offers treasure troves of data.”

To better find out your Twitter campaign engagers, give Demographics Pro a try. This tool distinguishes Twitter influencers and ranks them based on how and how often they engage with you. Additionally, Demographics Pro can produce a comparative analysis of famous users and brands. 

Social Listening Tools


HootSuite Insights

HootSuite Insights dashboard
“Literally gets the job done for you! The process is so seamless.”

Through HootSuite Insights, you can better understand the conversations surrounding your brand. This tool gives you the free hand to measure sentiments, give real-time replies to comments, and trail the trends. If you want to save more time, you may set up automatic reports and share them with the team. 


Brandwatch dashboard
“A consumer intelligence tool that provides big analytics and actionable insights.”

Brandwatch is one of the best Twitter marketing tools that allow brands to identify their relevant fans and followers. With this tool, you can get hold of your followers’ demographic data and sentiments. 


StatSocial dashboard
“Helps you understand your audience and create a real network.”

To deepen your understanding of your followers, invest in StatSocial. This social listening tool collates user-interest insights from over 40,000 categories. HootSuite’s free StatSocial app features the key segments for every interest category in addition to the top cities and personality traits.


Synthesio dashboard
“Amazing tool for social listening, providing comprehensive searches and actionable consumer insights.”

If you want to know how customers perceive your brand, let Synthesio track the sentiments. The tool also helps you engage with your brand’s followers using content that best fits their interests and needs. This tool comes free when you purchase a HootSuite Enterprise Account. 


Reputology dashboard
“Offers the analytics you’re looking for with a flexible and responsive team.”

To track and manage your brand’s reviews, Reputology could be useful. The tool monitors Facebook, Google, and other online platforms 24/7, helping you engage with reviewers consistently and in a timely fashion. Additionally, you can check what your followers are saying; thus, improving your reputation and user experience. 

Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists dashboard
“Customizing and organizing your tweets has been so efficient with this tool!”

Last but not least on our Twitter marketing tools list is Twitter Lists. It’s an integral marketing tool should you want to categorize your followers. Every list that you have serves as a handy directory that allows you to check out relevant tweets. 

What are the 4 marketing tools?

In marketing, you must utilize and maximize the right tools if you want to succeed. What use are software solutions if you do not take advantage of the best marketing practices? The key factors involved in marketing your brand’s products and services are known as the “four Ps of marketing.” The four Ps (also referred to as the marketing mix) are stifled by external and internal factors in the brand’s overall environment. 

The four Ps are as follows:


Your product is your most important marketing tool. After all, it’s what you’re going to market. To achieve success, you must first understand your products’ life cycle and be able to create a plan on how to deal with your products at every stage of their cycle. Knowing your products’ functionality and their full capacity would help you market them to the right customers. 

Several successful and renowned products have remained the best in their category. An example is Apple being the first-ever company to have created a touchscreen smartphone that could make phone calls, surf the internet, and play music. As revealed by Business of Apps, Apple’s total sales in 2020 was a whopping $274.3 billion.


You must be able to link your products’ real and perceived value to their price. However, you should consider the supply costs, your competitor’s price, and several seasonal discounts. In some cases, brands would raise their price to establish a luxurious image, especially if they’re already popular worldwide. 

Meanwhile, other brands lower their pricing so more people could experience their services or products. Additionally, you must be able to determine when discounting is appropriate as it lures consumers to your brand. 

An example is the famous clothing brand UNIQLO. The brand obtains its high-quality fabrics at a low cost from its manufacturer partners. They’re able to do this by ordering in large volumes; thus making their pricing reasonable. 


Deciding about your business’ place means that you should determine where you’d sell your products and how you’ll deliver them to the market. The rule of thumb is you should always place your products to people who would most likely purchase or be interested in your brand. 

The 17th installment James Bond movie, the GoldenEye, didn’t feature an Aston Martin Car. It was a first for every Bond movie. Instead, it featured a Z3 BMW car. The Z3 was released months after GoldenEye left the cinemas, but BMW already received 9,000 orders for the Z3 model a month after the movie was shown. With this example, we can say that your business’ place has a great impact on your brand and products. 


Your primary focus in promoting your brand should be revealing your products and services to your consumers and making them realize why they need your products and should pay a specific price for them. Often, marketers tend to equate promotion and placement together so they can reach their target markets. 

A great example of this is the Swedish vodka brand Absolut. In 1980, the brand only sold 10,000 cases of vodka. By 2000, Absolut had already sold 4.5 million cases of vodka—all props to its iconic advertisement. 

In the campaign, it released surreal images of their signature bottle, such as a bottle with a halo and one made out of stone. Until today, this advertising campaign is considered one of the longest-running campaigns of all time. 

You may read this TV Page review to improve your brand promotion and reputation.  

What’s the Best Twitter Marketing Tool for Your Business?

twitter stats 2021
You may not know it, but Twitter is rapidly growing as a marketing platform, offering unique audiences and powerful insights.


Why are Twitter marketing tools important for businesses and marketers?
Twitter marketing tools offer valuable functionalities for businesses and marketers to streamline their efforts, gain insights, and optimize their performance on the platform, ultimately leading to improved engagement and ROI.
What types of functionalities do the 15 highlighted Twitter marketing tools offer?
The highlighted tools offer a wide range of functionalities, including social media management, content scheduling, analytics, hashtag tracking, competitor analysis, sentiment analysis, and audience engagement features.
How can businesses benefit from incorporating these Twitter marketing tools into their strategy?
By leveraging these tools, businesses can save time, gain valuable insights into their audience and competitors, monitor conversations, identify trends, and automate various aspects of their Twitter marketing efforts, leading to increased effectiveness and ROI.
Are these Twitter marketing tools suitable for businesses of all sizes?
Yes, many of the highlighted tools cater to businesses of all sizes, offering scalable solutions and pricing plans to meet the needs and budgets of diverse organizations.
What steps should businesses take to select the most suitable Twitter marketing tools for their needs?
Businesses should evaluate their specific goals, requirements, and budget constraints when selecting Twitter marketing tools, considering factors such as functionality, ease of use, integration capabilities, and customer support to ensure the best fit for their needs.

Twitter is undoubtedly a great place to market your brand and improve your social media presence. However, like every other marketing effort or campaign, Twitter marketing requires careful planning. Simply creating an account and tweeting whatever you want won’t work. A detailed and well-thought-out strategy is vital for your marketing success. 

Hence, always make sure to create a good strategy and maximize your use of the best Twitter marketing tools! Discover more by reading “Social Media Advertising Campaigns: Definition, Examples, and Strategies.” 

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